28 Nov 2014

#Shirtgate: Shirts V Sluts - MGTOW + Like A Boss

Sandman: I was going to make this video a while ago but I've had a lot of donation based videos and topics to cover. In fact I'm dedicating this video to Omar and a donation he made. By now most of you have heard of the antics of Matt Taylor wearing his bowling shirt with images of scantily clad women on it when he wore it shortly after the the Rosetta spacecraft landed on a comet. But what no one wants to talk about is that shirtgate is really a giant sized shit test. A shit test on the scale of the entirety of western civilization. And Matt Taylor failed the shit test when he went on television and broke down crying.
As far as I'm concerned he should have gone on national television with Elly Prizeman, his female friend that sewed the shirt for him and shown everyone that he wasn't a casual misogynist but he was wearing the shirt for her. I heard somewhere that she is also feminist. So he could have used the situation to his advantage but instead he failed the public shit he was exposed to. He could have gone one step further by bringing Elly Prizeman and two or three of her friends on television with him. He should played up to this story like Bob Barker back when he was hosting the Price is Right television show. If you remember Bob Barker has his own casual brand of patriarchy on the show and went as far as to objectify the women on the show by calling them Barker's beauties. Matt Taylor should have been broadcasting to the world that if men are going to be shit tested by feminists then they need to stand up to those same women. Bringing three or four beautiful women on television with him would have cemented him as an alpha male. He would have passed
the shit test and the women with him would have shown other women the social proof that he was the type of guy that women found attractive because he wasn't going to apologize for his actions. And how could a man be portrayed as sexist if he surrounded himself with women that were willingly there to support him. This would expose the hypocrisy of feminism. I don't know if the ESA or European Space Agency forced Matt him to go on television and apologize or if it was ultimately his own decision. I don't know if he could have spoken to a publicist before making his apology. Remember it's not just him that was being shit tested but the entire European Space Agency.

GhomeshiGate - MGTOW (Jian Ghomeshi)

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1. ruivalesousa - young silly man with a hawaiian shirt, isolated

2. European Space Agency - Matt Taylor speaks to moderator Monika Jones

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4. European Space Agency - Matt Taylor speaks to moderator Monika Jones



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