24 May 2014

Against The Gods? A Concise Guide To Atheism and Agnosticism

Stefan Molyneux: Between the poles of strong atheism and strict atheism lies agnosticism, the argument that gods are very unlikely, but cannot logically be ruled out as utterly impossible. Agnosticism is considered a cautious, tentative and scientific approach to the question of the existence of gods - Stefan Molyneux's seminal book "Against the Gods?" makes a powerful case against agnosticism and for the positive acceptance of the nonexistence of supernatural beings.

It is not rational to even entertain the possibility of the existence of irrational entities. We do not accept agnosticism about unicorns, fairies, square circles, pixies on the proposition that two and two make five - why do we create a special exception in the realm of deities? Surely it is because the social cost of rejecting God's is far higher than the social cost of rejecting goblins.

"Against the Gods?" provides essential ammunition to those fighting the virus of faith, and clears the mental fog of the irrational middle ground between atheism and theism.

0:07:25 - The Existence of Gods
0:11:46 - Why Are Gods Self-Contradictory?
0:18:30 - Other Dimensions
0:22:32 - Concepts and Instances
0:25:46 - The Second Self Contradiction
0:34:28 - Agnosticism and Principles
0:37:34 - Agnosticism and Consistency
0:39:32 - Gods and Non-Existence
0:43:04 - Gods and the Supernatural
0:44:38 - Accidental Knowledge
0:48:06 - Deities Before Time
0:49:04 - Quantum Physics
0:51:04 - Harm to Children
0:53:56 - Agnosticism and Religion
0:59:00 - Religion as Child Abuse
1:03:50 - Power or Virtue? A Love Story
1:07:42 - God and Virtue?
1:14:36 - The Costs of False Ethics
1:27:22 - Why Gods?
1:49:40 - Agnosticism and Cowardice
1:57:04 - Closing the Open Door
2:01:38 - Agnosticism and Fear
2:10:54 - Agnosticism and Religion
2:15:55 - The Misuses of History
2:23:30 - Conclusion

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