31 Dec 2013

Flavour of the Evolution 2013

Angelo Agathangelou: By far the most popular posts this year have been the series of reviews of my pal serial modder genius Lukasz Fikus's extraordinary Lampizator supreme reference Hi Fi equipment. Guess those topics aren't pissing against the wind like the issue of equality for men and boys and as I said, there's no time for good music like a revolution.
World First: Lampizator 'BIG SIX' DAC - "The best sound we can possibly make" + "Make Mozart Not Nukes!" Lampizator GM 70 SE Amplifier
(Also check out AKALA's excellent new album below.)
The following stories are in no particular order and there were many more very popular posts, but I have chosen a few readers favorites that seemed to capture the flavour of 2013, a year that saw great strides in the men's movement in which I have participated for over a decade and an apparent expansion of the general awakening. There were many popular financial posts but I'm marking them down as boring and a positive broad acknowledgement of the Banksters for what they are, enough said. Also some great moments from the cypherpunks
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I have a dream - The COCK Fairy

"A Structuraly Misandrist Society." UCL Debate: Feminism Is Sexist

Propaganda is the New Empiricism

The Trends to Watch For in 2014

Government overreach, economic stagnation & civil discontent

Bring Feminazi Karen Smith To Justice! + Misandry: Losing Face, the SPLC Resorts To Mass Censorship

When Risk Is Separated From Gain, The System Is Doomed

By Charles Hugh Smith: If the gambler has no feedback from his bets because the casino reimburses his losses, then he will continue gambling wildly and losing spectacularly.
Risk is an ever-present characteristic of life; it cannot be eliminated, it can only be masked or hedged. We know this intuitively, yet we blithely accept official assurances that risk can be eliminated by the monetary machinations of the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank of China, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank.
To confuse masking risk with the elimination risk is the acme of hubris and the perfect setup for disaster. In my view, the global central bank response has been directed at masking risk and presenting this as the "solution" that has sent risk back to its lair, defeated. But cloaking risk does not eliminate it; official obfuscation merely pushes risk beneath the surface where it accumulates unseen.
Once the built-up risk reaches criticality, it explodes in "unforeseen" volatility that is often triggered by a seemingly unimportant event.

Empire Kaput, Crypto-Currencies 2014! - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Barb Jacobson

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss whether or not 2014 will be one of economic and financial fallout from the 2013 Year of Bitcoin and Snowden. They look at Paul Krugman's claim that Bitcoin is evil because it's not backed by men with guns and the latest in the financial fallout from Snowden's NSA revelations in terms of contractual demands that data never enter the US.

Heroic Boycott of Apartheid Israel Universities Angers Zionazi Lawmakers

"If you want peace and democracy, I will support you. If you want formal Apartheid, we will not support you. If you want to support racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing, we will oppose you." Nelson Mandela.

Two New York legislators say they will introduce a bill to strip state aid from universities that take part in a recent movement to boycott Israeli academic centers.
UK BANNED Press TV: State Sen. Jeff Klein, a Bronx Democrat, and Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn Democrat who is also a former member of the Jewish Defense League that was classified as a “terrorist group” by the FBI in 2001, say they want to cut off state aid to universities affiliated with the American Studies Association’s movement to boycott Israeli institutions.

MHRA: My New Year’s Resolution for 2014

"When it comes to dealing with self-elected but non-functional directors of matters in which they will not share in the work, I pledge to tell you to fuck off with a little more courtesy than I did in 2013."
By I rarely use AVfM any more for personal style blog posts. It just seems inappropriate, as though AVFM is no longer just mine. And it isn’t. This corner of the internet as my personal blog yielded to a movement a long time ago.
I am still going to ask your indulgence as I take a selfish trip into the personal.
It is a time of resolutions for many and I am no exception. As I look back on the last year and examine myself, looking at the (many) things I could do to make changes for the better, one of the things that strikes me as the most glaring is composure.

War Loving Christian Hypocrisy - Resource Based Economy Self Defense + The Battle to Steal Your Money

Stefan Molyneux: War loving Christian hypocrisy, health is the result of healthy practices, loving friends vs. loving romantic partners, arguments from analogy, your history is an excuse for nothing, and the resource based economy as self-defense.

OMFG!!! UK Man Of The Year and The Hairy Goat Legged Queen - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News + Why Do Americans Love War Criminals?

The artist taxi driver

Sun ‘Flips Upside Down’ While Reversing Magnetic Poles

RT: The sun has undergone a “complete field reversal,” with its north and south poles changing places as it marks the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24.
A reversal of the sun's magnetic field is, literally, a big event,” NASA’s Dr. Tony Phillips said in a statement issued on the space agency’s website.

How Faith Poisons Everything

By carlos morales: An exposé on the evils of faith. Faith is a short-term comfort that is antithetical towards reason and evidence. Faith begins the loosening up of self-directed fate, and the shifting of the locus of control by removing your ability to decipher truth from fiction and placing that responsibility unto someone else. It is a belief in an authority rather than an acknowledging of facts - faith is what gets us totalitarian ideas, it's what leads to dictatorial mandates based on the whims of some other authority. Faith is in direct opposition to freedom.

How The NSA Hacks Your iPhone and The Great Firewall Of Earth

Following up on the latest stunning revelations released yesterday by German Spiegel which exposed the spy agency's 50 page catalog of "backdoor penetration techniques", today during a speech given by Jacob Applebaum (@ioerror) at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress, a new bombshell emerged: specifically the complete and detailed description of how the NSA bugs, remotely, your iPhone. The way the NSA accomplishes this is using software known as Dropout Jeep, which it describes as follows: "DROPOUT JEEP is a software implant for the Apple iPhone that utilizes modular mission applications to provide specific SIGINT functionality. This functionality includes the ability to remotely push/pull files from the device. SMS retrieval, contact list retrieval, voicemail, geolocation, hot mic, camera capture, cell tower location, etc. Command, control and data exfiltration can occur over SMS messaging or a GPRS data connection. All communications with the implant will be covert and encrypted."