31 Dec 2014

New Year’s Eve At The Hotel Prosperity - William Banzai7

The Self Attribution Fallacy - Do Rich People Deserve To Be Rich?

Russell Brand joined by writer and activist George Monbiot as we discuss whether wealth really is the inevitable result of hard work.

2014: Rape Culture On The Ropes

By : When Jaclyn Friedman entered the atrium of the Queen’s University Biosciences Complex on April 8, 2014, she did so like a visiting dignitary. At the university to deliver a guest lecture, Friedman walked briskly and upright, pausing briefly to look at some artwork here and there, nodding gently during conversation, all the while radiating a reserved enthusiasm—much like what one would expect of royalty. Just like any dignitary, she was escorted by eager volunteers, and just like any dignitary, she had a security detail.
While Friedman is a somewhat popular figure in the feminist community, she is by no means generally popular. The overwhelming majority of people—including students—likely have no idea who she is; she does not in any sense enjoy the sort of popularity that would send legions of shrieking fans armed with autograph books and smartphones to book signings or lectures. She’s known by other feminists. That’s about it.

2014 Year of Bubbles - "Evolution Of Planet Ponzi"

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Mitch Feierstein of PlanetPonzi.com for a look back on 2014 and forward to 2015. They talk oil, ruble, yen, restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, the possible implosion of the Japanese bond market and about falling wages and falling Baltic Dry Index as globalization declines.

Child Denied Her Father By Family Court

Gary Treistman explains how the US Family Court System separated his daughter from him.

Greece Dissolves Parliament For January Snap Election + Greeks Pull 2.5 Billion Euros From Banks In December

Parliament in Greece has been dissolved after Euro-shill Prime Minister Antonis Samaras requested the dissolution of the legislature following its failure to choose a new president after three successive rounds of voting.

International Men's Movement: The Pain in Spain

"What the fuck is wrong with (misandric) Spain?" Paul Elam
Starting in the wee hours of the morning US, AVFM is launching a twice-monthly hangout geared for those interested in things European. Paul Elam will be co-hosting with Lucian Valsan, director of AVFM multisite operations, and host of the Voice of Europe.

Russia Slams UNSC Rejection Of Palestine State Resolution

Russia has warned that the United Nations (so-called) Security Councils failure to approve a draft resolution demanding the recognition of an independent Palestinian state could plunge the Middle East into insecurity and violence.

25 Men Bullshitting About Male Privilege - Part 2

These are the alleged concrete yet invisible benefits of gaming while male. Concrete, yet invisible. Invisible concrete. Watch your heads... karen straughan

Are You Ready To Be A Misogynist?

"Are men obsolete?" is a question about appliances, not about human beings. johntheother

US Government Most Corrupt On Earth

Greg Hunter: On the teetering economy and possible economic collapse, former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “We know something serious is wrong.

What Will Make Politicians Take Notice?

"We are farmed, our food is farmed, ...We need to educate ourselves." The need for alternative ways to campaign are discussed. Russell Brand

30 Dec 2014

The MHRM: Don't Kill Boys

The sick mentality of the society 
that kills most boys and men... Myth Kumar

Winston Churchill's Family Feared He'd Convert To Islam

"He was more or less an atheist, he did however have a fascination with Islamic culture. ...He and his friend even dressed in the standard Islamic dress when they were together on the weekends."  Secular Talk

Acid-Throwing: Almost Exclusively A Women’s Crime?

By : Adam Lee Hargrave was an early 20th-century crime reporter and documentarian who wrote extensively on Scotland Yard, the C.I.D., Jack the Ripper, and similar topics. The following article about acid-throwing is from his 1912 book Woman and Crime, in which he states that women were almost exclusively responsible for the crime.—PW
THE act of throwing vitriol may very well be bracketed with secret and slow poisoning as an example of extreme cruelty in women. Vitriol-throwing is rarely resorted to by men, being almost exclusively confined to females. The latter as we have already pointed out are also largely in the majority among poisoners. It is just as inexplicable as is the inhumanity of women towards little children, and why such savagery should find a home in the bosoms of those who are universally supposed to be inspired by instincts of sympathy and tenderness it is fruitless to try and discover. But it makes one thing quite clear, namely, that the orthodox opinions held by most men concerning women are not strictly accurate.
I recall the case of the Frenchwoman, Madame Emilie Foucault, who was indicted at the Old Bailey for throwing upon Andre Jacques Delombre a corrosive fluid, with intent to disfigure him or do him grievous bodily harm. I have already given an account of this case in another work of mine,1 but think it as well to include it here, as in many respects it is a remarkable case of its kind.

