1 Mar 2014

Greek Protesters Clash With Government Mercs In Athens

Greek demonstrators protesting against the government’s plans for enforcing massive job cuts have been attacked by riot mercenaries outside the Finance Ministry building.
UK BANNED Press TV: Protesters, including teachers, school guards and municipal workers, clashed with bankster controlled government riot troops outside the Finance Ministry in central Athens on Friday with mercs firing tear gas at protesters.

At least 17 people were arrested by 'police' after the people attempted to storm the ministry’s compound.
The protest was held as international banksters were carrying out their latest inspection of fiscal reforms (overseeing the ongoing pillage).
The planned job cuts are part of a 'bailout' pillage proposed by the European Commission, the European Central Banksters and the International Monetary Fraudsters.
The so-called troika has 'given' billions of fiat ponzi dollars (conjured from thin air on a computer screen) in so called 'emergency loans' to the recession-hit country in exchange for harsh austerity measures, including gutting its economy, pillaging tangible national assets, slashing public spending and repeatedly raising taxes on the poor to pay fictitious interest to the banksters.

Following a brutal six-year recession, Greece’s economy appears not to be improving in 2014 to any extent with the country’s Prime Minister Antonis Samaras predicting an economic recovery. 

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