9 Dec 2013

Credibility Of The Ruling Elite Is Being Shredded

TheRealNews: On RAI with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges says that while people are disgusted with the centers of power, unless there is a constructive alternative, any eruption will be nihilistic and could be even more openly fascist.

NSA, GCHQ 'Planted Agents' Into World Of Warcraft To Spy On Gamers

World of Warcraft (Image from todofondosdejuegos.com)By Madison Ruppert: The American National Security Agency (NSA) and British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) have been secretly monitoring online multiplayer games like World of Warcraft for years.
The two agencies have a tight relationship that includes covertly influencing companies, sharing harvested information and directly accessing data as it moves between the datacenters of major internet companies.
The effort to spy on online games was revealed in documents leaked to the Guardian, The New York Times and Pro Publica by Edward Snowden.
The documents show that the agencies created mass-collection capabilities for the Xbox Live network, which has over 48 million players interacting across a wide range of games.
Agents were also tasked with infiltrating the online worlds of Second Life and World of Warcaft, with some attempts to recruit potential informants from the games’ tech-friendly users,” according to the Guardian.
The 2008 NSA document, titled “Terrorist Use of Games & Virtual Environments,” described online games as target-rich communications network allowing intelligence agencies to hide in plain sight.”

"Separation and Independence"

The Final Call: The Time And What Must Be Done by Minister Louis Farrakhan "First, some of this earth that we can call our own."

Riots break out in Singapore. Think your country is immune?

Santiago, Chile - Mohamed Bouazizi. It’s not a name that means much to most people. But you’ll recall his story. Frustrated with the absurd
amount of regulation and corruption that prevented him from being able to put food on the table for his family, Bouazizi was the 26-year old Tunisian fruit merchant that set himself on fire in 2011.
In doing so, all the pent up frustration across the Middle East and North Africa erupted all at once; the entire region immediately plunged into multi-year revolution which became known as the Arab Spring that has since toppled a number of governments.
Like individual people, societies have their own breaking points. They build up anger and frustration for years… sometimes decades. Then all it takes is one spark. One catalyst. And it all becomes unglued.
Just yesterday, a 33-year old Indian man got hit by the proverbial bus in Singapore’s Little India neighborhood. That was the catalyst. What transpired for the next several hours was a full blown riot… the first of its kind since 1969.


Human history seems logical in afterthought but a mystery in forethought. In every prior Fourth Turning, the catalyst was foreseeable but the climax was not.” -  The Fourth Turning – Strauss & Howe – 1997
The Burning Platform: We are five years into the Crisis that will not resolve itself until sometime in the 2020’s. No one can predict the specific events that will fundamentally change history over the next decade, but the catalysts of debt, civic decay and global disorder were evident sixteen years ago when Strauss and Howe wrote their prophetic generational history. The volcanic eruption occurred in 2008 when the worldwide financial system blew and the molten lava continues to spew forth and flow along the Federal Reserve created channels, protecting the corrupt establishment while incinerating senior citizens, the working middle class and Millennials. Deep within the volcano the pressure is building again as the mood of the country darkens. It will blow again and the economic, social, political and military distress will catalyze into a catastrophic emergency that will tear the fabric of the country asunder. The existing social order will be swept away and replaced by a new paradigm which could be better or far worse.

EU Commission Wants To Allow Mobile Phone Calls On The Plane - EU-Kommission Will Handy-Telefonate Im Flieger Erlauben

I wonder if this was an NSA idea ;-)
… so they don’t need to check flights to see if you’re on board :
What happened to all the Flight Safety “problems” they were on about a few years ago ?

Read more at http://www.maxkeiser.com/2013/12/keiser-report-downing-street-pantomime/#BRPDHYvTJy2AKp1S.99
I wonder if this was an NSA idea ;-)
… so they don’t need to check flights to see if you’re on board :
What happened to all the Flight Safety “problems” they were on about a few years ago ?

Read more at http://www.maxkeiser.com/2013/12/keiser-report-downing-street-pantomime/#BRPDHYvTJy2AKp1S.99
I wonder if this was an NSA idea ;-)
… so they don’t need to check flights to see if you’re on board :
What happened to all the Flight Safety “problems” they were on about a few years ago ?

Read more at http://www.maxkeiser.com/2013/12/keiser-report-downing-street-pantomime/#BRPDHYvTJy2AKp1S.99
mirrormirror: I wonder if this was an NSA idea. ;) So they don't need to check flights to see if you're on board. What happened to all the Flight Safety "problems" they were on about a few years ago?

Wirtschaft: Air travelers should be allowed according to the will of the EU Commission call and surf already from next year on board : "We expect the new EU guidelines on the use of broadcast equipment on board aircraft of European airlines will be available next year," the agency announced . "In the coming years," the aircraft would be equipped with the necessary electronic systems , it said in a statement.Currently, the phone calls , browsing the Internet or sending e -mails via a smartphone , laptop or tablet computer are possible only in exceptional cases and in a few , specially equipped aircraft. Here, the units of the passengers choose not to the mobile network on Earth , but in a system of the aircraft. They may use it only during the flight , not during takeoff and landing .Many passengers do not want that

Japan Press: "China-Japan War To Break Out In January" + USA's South Korea Unveils Own Air Defense Zone, Overlapping China's And Japan's

Tyler Durden's pictureShare12Following China's unveiling of its air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea, overlapping a large expanse of territory also claimed by Japan, the Japanese media has, as The Japan Times reports, had a dramatically visceral reaction on the various scenarios of a shooting war. From Sunday Mainichi's "Sino-Japanese war to break out in January," to Flash's "Simulated breakout of war over the Senkakus," the nationalism (that Kyle Bass so notably commented on) is rising. Which side, wonders Shukan Gendai ominously, will respond to a provocation by pulling the trigger? The game of chicken between two great superpowers is about to begin has begun
Via The Japan Times,

Five out of nine weekly magazines that went on sale last Monday and Tuesday contained scenarios that raised the possibility of a shooting war.

