10 Feb 2014

Alternative MGTOW Lifestyles

Sandman: If you're a single Man going his own way you have the luxury of living anywhere you want. Well as long as it's close to where you work. So why the hell would you want to live in a suburban neighborhood or a crowded apartment building? Why wouldn't you want to live in a place fit for a man? A place where most normal women would be terrified of living in. There are plenty of ways to live in unconventional places and unconventional spaces. Today I'm going to explore a few ways that you could live in a cheap way and live in a way that can provide you community surrounded by people that can actually form a real community and not a suburban street where people never speak to their neighbors.
The Today I'm going to talk about three different ways of living that will save you money, create a real sense of community and put you in contact with men and women that think outside the box. If we're already going our own way then we're already thinking outside the box. So there's no harm in living with or around people that have also been marginalized for one reason or another.

(All Photography done by Sandman)

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