18 Nov 2014

Apartheid JSIL Terrorists Attacked Palestinian Cities Again

Tensions have been escalating in the occupied Palestinian lands as JSIL forces attack several cities and towns across the West Bank.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: JSIL (Israeli) death squads with armored vehicles attacked Palestinian cities of Ramallah, al-Bireh and Wadi al-Joz in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, leading to rising tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.
Meanwhile, a Palestinian man was stabbed by a group of Israelis in northern al-Quds (Jerusalem).
Fadi Jalal Radwan, 22, was attacked and stabbed by four Israelis while walking in the town of Kafr 'Aqab. He was seriously injured as he was stabbed three times in the legs and once in the back.
The rising tensions came after four Israelis and two Palestinians were killed in an attack on a synagogue in West al-Quds on Tuesday.
Earlier in the day, the two Palestinian men 'reportedly' armed with axes and handguns, entered the synagogue in Har Nof, killing four Israelis, and leaving several others wounded. The two were then fatally shot by JSIL death squads.

Following the incident, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered authorities to destroy the homes of the Palestinian attackers.
He also lashed out at the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, saying the attack was the “direct result” of his incitement.
Netanyahu warned that Israel would “respond with a heavy hand” to those responsible for organizing the deadly attack.
Tensions have been running high in East al-Quds after JSIL green shirts shot dead a young Palestinian man in northern occupied territories last week.
Israeli forces claim Khair al-Din Hamdan was shot during a raid, but video footage released after the incident shows an Israeli soldier getting out of his car and shooting directly at Hamdan.


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