5 Mar 2014

A Warning For Americans - Is Money The Root Of All Evil? + Mike Maloney CRIES while reading Ayn Rand!

By Dan Rubock: In answer to the question posed above, I had originally intended to set a world record for the ‘World’s Shortest Article’ and simply write ‘NO!’, then add the video, and post it to the interweb. But that would be far too lazy, and this is far too important. Plus there’s a great story behind this weeks post, so allow me to set the scene: Let's start by imagining you are in our main office…
Welcome to our weekly company meeting. Like most businesses, each week we have a scheduled time where staff from all departments meet and report on what they achieved during the past week, as well as what will be happening in the near future. For us, this happens every Friday afternoon. It’s the only time during the week when the phones are predictably quieter, a handy result of being located on the West Coast and marching to the tune of an East Coast market close. It’s nice to catch up with everybody, sometimes we have several laptops out with team members Skyping in from all corners of the globe. There will usually be a birthday or two to celebrate– so it’s also a fantastic excuse to eat some cake and chocolate dipped strawberries if that’s your kind of thing. It certainly does the trick for me!
At these weekly meetings our CEO, Mike Maloney, usually reads something to the team. It could be a current news item, or something that he has been working on for his new book. But most often, it will be a short snippet of wisdom from something Mike has found to be inspirational (A book called ‘The Traveller’s Gift’ makes regular appearances – Mike insists that our HR people hand out a copy to each new employee). It’s always fun, and Mike gets a buzz from it because just 15 years ago, he would not have been capable of reading anything to any audience. If you’ve seen Episode 3 of Hidden Secrets Of Money you’ll already know that Mike is dyslexic, but has managed to pretty much overcome the hurdle thanks to modern technology. He still practices what he is going to read a few times beforehand to become familiar with the piece, but there’s no need to. He now reads better than most folks. Folks where I’m from, anyway!
Recently, Mike mentioned to me that he was going to read a section from his favorite book of all time - Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Whoa. This was obviously not going to be a normal company meeting. Having just started to scrape the surface of explaining the dangers of socialism in Episode 5 of Hidden Secrets Of Money, it was obvious that this reading would make for an excellent video. It’s also very timely when you consider the current events in Crimea, where Ayn Rand lived as a young girl. Yet another example of history echoing through the ages.
So, as that guy said in ‘American Pie’, God bless the internet. Here it is for you to watch at your leisure, grab yourself a chair and get comfy. There are so many great quotes from Ayn Rand in here that it can be a little overwhelming – it really is a Tour De Force of logic and reason. Please watch it a couple of times, take it all in, and then here is a challenge for you: Pick your favorite lines, and add them to the comments below. Let’s see which sections resonate the most.
I hope you enjoy being in our our company meeting. The vibe isn’t usually this heavy, I promise. In fact, straight after Mike’s reading we got stuck into the strawberries and sang Happy Birthday to him. More importantly however, we closed out the meeting as we do every week by reading our mission together, out loud:
To enlighten the world that maximum prosperity can only be achieved through individual freedom, free markets, and sound money.
Thank you all for your continued support of Hidden Secrets Of Money, and for helping us to accomplish our mission on a larger scale each day. Episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9 are all in the works and will be released in the coming months. If you watch this video closely you might spot some footage from these next episodes…
As always, all we ask for in return is that you share this video far and wide. This is a message that needs to be heard.
Man, I need a strawberry.
Dan Rubock


Additional update 6th of March:

Mike Maloney CRIES while reading Ayn Rand!
silverfuturist: I have watched countless hours in the last few years about precious metals. When a channel does a video that involves crying there is a correlation (not necessarily causation) that people taking their advice will also be crying soon! Also the correlation is not 100% so don't gamble on it!

My comments:
"Money is a tool, it is emotionless, it doesn't hate you but it also doesn't care about you. At the end of the video Mike was getting emotional about a speech on money - emotion clouds the mind and deceives intuition when it comes to markets! When silver was almost $50 there was a lot of emotional videos and even crying about silver! Now it is below $22 again, and another crying video on silver comes out! I don't like this at all!!!"

"Mike appears sincere in his message. Yet that hardly seems to matter in the markets. In the last few years a huge % of retail investors (middle class) have lost more than HALF of their wealth investing in silver. Sometime in the future silver will hit all new highs - but we don't know when! Time is such an important factor, I know people who have been forced to sell in the last few years (they didn't plan on it) and they lost HALF THEIR WEALTH! Silver is an asset like any other, it can be a screaming buy or it can be overpriced! When silver was approaching $50 Mike was saying he wants to save the middle class, when in fact his advice would have cost them 1/2 of their savings!"

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