Girl Advising Men On How To Deal With Women

"I am not a little boy, I have chest hair, but I don't have a dildo. ...You are trying to manipulate us! ...I am not a hospital, I am not a government, so why don't you look after yourself?" MaximBady

It Wasn't North Korea Or Russia: Sony Hack "Perpetrator" Said To Be Laid-Off, Disgruntled Employee

First it was, with "absolute certainly", North Korea. Then, out of the blue, an even more ridiculous theory emerged about the origin of the Sony hackers: Russia. Now, we finally get the truth, and as it turns out it was neither of the abovementioned sovereign actors who had nothing better to do than to hack movie scripts and racist emails: it was Sony's own disgruntled worker who was the source of the hack. 
According to Politico, FBI agents investigating the Sony Pictures hack were briefed Monday by a security firm that says its research points to laid-off Sony staff, not North Korea, as the perpetrator."
Researchers from the cyber intelligence company Norse have said their own investigation into the data on the Sony attack doesn’t point to North Korea at all and instead indicates some combination of a disgruntled employee and hackers for piracy groups is at fault.
But... but just a week ago the FBI was so absolutely certain it was North Korea it released the following statement:
Today, the FBI would like to provide an update on the status of our investigation into the cyber attack targeting Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). In late November, SPE confirmed that it was the victim of a cyber attack that destroyed systems and stole large quantities of personal and commercial data. A group calling itself the "Guardians of Peace" claimed responsibility for the attack and subsequently issued threats against SPE, its employees, and theaters that distribute its movies.

A Cure For Feminist Hysteria? + Feminist Personality Disorder

By Mike Buchanan: A J4MB supporter has emailed me in response to the piece I wrote yesterday about Feminist Personality Disorder. As well as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, persecutory delusions, and victim mentality, he suggests that hysteria is almost invariably a component of Feminist Personality Disorder, leading feminists to believe (contrary to all available evidence) that a ‘rape culture’ exists, that the vast majority of domestic violence is inflicted by men upon women, and that ‘over two women a week are killed by partners or ex-partners’. The last claim was, of course, the basis of the first of our two ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards presented to Special Snowflake.
Keen to lean more about hysteria, I checked out the Wikipedia entry on the word – here. An extract from the ‘History’ section:

By the mid to late 19th century, hysteria came to refer to what is today generally considered to be sexual dysfunction. Typical treatment was massage of the patient’s genitalia by the physician and, later, by vibrators or water sprays to cause orgasm.
Might this be a possible cure for feminist hysteria, and go some way towards alleviating Feminist Personality Disorder? The treatment should be made available on the NHS. What a happier world it would be, if all feminists availed themselves of it.

Lying Murdering Scum Own Our Planet + ISIS Shoots Saudi Love Goo in Your Face + Taliban 1 - NATO 0 - The FKN Newz

"Lying murdering scum own the earth and all it's valuable resources and we know they do!" Deek Jackson

The Machine Of Human Disassembly

"Why can't the Christmas truce happen every day? ...If you think that the enemy is on the other side of the trench, you don't understand warfare." Stefan Molyneux

"Conclusive Evidence" JSIL (Israel) Used Gaza As Testing Ground For New Weapons: Palestine Official

A senior Palestinian official says the Gaza Strip was used by the Israeli regime as a testing ground for its new weapons during the recent genocide on the besieged territory.
Press TV: “There is conclusive evidence that it (Israel) used the Gaza Strip as a test bed for its deadly weaponry,” said Mustafa Barghouti, the secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative Party.
He added that the regime fired around 21,000 tons of weapons, which is equivalent to two nuclear bombs, on Gaza during the 50-day war in July-August.
Over 2,140 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed in the Israeli war, while some 11,000 were injured.
Barghouti said,Israel has launched four devastating wars against Gaza, during which it has used internationally-prohibited weapons, including white phosphorus, as well as barrel bombs.”

