29 Jun 2014

Destroying All Ethnicities Necessitates A False One

morris: "I don't buy the common gene. ...What an absurdity as people are wiped out around the planet. Use your eyes. ...Think about that, a third of your currency is counterfeit and your government is being blackmailed, rational thought can't deal with it because you need to know the prime ingredients, you need to know the reality on the ground and the human behaviour, so we get intoxicated with rational thought. Just a distraction from the Jewish mafia. ...A bloodthirsty thieving gang and we are constantly spun, that we are doing it for democracy or the resources. All that's in play is destruction of races and ethnicity, everything else is a distraction and a lie. ...They are also after the destruction of the male, masculinity and this is what we will observe if we turn off the main stream media and look around us. We will see that's the game going on."

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