8 Apr 2014

Sexism On Planes + MARRIED MGTOW + Feminist Rape Culture: Statutory Edition Update

Josh O'Brien: "Airlines seem to be the most sexist places on earth."



Feminist Rape Culture: Statutory Edition Update

Alison Tieman: Brief Update. I apologize for the lack of editing, I'm forgoing that to give you an update on my situation.

Adele Mercier has sent me a letter indicating she is giving me 24 hours to remove my previous video

Feminist Rape Culture: Statuatory Edition


She has characterized it as libellous and slanderous as it implies she is a "rape apologist" and a "victim blamer."

In response I want to inform Adele that I cannot remove those materials from the internet that strongly imply she is a rape apologist and victim blamer because she wrote them herself.

Further I invite Adele to clarify the following:

You, Adele Mercier, stated in a letter to the Queens University Journal Editor that men are being raped but qualified that by saying they are being raped by other men

Do you, Adele Mercier, believe that women rape men and do you also believe that this is crime that needs to be addressed?

In addition you stated in one of your replies to me at Queens University Journal boys at a juvenile detention facility can give legitimate—that is uncoerced by nature of the age or power differential—consent to their adult female captors?

Do you infact believe that underage boys at juvenile detention facilities are able to give legitimate consent to their adult captors? Further do you believe that any person in a position of captivity can give legitimate consent to their captors?

In addition to Adele's implied threat of a libel lawsuit, I apparently owe 12 thousand dollars of back electricity to the power company. Apparently they failed to use the correct multiplier on my account for past two years and by interesting coincidence only just discovered this today.

So this may be my last update for awhile while I deal with that.

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