The Trews vs Coca-Cola's Christmas Commercial

Our analysis of Christmas advertising continues with the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial. Russell Brand.

Pressure Shows The US Black Uprising Is Very Serious

By Hamid Reza Emadi: As a Press TV senior producer back then in 2009, when the post-election unrest gripped the Iranian capital, I was faced with a unique opportunity to cover some hot news from the motherland. The more I covered the post-election unrest, the more I learned about the difficulties of reporting on our own problems rather than on others’. Today, I take pride, as a journalist, in the fact that we did our best to cover what came to be as facts and not what eventually turned out to be hearsay, sabotages, unsubstantiated reports or fantasies. I admit that there were flaws in the coverage, too. But generally we covered a political earthquake in Iran from Tehran, what I never imagined that would even be possible. Since then, I have paid close attention to the rolling coverage of protests in Western capitals, though of totally different nature, by the Western media. And I have seen very little.
In 2011, London protests were gruesomely censored by the BBC and the CNN, making Press TV a dominant voice for the protesters, many of whom had never heard of the Iranian channel. Our journalists and cameras were everywhere as our rolling coverage machine was in full swing. As a result of the magnificent coverage, the British media regulatory body, Ofcom, took Press TV off the air. I and the then CEO of Press TV were placed under punitive measures, i.e. EU sanctions. In a letter, Catherine Ashton of Britain, the then EU foreign policy chief, called me a human rights violator. She accused me of the most ungodly crimes possible, making sure that I would stay on the sanctions list even when she herself is gone. And I knew it very well that I was paying the price.

The American People Are Utterly Clueless About What Is Going To Happen As We Enter 2015

By Michael Snyder: The American people are feeling really good right about now.  For example, Gallup’s economic confidence index has hit the highest level that we have seen since the last recession.  In addition, nearly half of all Americans believe that 2015 will be a better year than 2014 was, and only about 10 percent believe that it will be a worse year.  And a lot of people are generally feeling quite good about the people that have been leading our nation.  According to Gallup, once again this year Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America and Barack Obama is the most admired man in America.  I don’t know what that says about our nation, but it can’t be good.  Unfortunately, when things seem to be going well common sense tends to go out the window.  A couple days ago, the Guardian ran an article entitled “Goodbye to one of the best years in history“, and a whole lot of people out there are feeling really optimistic these days.  But should they be?
Sadly, what we are experiencing right now is so similar to what we witnessed in 2007 and early 2008.  The stock market had been on a great run, people were flipping houses like crazy and most people were convinced that the party would never end.
But then it did end – very painfully.
The signs of trouble were there, but most people chose to ignore them.
Sadly, the exact same thing is happening again.
On Monday, the price of oil hit a brand new five year low.  As I write this, U.S. oil is sitting at a price of $53.76 a barrel, which is nearly a 50 percent decline from the peak earlier this year.
There is only one other time in history when the price of oil has declined by more than 50 dollars a barrel in such a short time frame.  That was back in the middle of 2008, shortly before the worst stock market crash since the Great Depression.

29 Dec 2014

De-Fiatisation Of The World + Gold Held In NY Fed Vault Drops To Lowest In 21st Century After Biggest Monthly Withdrawal Since 2001

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert:
The Give Us Back Our Gold movement across Europe as governments seek to have their gold held domestically as fear spreads about the integrity of our fiat and debt world. Max describes the de-fiatisation of the world as the American empire makes way for the emerging power of China.

