7 Mar 2014

Feminism 2.0 Recycled Shit + Male Objectification

AlyssMajere: So here are my thoughts on the newest version of the same bullshit. Hope you enjoy.

Here's some links; The first link is for the feminism 2.0 propaganda. The second one is an extremely disturbing video of a drunk bitch sexually assaulting a male minor while everyone else around just laughs...disgusting! The third one is of a feminist accusing a man of sexual assault and then assaults him, BITCHES!. The fourth link is of a woman who tries to force a man into sex and then beats his ass because he said no....once again...BITCHES!!!!!!

By the way guys I now have a tumblr where I am promoting MRA, MGTOW, and anti-feminist videos and articles. Check it out. http://feminismisevil.tumblr.com
If you like send me videos you would like me to add to the page.


Male Objectification
Hope you enjoy! Here's some links.
So I was wrong, It was on the train not the bus.
I wished he hadn't fallen out of his chair. Just reinforcing stereotypes. *sigh*
There you go!

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