25% Of Europeans Face Poverty After Historic Bankster Pillage

RT: Over 124 million people in the European Union – or almost a quarter of its entire population - live under the threat of poverty or social exclusion, a report by EU’s statistical office has revealed.
Last year, 124.5 million people, or 24.8 percent of Europe’s population were at risk of poverty or social exclusion, compared to 24.3 percent in 2011 and 23.7 percent in 2008, the Eurostat said in a document published earlier in the week.
The data included people who were falling within at least one of the three categories: at-risk-of-poverty, severely materially deprived or living in households with very low work intensity.

White Knights: Open Letter To Colin Cowherd Regarding Jameis Winston + The Farce Of Household Equality + Comedy Inc - Extreme Prejudice

By : (AUTHOR’S NOTE:This was in response to Colin Cowherd’s “opening rant,” a segment that begins his daily show “The Herd,” on ESPNU and syndicated nationally on radio. His reaction to the decision of the Florida State Attorney not to pursue charges, and his position on the issue of sexual assault prevalence, can be heard here.)
You’re fond of saying “you hate when a narrative isn’t heard.” I’m going to challenge your conviction in the wake of your re-gurgitation of erroneous propaganda-based numbers on sexual assault.
The 1 in 5 number, which fluctuates from 1 in 2 to 1 in 4, is false, and has been debunked by research done by folks without an agenda. The debased act of rape, of which you speak, means 1) Ending a date with forced sex based on entitlement 2) using the body of someone nearly or fully unconscious for whatever reason or 3) every woman’s worst fear, being attacked by a stranger who may go on to kill you or imprison you, as in Cleveland recently.
The number you cited is based on a definition of rape that includes something called “non-violent sexual coercion,” such as badgering your girlfriend for sex, just as the Duluth model of domestic violence includes “refusing to give your wife or girlfriend money.”
Feminism presumes men want to subordinate women by the threat of violence unless proven otherwise, and that all men are potential or suspect rapists. Does that describe you, Colin?

Mandela's Legacy, Eurozone Woes

corbettreport: David L. Smith conversation on economics, finance and politics. The life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, the latest in the Eupocalypse with the latest abysmal stats out of France, and a new Swiss initiative to provide every Swiss citizen a guaranteed basic income.

Hersh: Obama Lied About Gas Attack In Syria

UK BANNED Press TV: Prominent American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh says US President Barack Obama did not tell the whole story about a chemical weapons attack near the Syrian capital of Damascus in August.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, in a new report published in the London Review of Books, wrote that the administration of President Obama was aware of the fact that the militants fighting against the Syrian government had the ability to make chemical weapons but did not inform the public about it.

Barack Obama did not tell the whole story this autumn when he tried to make the case that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack near Damascus on 21 August. In some instances, he omitted important intelligence, and in others he presented assumptions as facts,”

37 Reasons Why “The US Economic Recovery Of 2013″ Is A Giant Lie

37 SignBy Michael Snyder: "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it."  Sadly, that appears to be the approach that the Obama administration and the mainstream media are taking with the U.S. economy.  They seem to believe that if they just keep telling the American people over and over that things are getting better, eventually the American people will believe that it is actually true.  On Friday, it was announced that the unemployment rate had fallen to "7 percent", and the mainstream media responded with a mix of euphoria and jubilation.  For example, one USA Today article declared that "with today's jobs report, one really can say that our long national post-financial crisis nightmare is over."  But is that actually the truth?  As you will see below, if you assume that the labor force participation rate in the U.S. is at the long-term average, the unemployment rate in the United States would actually be 11.5 percent instead of 7 percent.  There has been absolutely no employment recovery.  The percentage of Americans that are actually working has stayed between 58 and 59 percent for 51 months in a row.  But most Americans don't understand these things and they just take whatever the mainstream media tells them as the truth.

Institutionalized Misandry: Commissioner Ken Lay’s Professional Misconduct

By Victorian Police Commissioner Ken Lay gave an emotive and hyperbolic speech, titled  “Breaking the pattern of family violence is everyone’s responsibility” at the November 26 National Press Club session on Elimination of Violence Against Women. The audience acknowledged it with much tearful head nodding as Lay portrayed desparately crowded women’s shelters overflowing with “the bruised battered and raped.”  It’s worth reading the transcript before proceeding.
Describing the “size of the problem” he reiterated Stott Despoja’s one-sided citation of the Australian Data and echoed UN claims of an epidemic of violence against women whilst ignoring the fact the world wide men are more frequent victims of violence and account for 80% the deaths from violence.
Citing police statistics on calls to DV  ”incidents”  Lay fails to elaborate on the breakdown by gender of perpetrator or other demographics. Not surprisingly the full Victoria Police report on Crime Statistics 2012/2013 is no more informative when it comes to “family incidents” despite gender breakdown being presented in aggregate and individually for most other “crimes against the person.”
Recently the Herald Sun Newspaper obtained statistics that indicate 21% of these incidents involved a male victim, not an insignificant proportion, considering the systemic and institutionalised bias against male victims in Victoria.

Anarchist Highschool Students March In Athens (December 6, 2013)

Still Here - Still Fighting - Still Dreaming
Respect Existance or Expect Resistance
Perseus999: December 6 marks the day where, Alexis Grigoropoulos, a 15 year old boy was shot dead by a policeman in the Exarchia area of Athens, Greece in 2008, a moment in time that turned into a wildfire of riots that quickly spread across the country and shook Greece for more than a month...