JTO's New Best Friend

"I want you to meet my new best friend, angry Aussie." johntheother

Death, Destruction And Mayhem - Sir Edward Leigh MP With George Galloway MP

"Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson said a week is a long time in politics. Sir Edward Leigh MP looks back at 52 of them! Distinguished politician, veteran chairman of a powerful select committee, Leigh is everything a parliamentarian should be, except he's a Conservative."  George Galloway MP

Elegantly Soaring Dollar To Hit “Air Pocket” In 2015, Slated For Long-Term Decline

By: The death of the dollar – as much as some folks were ready for it – didn’t occur in 2014. OK, there are a few days left, but you get the idea. Instead, the dollar has been hot.
It rose against a large number of currencies. Some of them, such as the Russian ruble, have plunged for reasons of their own and have engendered desperate efforts to stem the decline. Other countries, like Japan, have gone all out to demolish their currencies. Escalating the currency war is frowned upon. So Japan found more acceptable names for it and redoubled its efforts. And the ECB has been passionately talking down the euro, but has done relatively little by central-bank standards to actually water it down.
Central banks tried to dominate the currency markets, but currency markets are an unruly crowd that can’t be easily cowed. In sovereign bond markets, central banks rule with an iron fist by imposing zero or even negative rates and buying up sovereign bonds, or promising to do so, with money of which they can create an unlimited amount. These “bold actions” inflated valuations and pushed down yields to grotesque levels, such as the crappy 10-year Japanese Government Bond yielding 0.32%.

Greece In Turmoil After Third Failed Presidential Vote Means January 25 Snap Elections

And just like that Grexit is back.
It appears that with a few short days left in the year, the Santa rally is finally over, if only in Greece where both bonds and stock are tumbling after the third vote for PM Samaras' appointed presidential appointee Stavros Dimas concluded as many had expected: in failure, with 168 Greek lawmakers voting in favor of Dimas, well short of the 180-vote threshold needed. 132 voted against Mr. Dimas. This means that the "worst case" scenario - at least as described by Goldman - is now on deck: a snap general election that could bring the anti-bailout Syriza party to power. And speaking of Syriza, and its triumphant leader Samaras, moments ago he announced that the now inevitable Greek elections will take place on January 25: pencil that date in for even more turmoil.

Half Of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist At MIT

Why? Evidence points to glyphosate toxicity from the overuse of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on our food.
By ANH-USA: For over three decades, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, has researched biology and technology, over the years publishing over 170 scholarly peer-reviewed articles [1]. In recent years she has concentrated on the relationship between nutrition and health, tackling such topics as Alzheimer’s, autism, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health.
At a conference last Thursday, in a special panel discussion about GMOs, she took the audience by surprise when she declared, At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.”

Israel's Arrest Campaign Targting Palestinian Children

The Israeli regime proceeds with its arrest campaign against Palestinians, which has gained momentum over the past several months.
Press TV: This comes as there are many minors among those arrested by Israeli death squads, while most of them receive heavy sentences for actions like hurling stones.
“The Palestinians have a right to resist the occupation in different forms, and there is nothing to justify the increase in the number of Palestinians’ arrests.

Only War, Inflation And Financial Collapse Can End The Global "Plutonomy", According To Citi

Tyler Durden's picture The last time the market was as euphoric and as complacent as it is now, was in the happy go lucky days of 2006 when every day stocks surged without a care in the world, when Lehman bankers were looking to a comfortable retirement after cashing out their stock (then trading north of $70), when the only question was which mega M&A and supermega LBO will hit next, and when the then-brand new Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said there is nothing to worry about because subprime was contained and because home prices in the US just can not possibly drop. Not surprisingly, late 2006 was also when Citigroup held its first and only Plutonomy symposium: a joyous celebration of the 0.001%, or as Citi called them, "The Uber-rich, the plutonomists who are likely to see net worth-income ratios surge, driving luxury consumption", adding "Time to re-commit to plutonomy stocks – Binge on Bling. Equity multiples appear too low, the profit share of GDP is high and likely going higher, stocks look likely to beat housing, and we are bullish on equities."
Wait what? Was there really a time 8 years before the French economist Piketty bashed (and made millions in the process) class and wealth inequality, when one of the world's soon to be most insolvent banks had a symposium in which the bank pulled a page right out of pre-revolutionary France and celebrated the world's mega rich?
Yes, and that's not all.

