7 Mar 2014

MANstream Media: What do you mean "men's" issues?

Paul Elam: It almost seems incredible. With a suicide rate of 4:1 vs women, 93% male workplace mortality, men falling out of education and employment at alarming rates, the corruption and anti-male bias of family courts, predominately male homelessness and a number of other problems we still live in a culture in which most people will scratch their heads and ask, "What do you mean men's issues?"

There is a number of reasons for this pervasive cultural ignorance, not the least among them is the lame-stream media, which has been hammering in the message for decades now that men are bad and women are good; women important, men not.

MANstream Media is your monthly alternative to this unhealthy, dysfunctional programming, and on the next edition you can join your hosts Dr. Warren Farrell, Tom Golden and Paul Elam for an overview of the varied issues that are faced by modern men and boys.

We will be discussing the release of Dr. Farrell's 21st anniversary edition of the Myth of Male Power in ebook, and the upcoming International Conference on Men's Issues, and how the topics covered by both are among the most important issues faced by our society today.

Please join us on Thursday, March 6 at 4:00 PM Pacific, 6:00 PM Central and 7:00 PM Eastern for MANstream Media Monthly.

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