24 Dec 2013

Palestinian Toddler Dead As Israeli Regime Bombs Gaza

The body of three-years-old Palestinian girl Hala Bhairi, who medics said was killed by shrapnel during an Israeli air strike on the Bureij facility, lies at a hospital morgue in the central Gaza Strip December 24, 2013. (Reuters/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)RT: Israeli regime warplanes have carried out bombings in the Gaza Strip in response to the fatal shooting of an Israeli civilian, the Israel death squad has confirmed. At least one Palestinian has been reportedly killed in the strike.
Hospital officials cited by Reuters said a 3-year-old little girl was killed by shrapnel in al-Bureij camp in the central Gaza Strip as she was standing with her family outside their home.
Three relatives of the girl, including two young siblings, were also reportedly injured.
According to Hamas Health Ministry official Ashraf al-Kidra, a total of 10 people were wounded in the strikes. 

IDF         @IDFSpokesperson
Update: In response to fatal terror attack against Israeli civilian, IDF targets terror sites in the Gaza Strip

Following the bombing, the Israeli Dumb Fucks (IDF) issued a statement saying IAF aircrafts and IDF tanks and infantry targeted anti-Israeli “terror sites in the Gaza Strip” including a weapons manufacturing facility, anti “terror” infrastructures, and a concealed rocket launcher.
The Israeli death squad added they scored direct hitson civilian targets.

Drive By Pwnage

"You are being sexist and I want to punch you in the balls'"
RazorBladeKandy2: I attempt some speed pwnage or drive by pwnage, including NapalmTheUsurper

On Free Speech And The Convenient Plasticity Of "Homophobia"

Uruguay's Neighbors Now Considering Legalization Of Pot

By LIMA, Peru — Argentina has given the first sign that Uruguay’s groundbreaking cannabis reform just may have started a domino effect across Latin America.
Following the momentous vote by its smaller neighbor’s senate this month — making it the first nation in the world to completely legalize the soft drug — Argentina’s anti-drug czar Juan Carlos Molina has called for a public discussion in his country about emulating the measure.
“Argentina deserves a good debate about this,” Molina told local radio. “We have the capacity to do it. We should not underestimate ourselves.”
Crucially, Molina, a Catholic priest appointed earlier this month by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner as head of her government’s counternarcotics agency, said his boss also wanted a new approach.
His comments are the clearest sign yet that Uruguay’s strategy — aimed at breaking the link between the lucrative marijuana trade and organized crime — has kicked off a trend in a region that long ago wearied of the bloodshed, expense and failed results of Washington’s war on drugs.”

The Gentleman's Survey + SCUM: Society for Cutting Up Men

My 50 Top Stories About Men And Boys’ Inequality From 2013 (part 4)….

By :
29. Men’s psychological needs aren’t being addressed because we don’t think of men as being vulnerable
Luke Sullivan of Men’s Minds Matters wrote an excellent comment piece in The Guardian for Men’s Health Week in June on men’s psychological vulnerability. He  said:
“A more empathic approach to understanding the psychological wellbeing of men and boys is needed. It seems more difficult to think of men as victims and vulnerable. Men, too, can experience physical and sexual abuse, domestic abuse and violence and abuse from other men. They suffer from adversity and experience psychological and emotional difficulties regardless of how physically strong or financially well off they are. While men are advantaged in some respects, they are at greater risk of nearly all major illnesses and injuries, as well as suicide. We also ask men to be protectors and providers for others and send them off to fight wars in far greater numbers, to work down mines and in other dangerous environments, and to stand last in the queue (or not even get in the queue) for help and support.”
30. Teenage girl speaks out against the treatment of dads in the family court

The Race War of Drug Prohibition - Noam Chomsky

Stefan Molyneux: Noam Chomsky speaks with Stefan Molyneux about the race war of drug prohibition, the prison-industrial complex, the erosion of civil liberties under Barack Obama, moral inconsistencies within government, the removal of media gatekeepers and the reinforcement of societal norms through social ostracism.

Feminazis: Santas Warned “Ho-Ho-Ho” Offensive To Women

By : Our thanks to a regular contributor M, for sending us two emails yesterday. He wrote:
“I don’t think feminists could sink any lower than attacking the reputation of the symbol of Xmas, Santa Claus. They’re portraying him as a possible danger to children, an abuser, a molester, and so on… It appears that feminists don’t like the idea of children feeling affection towards men in general, and older men in particular. Oftentimes, not even their own fathers.
Also, feminists now have an issue with Santa’s traditional call ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ which apparently has sexist overtones, and is supposedly disrespectful to women. Feminists clearly wish men could be separated from children altogether.
No matter how hard I think about it, the only plausible or logical explanations that comes to mind are demonization of masculinity and/or jealousy of men and/or an attempt to increase the feminists’ power base still more. They probably feel that Santa should be either female or not exist at all. The trouble is that he isn’t female, and turning him into a female character, or eliminating him on the pretext of multiculturalism, would destroy a centuries-old tradition – one that most children across the Christian world hold dear.

GREECE: Not Much In The Way Of Christmas Fayre And Even Less That’s Fair To The Greeks + The China Domino Syndrome Creeps Ever Closer

By John Ward: Antonis Samaras, the Greek Prime Minister, has a son at the best Athens school…the way you do. Being a chip off the paternal bloc, the son of Atonikis is not very bright, and was thus reduced to cheating in an exam at Athens  College for the Spawn of the Élite. He was caught doing this bad stuff (also a family trait) and so the teacher gave him a Fail Grade. She didn’t expel the little prick as I would’ve done, she merely failed him for the one test. This bad decision cost the lady her job. She was fired, and appealed, but the appeal was dismissed.
It seems not so much an open and shut case, as a blasted wide open case of the sort of privilege for which the Greek political MoUs are infamous. The Greek Central Council for Secondary Education (KYSDE) decided not to overturn the dismissal as in their opinion, there was “not enough evidence to prove” an abuse of power by Athens College when they terminated the teacher’s contract. The evidence was as damning as a highly polished pikestaff, but the teacher now has no job, and the Samaras family clearly thinks it’s been vindicated.
S’not fair, is it? I mean, be fair – it’s not fair.
The German leaders in Berlin wax sanctimonious about Greek tax evasion, but Der Spiegel reports that the Mediterranean country’s inspectors are investigating three major German carmakers for possible tax fraud.

Does Power Corrupt?

0:20 - Is it better to be alone or to have friends you can get along with and laugh with (not particularly in a fake way) but don't like? I know what your advice will be, but I'm going to ask you to treat this as a true dichotomy.

M&S Will Sell Gender-Neutral Toys From 2014

6oodfella: Marks & Spencer have caved to feminist demands, and from next year, they will not be allowed to tell customers what kind of toys boys or girls tend to prefer, instead they will offer the customer no help in this regard, and expect them to work it out for themselves, even if they have absolutely no clue what kind of toys boys or girls prefer.
Good to see you sorting out the world's real problems, feminists.