“No Working Title”: An introduction

The Back Story
There are many facets of abuse: emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual.
I was actively involved in a sex act with my parents at around four years of age.
It is my oldest memory.
My first pornographic magazine was at around five or six—Cavalier magazine, I believe. At 11, Deep Throat was the feature at my first introduction, a fathers-and-sons night called Porn and Prawn. At 13, it was Debbie Does Dallas. I grew up believing that Penthouse Forums were all true stories and that was what sex and women were really like.
I was made to have oral sex with my mother at four years of age while my father watched. My early teen years are a muddle of my parents’ parties I had to go to and the things I had to do or were done to me by family friends or strangers, sex I had to have with strangers while being watched, or the sex I had to watch taking place.
My experience then became one of emotional abuse.
Later in life, I became a magnet for the spiritually manipulative and emotionally abusive. They fed off my brokenness, capitalizing on my need for acceptance and my desire to have a place to belong. The strange thing is that I never connected the dots until I was in my 40s. It all lay in unconnected little pieces, hidden broken shards of memories, disconnected.
Life went on.

MGTOW Choices

Feminism LOL: What will MGTOW bring to 2015? What are the goals, the accomplishments, and challenges? What are the boundaries where too much was said?

Have Your Victim’s Child In Order To Avoid Jail: The Verdict

By A 23-year-old single mother enticed a 13-year-old boy to have sexual intercourse with her. This was not a one-off occurrence. The sex was regular, as was the booze, drugs, and cigarettes that came with the woman’s lifestyle. The abuse began when the two were neighbours. When she moved to another house, he, at the tender age of 14, went to live with her. She was pregnant with his child.
The Victorian Police and the Department of Human Services, we are told, were powerless to do anything about it, even though they knew. The shocking fact is that the authorities were outsmarted by a woman with an IQ of 64.
By the time he was 18 years old, he was a father of three. That same year he found out what it is like to pay child support but not be allowed to see his own children. Finally, in 2011, he filed a complaint to the authorities. It took them three years to bring the matter to trial. That trial ended with the woman avoiding any jail time.
This story highlights a number of concerns for the rights and well-being of men and boys in Australia, and we will tackle them in a few articles. This first article looks at the farcical judgment of Judge Chris O’Neill, which shows that men and boys cannot expect justice from the Australian courts.
The Herald Sun tells us:
County Court Judge Chris O’Neill said that the hardship that would be suffered by the now-married woman’s children if she was imprisoned, as well as her reduced moral culpability due to cognitive deficits, meant her jail term would be wholly suspended.

Morality: A Secular vs. Religious Debate

Why can't other value systems - like God - achieve the same outcomes as Universally Preferable Behavior?  Stefan Molyneux

28 Dec 2014

UK Social Worker Who Falsely Accused Dad Of Abusing His Six-Year-Old Daughter Can STILL Look After Children

  • Suzi Smith alleged that she saw Jonathan Coupland abuse his daughter
  • The claim led to him being thrown in a cell and banned from seeing her
  • Mrs Smith later admitted making the accusation up and was sacked
  • But for several months until January 2014 she again worked with children  

By Paul Bentley: A social worker who falsely accused an innocent father of abusing his six-year-old daughter was allowed to continue working with vulnerable children, it has emerged.
Suzi Smith alleged during a custody battle that she had seen Jonathan Coupland, 53, attack his child.
The accusation – made while she was ‘really, really angry’ – led to him being handcuffed in front of neighbours, thrown into a cell and banned from seeing his daughter. The Daily Mail revealed the case in April, and since then a disciplinary hearing has found Mrs Smith guilty of misconduct and ruled that her fitness to practise is impaired.
But she was not struck off or suspended. Instead, she was given a three-year caution order, which means she can continue to work with the most vulnerable children.

Putting Anita Sarkeesian In The Public Square

By If I had to single out a prime mover who set the #GamerGate chain of events in motion, Anita Sarkeesian would be my candidate. I grant you that Zoe Quinn was the proximate cause—the spark to the powder keg, if you will—but props to Sarkeesian for filling up that keg in the first place.
For at least a couple of years, Sarkeesian was busily undermining the gamer community in preparation for trouble that was clearly anticipated. So when the planned operation was finally launched, the Zoe Quinn fracas served only as a pretext—a “Gulf of Tonkin” incident to justify aggressive intervention. The time was ripe, Quinn popped up, and it was off to the races!
But the tension had been building for quite a while, and there would have been no #GamerGate without it. And that tension would never have been ratcheted to fever pitch without Sarkeesian’s steady, slow-motion agitprop.
So here’s the condensed version of events since #GamerGate erupted: the other side (meaning the feminists and the authoritarian left) have constructed a threat narrative. The order of the day has been slander, obfuscation, conflation, misrepresentation, and other dirty tricks directed against anybody aligned with #GamerGate or merely imputed to be aligned with it.

