12 Dec 2013

EUROBLOWN: Why Greece will be staying right to the end of the party….

merkhandtitle…and why citizen money will be paying for it
By John Ward: Cast your minds back ten months to late winter earlier this year, when the International (Troika) lenders to Greece said the immovable line in the sand was a target of 120% of the country’s GDP. But today, most of the debt – four fifths roughly – has been transferred from private to public hands. So now the situation is….Greek debt at 174% of GDP. Funny how our money is always more easily risked than bank money.
You will recall perhaps that at the start of all this nonsense, I posted to say that Greek debt must get higher by year unless there was debt relief. Here’s the Kathimerini chart that vindicates the view:


AVFM is hosting International Conference on Men’s Issues

By : If we wanted to find a city that was an iconic testament to masculinity, we’d need look no further than Detroit. Founded by a French explorer named Cadillac, it rose up from humble beginnings in fur trade to become the city that literally changed the world; the city that imagined, designed and mass-produced one of the greatest, if not the greatest, invention of modern times: The automobile; the machine that revolutionized the lives of all Americans and indeed all of industrialized humanity.
For over a hundred years, it survived the conflicts of labor, the scourge of racism, and political corruption that would make Chicago blush. Yet it persevered.
And then it fell into hard times. Perhaps by coincidence, perhaps not, it lost its currency and its stature in perfect lockstep with the masculinity that first drove it to the top of civilization.

The Emerging New World Order – Part 2. The End of Sovereignty

In part one I wrote, ” …in every country the people who run the State have largely decided they no longer wish to serve the people but prefer instead to serve the interests of a Global Over-Class. I believe we are in the midst of an historical shift in the alignment of loyalty and political power, away from democracy. I want to make it clear I do not believe the new arrangement of political and economic power was the clear goal of some hidden cabal. I think each change had an ideological drive behind it but, to begin with at least, each change was largely opportunistic and piecemeal. These pieces have, however, added up. And as time has gone by and the different pieces have accumulated, I think some wealthy and powerful people as well as some who were ideologically driven, have seen the chance to make something they desired out of the pieces. I think those who never liked democracy-for-the-masses, but preferred something that was more like the Roman senate – a place for the sons and daughters of the already wealthy and powerful families to ensure they remained wealthy and powerful – I think those people have seen an historical chance to further their vision of the future they desire and, particularly in the last twenty or so years, have actively schemed and pushed for it. Some of them have lobbied for it from Wall Street and the City, others of the same elite have written laws for it when they were in Congress and Parliament. And always they have found affordable lackeys among our political class.
Of course no one is going to admit to this.

Bankster Gihadis US Oil Vigil For Price Of Cold War And Cappuccino UK Economic Recovery - Max Keiser And Stacy Herbert With Liam Halligan

"Cappuccino UK recovery all froth with no beef."
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Commie-Pus and the $8 trillion wasted by the US taxpayer in protecting the flow of oil out of the Strait of Hormuz where more than 50% heads to Asia.

Emasculated Feminazi Mangina: The Beard Gotham Deserves

By VarmitCoyote (VC), a resident blue-piller, was destroyed by GirlWritesWhat, SparkyFister, Victor Zen and other MHRAs, MGTOWs and anti-feminists for his video called I Can’t Not Be a Feminist.
Once VC saw that there were roughly 7 dislikes for every one like his video earned, he retracted his statements in the spirit of learning from his mistakes.
Or so he claimed.

The Future of Women in a MGTOW Society

By : Once upon a time, in a land… just next door, people knew what marriage was, what it entailed, and what its future bestowed.
The concept of marriage is relatively new to the human species, but was based on the ancient contract emotionally agreed upon by our primitive ancestors when they discovered that due to their big brains, their offspring were born less mature by necessity than other, less intelligent species; this contract promoted the exchange of three C’s (cooking, cleaning, and copulation) from the female, and three P’s from the male (protection, provision, and progeny).
Despite many cosmetic alterations, the ancient contract has remained the foundation of the family unit for a guesstimated five hundred thousand years, with inklings of it up to two million years ago. As long as both parties have fulfilled their ends of the bargain, humans survived, thrived, and finally civilized. This is the juggernaut our modern media keeps hounding our young men with, and more and more young men are combating it the best way they know how, by side-stepping it.
So, why not marriage?

