9 Aug 2014

More Rallies Held Around World Against Zionist Onslaught On Gaza + Protesters In New York Condemn Biased Coverage Of 'Israeli Genocide'

PressTV: More international protests against Israel’s unrelenting onslaught on the Gaza Strip. Rallies have been held across the globe to condemn Tel Aviv’s deadly attacks on Palestinians.

  • In Morocco, people took to the streets in the western city of Casablanca against Israel’s continued genocide in Gaza
  • Also in the Far East, Japanese protesters in the capital Tokyo attended a demonstration calling for an end to Israel's assaults in the Palestinian enclave
  • Meanwhile, Australians shouted anti-Israeli slogans during a rally in Sydney.  
  • In Yemen, people gathered outside the UN office in the capital Sana'a in solidarity with Gazans.  
  • Many Palestinian flags are flying over the Bristol city and across the UK to show solidarity with the Palestinian people against "apartheid Israel and genocide".

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Protesters In New York Condemn Biased Coverage Of 'Israeli Genocide'

PressTV: Despite the rain, well over seven thousand people gathered near Columbus Circle on the upper west side of Manhattan to protest Israel's crimes. The protest began in front of the headquarters of CNN, a news agency that Palestinian-American Mohammed Hamad says is functioning almost like a public relations department for Israel.
The march proceeded toward FOX news, a network that activist Sara Flounders says has a history of promoting militarism and aggression. The crowd was diverse including, many youth. New Jersey Student organizer Meghan Brophy, said she sides with the Palestinians against Israeli's crimes. A counter-protest of Israel supporters was much smaller, with less than a hundred people. The march from CNN to FOX news was escorted by a huge number of police officers, who often forced the crowd out of the street, and onto the sidewalk. The protesters say they are planning another rally on August 9th, where they will symbolically march to the United Nations, demanding that it step in to protect the human rights of the Palestinian people.

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