Israel Is A Rapist State

"They Skip the racial colonisation, they are allowed to do that." Ry Dawson

Do Men Need A Better Men’s Rights Movement?

By : Recently, Nancy Kaffer, a columnist at the Detroit Free Press, wrote that “Men Need A Better Men’s Rights Movement” and that the present movement is nothing but a misogynistic conspiracy.
I would like to remind Kaffer that advocacy for men’s rights is not negation of women’s rights. If feminism was all about equality, then feminists would not have become alarmed about the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM). In fact, anyone fighting for an equal world would be glad if half of humanity rises up to speak for equality.
On the other hand, it is radical feminists who spread misandry and have a gynocentric, extremist worldview in which men are dispensable objects. According to feminists, men are nothing but rapists and perpetuators of violence. Feminists sometimes even advocate lesbianism just because “all penetrative sex is rape.”
In India, some of the biggest MRM supporters and activists are women because some of the biggest sufferers of feminist activities and anti-male laws in India are, ironically, women. More women have been arrested under Indian Penal Code Section 498A (which is a dowry prevention law) than under all other Indian laws put together. India has earned the dubious position as a leader of elderly citizen abuse, thanks to wide misuse of anti-dowry laws.

Men Do Not Have To Listen To Women - MGTOW - Bill Burr + This Is What Feminism Looks Like

Thorium: A few clips from Bill Burr's latest stand-up special 'I'm Sorry You Feel That Way', showing men how they should respond to attempts by women to control them.

For Fucks Sake Don't Kill Yourself

I'm sorry if I freeze up at a difficult question. It can take me a long time to think of an answer. DoctorRandomercam

Double Standards On False Accusations And Rapes

By : Eleanor de Freitas falsely accused Alexander Economou of raping her.[1] The police let her get away with it, so he brought a private prosecution of perverting the course of justice to clear his name. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) took over the prosecution. De Freitas then killed herself three days before her trial. She had bipolar disorder, but a forensic psychiatrist instructed by her own legal team had “recommended that she was aware of the implications of making a false allegation and was fit to stand trial.”[2] Her father was ‘“still astonished” that the CPS had decided to prosecute her.[3]
For a contrast, consider this hypothetical case. Jack raped Jill. The police let him get away with it, so she brought a private prosecution of rape. The Crown Prosecution Service took over the prosecution. Jack then killed himself three days before his trial. He had bipolar disorder, but a forensic psychiatrist instructed by his own legal team had “recommended that he was aware of the implications of rape and was fit to stand trial.” His mother was ‘“still astonished” that the CPS had decided to prosecute him.
The contrast is salutary. Many will feel some sympathy for Eleanor de Freitas. None will feel sympathy for Jack. This is the first double standard.
Many will feel sympathy for the father of de Freitas. Most will regard the mother of Jack as callously failing to realise the severity of the crime her son committed. This is the second double standard.
Jill will be offered all sorts of help and support. Men who are falsely accused are shunned and shamed. This is the third double standard.
Jill is regarded as a victim deserving of special care whether or not Jack is convicted. Men who are falsely accused are regarded for the rest of their life as probably guilty unless the malicious woman is prosecuted. This is the fourth double standard.

MGTOW 2015 Goals List

The mayor shares his list of goals for 2015 and encourages all MGTOW men to write a list of their own goals for the coming year. MAYOR of MGTOWN

JSIL (Israel) Joining ISIS + A Christmas Story That Everyone Needs To Know

Luke Rudkowski talks about the latest developments in the middle east that bring to light many contradictions. WeAreChange

Everything Wrong With Feminism In 8 Minutes Or Less

"Honestly, I'm sure there's more."  

