19 Dec 2013

New World Next Year - 2014 - Banksters and The End Of Money

Corbett Report and Media Monarchy: Some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week they look back at 2013 for the biggest stories of the year and look forward to 2014 with their picks for important trends for the new year:

The Legacy Of Nelson Mandela And Britain's Relationship With Saudi Arabia

George Galloway and Gayatri Pertiwi explore the legacy of Nelson Mandela with Peter Hain MP and acclaimed pan-African reparationist Esther Standford-Xosei. Also discussed is Britain's relationship with Saudi Arabia with 2013 foreign correspondent of the year Patrick Cockburn.

My 50 Top Stories About Men And Boys’ Inequality From 2013 (part 2)….

9. More male victims of rape come forward in wake of Jimmy Saville case
It’s difficult to find anything positive to say about the Jimmy Saville sex scandal but one upside appears to be that more male victims of rape and sexual abuse are reaching out for help. The trend was revealed in an interview with Duncan Craig who set up Survivors Manchester in 2009 after he was turned away from local rape support services himself for being a man. Duncan’s doing great work in Manchester and tragically the majority of towns and cities in the country don’t have a local support service for male victims.
10. 92% of allegations are made by women are false
Keir Starmer QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, confirmed that false allegations of rape can and do happen and must be treated seriously and that in 92% of cases people suspected of making a false allegation of rape or sexual abuse are women.
Allegations can ruin reputations and devastate lives, Starmer added. “Such cases will be dealt with robustly and those falsely accused should feel confident that the criminal justice system will prosecute these cases wherever there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to do so.”
However some campaigners were concerned that Starmer downplayed the scale of the problem of false allegations.
11. Male nursery worker subjected to sexism from female colleagues

Inquiry Asserts UK Complicity With US 'Rendition' (Kidnapping) And Torture

UK Banned Press TV: A newly-revealed inquiry shows that British intelligence agents have been involved in the controversial US rendition (kidnapping) program, which involved torturing terror suspects (freedom fighters).
On Thursday, the findings of an aborted inquiry into the complicity of British intelligence agencies in torture and kidnapping were published by Sir Peter Gibson, a senior Conservative backbencher and retired judge, who described the involvement as truly shocking.”
The probe found 27 areas that need further investigation in relation to interrogation, rendition and the way officers were trained. In some cases, according to the findings, agents did not raise the issue in order not to jeopardize the UK’s relations with other countries.
The inquiry was axed earlier this year after fresh criminal investigations were launched into allegations involving Libyan victims.
Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, who established the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition, said the truth needed to be uncovered.
"It is truly shocking that Britain has facilitated kidnap and torture and the decision to abandon this judge-led inquiry will come to be seen as a mistake," he said.

Feminazi Elizabeth Sheehy Can’t Even Justify Herself

By When responses started flooding in to the Ottawa Citizen article about a new book by law professor, Elizabeth Sheehy, the professor had a choice; face the criticism bluntly or weasel out of her responsibility. Sheehy is a feminist so she chose the latter option.
A Voice For Men and Barbara Kay, writing for The National Post, both addressed the insanity of Sheehy’s recommendations in her book Battered Women on Trial but it was Kay’s article that moved the good professor to explain herself. And what a treat that was. The recommendations Sheehy put forth are quickly summarized as follows:
1. Battered women who kill their spouses should not be tried for murder.
2. They should not go to jail as they have already been “prisoners of war” in their own homes.
3. We should refine the definition of “excessive force” to allow women who kill sleeping men the ability to claim self defense.
4. Charging women, who have murdered men, with murder is “arbitrary

Surprisingly, the Canadian public are not yet ready to tolerate a public academic and legal scholar advocating the murder of their sons, brothers, husbands, or male colleagues.

NSA Consistently Violates its Oath to Uphold People's Rights - McGovern

TheRealNews: As critics describe '60 Minutes' piece as 'propaganda', ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern says that General Keith Alexander is a liar.

Jennifer Lawrence Wants To OUTLAW FAT JOKES

The Amazing Atheist
"I think her heart is in the right place, unfortunately her brain is in the wrong place."

Max Keiser Rips Up £20 Note On UK Newsnight

liarpoliticians: Talking about printed to oblivion UK Pound versus Bitcoin, Max Keiser rips up a £20 note..... but don't worry, the Bank of England will print another one.

