15 Dec 2013


carlos morales: Feminist myths regarding domestic violence, the pay gap, and rape culture are exposed for what they are.

White House Hires New Press Secretary

The NWO: Clashes in Madrid as Demonstrators Rally Against Anti-Protest Bill

RT: At least 23 people have been hurt in clashes outside the Spanish Parliament in Madrid, as hundreds of protesters gathered on Saturday to demonstrate against newly proposed anti-protest legislation.
The demonstrators held signs that said 'Freedom to protest’ and 'People's Party, shame of Spain!' while police and barricades prevented them from getting any closer to the parliament building.
The rally in the heart of the Spanish capital finished by 10 p.m. local time, with at least seven protesters detained and 23 people injured - 14 of them police - EFE news agency reports. 

Feminists: More Equal Than Others

By Like a general assembly of Orwellian swine, feminists have gathered together to justify their creed thatsome animals are more equal than others.” As in the tale of Animal Farm, the changes to the legal system happened incrementally and with only a few grumbled objections, which were dealt with swiftly in retribution. As a society, we now find ourselves staring with astonishment at the writing on the wall and wondering how the pigs have managed to get away with this blatant corruption of equality before the law.
The legal system for criminal court was founded on a few, basic principles or cornerstones:

1) the presumption of innocence;
2) the burden of proof is on the Crown;
3) proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; and
4) proof is made during a fair and public hearing.

Overall, these building blocks remain intact for most criminal proceedings with one exception: crimes against women.
Thanks to feminism, we have re-created a Star Chamber reserved only for men. In this chamber, accusers are anonymous, guilt is assumed, false confessions may be extracted, and those who escape are ostracized regardless of legal innocence. To find oneself in the star chamber requires one simple accident of birth: you have a penis.

The Open Source Solution

corbettreport: As governments and corporations around the world move to make their actions and products ever more opaque, a counter-movement is rallying around the opposite of flag of openness and transparency. Borrowing its metaphor from the programming creed of "open source," this movement is moving beyond the world of bits and bytes to find innovative, collaborative and open solutions to a whole host of problems confronting our everyday lives.

'Shocking' Nature Of UK Bankster Transgressions

By Mark Kleinman: It was nearly three years ago that Bob Diamond, the then chief executive of Barclays, said the period of remorse for British bankers needed to be over.
Signs outside Lloyds TSB and RBS branches This week’s events underline just how premature Mr Diamond’s statement was.
Fines totalling £90m for Britain's two state-backed lenders, Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), were modest in the context of some of the penalties handed out to banks since the crisis of 2008.
The nature of the transgressions, though, was arguably as shocking as anything seen in global banking during the last five years.
Lloyds - predominantly a retail bank which has escaped associations with the more egregious behaviour of its investment banking peers - was exposed for running bonus schemes which include a 'Grand in your Hand' for star salespeople.
The 'champagne bonus' was another initiative aimed at those who met tough sales targets.
Bankers were drinking to their customers’ naivete for years: in total, nearly 700,000 of them were affected by the mis-selling bonanza to which Lloyds staff toasted.

Misandrist Professor Of Law Seeks Legalized Murder

By Elizabeth Sheehy is a respected law professor working at the University of Ottawa, and on 15 December, UBC press will publish her recent book, Defending Battered Women on Trial.
The thesis of the book, stated explicitly in the final chapter, is that murder should be legitimized for women who kill their spouses or partners.
Yes, you read that correctly.
She told The Ottawa Citizen that “battered women can justly kill abusive partners ‘because a woman in that circumstance has already lived in captivity’”
Setting aside, just for a moment, the depravity that a Canadian professor of law is publishing a book arguing for the legalization of murder – specifically of men – we must wonder how someone this rabid can be “respected”.
Sheehy argues that women, unlike anyone we might think of as adults, or even as “people”, are so weak, so infantile, and so free of self-actualization, will, or personal volition that when they suddenly find themselves (as if blown by the wind) caught in a dysfunctional, abusive sexual relationship they are incapable of leaving.
Women, apparently, are merely the possessed dolls of their spouses or romantic partners. A woman in an abusive relationship, mystically becomes incapable of finding her shoes and walking out the door, dialing 9-1-1, contacting the police, or locating a publicly-funded shelter.

Mandela Laid To Rest: Apartheid And War Crimes Rage In Israel

RT: Israel ruled guilty of genocide; the nuclear elephant in that region; and the 'armies' recruited to doctor Wikipedia. Seek truth from facts with leading war crimes prosecutor Professor Francis Boyle, Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar, top saxophonist and former Israeli citizen Gilad Atzmon, and UN Human Rights Rapporteur Professor Richard Falk. Source

Washington Drives The World Toward War Against China and Russia

By Paul Craig Roberts: Washington has had the US at war for 12 years: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and almost Syria, which could still happen, with Iran waiting in the wings. These wars have been expensive in terms of money, prestige, and deaths and injuries of both US soldiers and the attacked civilian populations. None of these wars appears to have any compelling reason or justifiable explanation. The wars have been important to the profits of the military/security complex. The wars have provided cover for the construction of a Stasi police state in America, and the wars have served Israel’s interest by removing obstacles to Israel’s annexation of the entire West Bank and southern Lebanon.
As costly and destructive as these wars have been, they are far below the level of a world war, much less a world war against nuclear armed opponents.
The fatal war for humanity is the war with Russia and China toward which Washington is driving the US and Washington’s NATO and Asian puppet states. There are a number of factors contributing to Washington’s drive toward the final war, but the overarching one is the doctrine of American exceptionalism.

Should Businesses Be Allowed to Discriminate Against Gay People? Yes.

Julie Borowski: Controversial subject! A US, Colorado judge ruled that a baker must bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. That's wrong. Here are my thoughts on businesses discriminating against gay people.

China Becomes Third Country To Land On Moon - Plan To build A Working Space Station By 2020

A giant electronic screen displays the mission operation information of China's Chang'e-3 lunar probe as researchers work at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center, in Beijing, December 14, 2013.  (—Éeuters / Stringer) RT: China landed an unmanned spacecraft on the moon on Saturday, according to state media. The event marks the first soft-landing on the moon in three decades, joining the USA and former USSR in achieving the feat.
China’s official Xinhua news agency reported that the spacecraft touched down in the Sinus Iridum, known as the Bay of Rainbows, at 9:11 p.m. after hovering over the moon’s surface for an unspecified few minutes, scouting out a suitable place to land. The subsequent soft-landing did not damage the craft, unlike a previous mission in 2007 when China sent a lunar probe to conduct a controlled crash into the moon’s surface.