Misandry: Interview With Sensa Nostra

fidelbogen: Nick Reading (of MR-E) and Fidelbogen were interviewed (on Skype) by Jade Frisch of the German-Australian English-speaking online publication Sensa Nostra. Institutionalized male child genital mutilation and men's rights as a whole.

Manus Island Barbaric Australia MP 11% Pay Rise The Darkness + We want regime change in the uk!!!!! - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

Enter Ye The Forest Of Infinite Blowjobs! The Longest Show in Freedomain Radio History!

Stefan Molyneux: Participating in libertarian politics, Ron Paul turning people away from liberty, the value of self-ownership, objective price and the labor theory of value, defining spirituality, exceptions to universal rules, getting your balls back, pain of rejection and hours of blowjob/vagina jokes.

In The Trenches: My Child’s Court Imposed Paternal Exile

By So, another Thanksgiving has arrived, as have two previous Christmases, Halloweens, July 4th’s, three Father’s days, and four of our Birthdays. And certain to be missed also, are this year’s Christmas and another birthday as well.
All holidays that we had shared, enjoyed and celebrated together for our first 7 years together as father and daughter.
The last three years have not been so; rather we suffered from the bleak emptiness, the fractured love and affection caused by sheer attrition from being apart, and the dull ache of a most loved child missing from our lives.
Shared time and experiences lost forever, the bonding of a father and daughter severed by erosion. Peppered here and there by a cheap pathological drip of contact with each other permitted by the government: 1 hour visits, once a week, and none at all since July 2013.
As I sit here in Durham, NY, at the extended dinner table surrounded by my brother Gregory, his wife Maria, my daughter’s cousins, Zane and Edison, and many of our friends, we give thanks for the good food, warm home, and all who could be there.
Notably, the one person who was also invited, but could not be there, was my daughter Anya, who has been involuntarily entrapped in the spider-web that is the family court systemforcibly denied having any contact with me, her father, and subjected to psychological de facto alienation during the tender formative years between 7 and 10 years of age.


cammiltitle…and the mad myopia of the neoliberals is only opposed by the fringe Utopia of the liberal Left. Oh dear.
By John Ward: After years of fat profits and obscene senior bonuses from a bank that avoided almost 100% of 2008 meltdown costs, in April this year thousands of staff at HSBC were told their jobs had been ‘demised’. Easily Britain’s most profitable bank, HSBC introduced a round of redundancies involving more than 3,000 employees.
The bulk of those demised were frontline staff – relative minnows on modest salaries with real live customer contact. For example, 942 retail relationship managers have gone, and notably, a further 178 SME advisers found themselves without a job. Brian Robertson, the boss of HSBC’s retail bank, told the staff victims he “understands that change is always unsettling”. But not if you’re Brian Robertson.

Hunt for mysterious interpreter who faked sign language at Mandela memorial

RT: South Africa is searching for a sign language interpreter who failed to translate what world leaders said at the memorial of anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela on Tuesday. Outraged by the incident, the deaf community has confirmed the man was a fake.
The unidentified man, who had a security pass, stood next to world leaders as they addressed the crowd in the 95,000-seat Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg. Millions saw the fake interpreter gesticulate pure gibberish during the broadcast of the event, which was televised across the globe.
President Barack Obama delivers a speech next to a sign language interpreter (R) during the memorial service for late South African President Nelson Mandela at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.(AFP Photo / Alexander Joe)"There was zero percent accuracy. He couldn't even get the basics right. He couldn't even say thank you," Delphin Hlungwane, a South African sign language interpreter at DeafSA, told Reuters. DeafSA has condemned the incident.
The global deaf community has grown outraged at the incident, which saw the man seemingly inventing hand gestures as he went along.