16 Nov 2014

Yaniv Moyal Speaks On JSIL Institutionalised Misandry At The UN Human Rights Council

"Recently Israeli supreme court upheld a conviction for intra family rape based on a dream 25 years after alleged time period. ...Secret family courts
...ruthless, hostile towards men!"
By : A speech at the United Nations Human Rights Commission shows that in [JSIL] Israel, it’s no different than countless other countries.
How can anyone wonder why there is a growing international human rights movement in response to such things?

About Yehonatan Roth

Born in 1990, Yehonatan is a Men's Human Rights Advocate from Israel. He is the editor of A Voice for Men-Hebrew.


המושב ה 112 של הועדה לזכויות אדם של האו"ם עדות מטעם הקואליציה למען הילדים והמשפחה מגיש, עו"ד יניב מויאל
The 112th session of the Human Rights Committee of the UN committees on behalf of the Coalition for the children and families served, Yaniv Moyal


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