Legalized Cuadrilla Fracking Under UK Homes Without Prior Warning!

An anti-fracking sign is displayed at the protest camp by the entrance to a site run by Cuadrilla Resources, outside the village of Balcombe in southern England August 6, 2013.(Reuters / Luke MacGregor)RT: Hydraulic fracturing may soon take place under thousands of homes across the United Kingdom without their owners’ knowledge. Based on a proposed law change the burden of notifying homeowners will be lifted from energy companies, the Guardian reports.
Planning Minister Nick Boles said a change in UK law will allow gas companies to put in drilling applications without notifying those in the area whose property could be affected, the Guardian reported. Companies will instead have to post notices in local newspapers and erect site displays in local parishes.

Many opposed to fracking cite potential health risks, air pollution and water contamination, as well as possible earthquakes. Nevertheless, the government portrayed alerting all those possibly impacted by localized fracking as too much of a burden for companies to weather.
It would require a disproportionately large number of individuals and businesses to receive notice, said Boles in a statement to MPs.

False Flag Event Is A Go, US Tapering To Begin In 2014 + "Lone Wolves" Will Be Spreading Terror Throughout The U.S. Spin

X22Report: Cyprus is reporting that banks are seeing a rise in bad bank loans and so is Spain. Ford lowers its earnings report because of the recession/depression in Europe and the struggling US economy. Housing mortgages plunge to all time new lows. Housing is being setup to collapse and it is in a dead cat bounce right now. Qatar is buying massive amount of real estate in the big cities. Iran and US are pessimistic about the nuclear peace deal and Senators are reporting that new sanctions are being pushed forward. The FED has just announced the taper and it will start Jan 2014. We are now one step closer to a false flag event, be prepared.

US Attempting To Spin Off Major Concerns On Despicable NSA Spying + Changing the Amount In People’s Financial Accounts and Manipulating Financial Systems with Its Offensive Cyber Capabilities

liberty-and-security-changing-worldBy End the Lie: The panel tasked with advising the Obama administration on spying and the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs recommended new limits on the agency’s spying practices, according to reports.
Previously, many were skeptical of the group’s ability to provide sound advice given the history of the participants and their close ties with the Obama administration.
In the over 300-page document containing the panel’s recommendations, many of the major concerns involving NSA activities were addressed.
The panel urged Obama on Wednesday to bring the government’s mass collection of phone call logs to an end, a practice which a federal judge recently ruled to be likely unconstitutional.
Instead, the advisors called on the administration to keep them in private hands “for queries and data mining” by court order only, The New York Times reports.
The panel also recommended a new test to be conducted before operations involving surveillance of foreign leaders are approved.
The test would involve weighing the potential impacts on diplomatic and economic sectors if the operation were to be uncovered, as many recently were.
The decision to spy on foreign leaders should be made by the president himself and his advisers, not the intelligence agencies, according to the panel’s recommendations. However, it was reported previously that the White House knew about the surveillance.

My Thoughts on Last Night’s BTC Crash and a Guest Post on “Why Bitcoin Will Succeed”

By Michael Krieger: I haven’t seen action in Bitcoin like we saw last night since earlier this year in the spring when the price went from $10 in January to $260 in April, and then crashed down to $50 before stabilizing in the $80-$120 range for months before beginning the latest parabolic move. I was so taken by the action in BTC China last night that I wasn’t able to sleep until 5am Rocky Mountain time, trying to buy what I could at the best prices possible. I saw every single tick. It was a crazy evening.
Yesterday I posted that while I thought BTC was at the lower end of the range at $650, there was the potential for some near-term headline risk. I thought that it might come from the U.S. banking system, but instead it came from China when they banned new renminbi deposits into the leading global exchange BTC China. While I am not saying that the price will now quickly launch to new highs, there was complete and total panic in the air last night. No question about that. In addition I tweeted that:
Now I think we have a much more positive setup going forward, although a similar period of consolidation such as we saw earlier in this year is likely. The news out of China cannot get any worse, and BTC China as far as an exchange and price discovery mechanism is basically dead. The big risk now is that other nations take similar actions, but the sentiment is now sufficiently bad and people expect bad news. Last night represented the most BTC I have bought since the spring crash.