27 Nov 2014

The Truth About Bill Cosby

Recently comedy and television legend Bill Cosby has been accused of multiple instances of egregious sexual assault. Given Cosby’s clean cut public persona – even allegations of such behavior is enough to send shock-wave throughout the world.
In this presentation, we take an extensive look at the life of Bill Cosby – what made him who he is, his influences, childhood, career, cultural impact, philanthropy, history with the media, controversial comments about the black community, commitment to education, successes – and known flaws.

Was Bill Cosby like the image he portrayed on television? Was the Cliff Huxtable character he portrayed on The Cosby Show a reflection of his own personality and life? What can we learn from his life and career? What is the truth about Bill Cosby?
Stefan Molyneux

Sources: http://www.fdrurl.com/bill-cosby

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