16 Nov 2014

Defeating The Marriage Compulsion With MGTOW

Feminism LOL: Marriage serves a death denying function. If you understand it you can overcome the lure.

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The Church of Latter Day Saints geneology project:


  1. I get D's point, about marriage specifically, but I say lose the dirty bath water, keep the baby. Yes, be honest, be positive. Role on the artificial womb. Self-castration is a copout.

    Having children and perfectionism are incompatible. Yes it is a most complex issue, yes parents will make mistakes and it is easy to formulate arguments against but it’s a cop out. Parenting is not an exact science. We do our best. Marriage is a side issue that we know to be a spectrum from ideal for the lucky few to foul, from co-operation to tyranny.

    Sure, find a better system and rename it, …because I just want a system of equality within which I can have children. That is my experience.

    1. 'Divided Line' responded to my comment on the tube: The best option you have is surrogacy, which is unfortunately too expensive for most. Also, nobody is asking for perfection. Marriage in this society is truly dangerous. It's not that it's imperfect, it's that it's an outright disaster. It's as logical as playing Russian roulette.

      I replied: Agree completely and have considered surrogacy before my first child. Have two sons via an early, perceived life relationship and a daughter by agreement with a friend. The latter has been far more satisfactory though I am still clearly at a legal disadvantage.