North Korea Trolls Obama: Compares US President To "A Monkey In A Tropical Jungle" + The Sony North Korea Hacking Conspiracy: What You Need To Know

While it is certain that in a few weeks, not even America's staunchest "patriots" will remember The Interview, one thing is certain: the trolling comedy that has been unleashed by North Korea in response to Obama's own "proportional response" will live in infamy for a long time. Case in point, North Korea's full official statement following the re-release of the The Interview, which hit select theaters on Christmas day, just as initially scheduled despite the endless drama, as well as countless streaming distribution services (which at a rental price of $5.99 promptly made it the most pirated movie of 2014, despite an epic marketing campaign that essentially made it unpatriotic for Americans not to see the movie).

Is Education A Human Right?

Is education a human right? Do human rights exist? Stefan Molyneux

27 Dec 2014

Mike Buchanan's Discussion With Five Engineering Students At Brunel University

We've written at length about the iniquity of female MSc engineering students at Brunel University receiving sponsorships of £22,750 denied to their male counterparts. We've also written about Ieuan Morgan, a courageous third-year engineering student at the university. He challenged Laura Bates on live television about one of her lies, 'Over two women a week in the UK are being killed by partners or ex-partners'. So we were pleased when Ieuan accepted our suggestion to gather a number of his engineering student colleagues together for a discussion last Friday.

Rabbi Josef Antebi Exposing Zionists And Mossad Even After Being Tortured By Them! + Rabbi Dovid Weiss On Judaism, Israel And Zionism

Most people don't know, that many orthodox jews oppose Israel and the occupation of Palestine. These orthodox jews believe Zionism endangers peace on earth. One of them is Rabbi Josef Antebi (born in Hebron), who was tortured by Zionists.

How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

JoshPalerLin: I wasn't expecting to get this kind of footage... to be honest, I thought this video would be more an exposing homeless people video at first. But I'm so glad that I could witness and capture such a beautiful moment. This has to be one of the most amazing experience so far on this channel. I did not only just help a homeless man, but I actually met an incredible human being and a friend. We were following him for a couple miles for almost an hour or so. Later that day we took him out to eat and got him a hotel to stay. The more I talk to him, the more I sense how genuine he is.... I gave him my number and told him to call me when he needs help. This again proof that not all the homeless people are bad people. Never judge a book by its cover. One love! :)

Debate On “how should colleges handle sexual assault”

Via AVfM: Reason, facts, and fairness vs. ideology and bigotry: Wendy McElroy vs. Jessica Valenti:

2014: The Year Propaganda Came Of Age

By : From just about as early in my life as I can remember, growing up as a child in Holland, there were stories about World War II, and not just about Anne Frank and the huge amounts of people who, like her, had been dragged off to camps in eastern Europe never to come back, but also about the thousands who had risked their lives to hide Jewish and other refugees, and the scores who had been executed for doing so, often betrayed by their own neighbors.
And then there were those who had risked their lives in equally courageous ways to get news out to people, putting out newspapers and radio broadcasts just so there would be a version of events out there that was real, and not just what the Germans wanted one to believe. This happened in all Nazi – and Nazi friendly – occupied European nations. The courage of these people is hard to gauge for us today, and I’m convinced there’s no way to say whom amongst us would show that kind of bravery if we were put to the test; I certainly wouldn’t be sure about myself.
Still, without wanting to put myself anywhere near the level of those very very real heroes, please don’t get me wrong about that, that’s not what I mean, I was thinking about them with regards to what is happening in our media today. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t think Joseph Goebbels had anything on US and European media today.
That propaganda as a strategic and political instrument has been refined to a huge extent over the past 70-odd years since Goebbels first picked up on Freud’s lessons on how to influence the unconscious mind, and the ‘mass-mind’, as a way to ‘steer’ an entire people, not just as a means to make them buy detergent. These days, the media can make people believe just about anything, and they have the added benefit that they can pose as friends of the people, not the enemy.

Top 10 Reasons Women Aren't Funny

Feminism LOL: How dare I say women aren't funny just because it's true?


Christmas is a time to spend with family, but not everyone gets to do that. A short film from our past that shows exactly how hard this time of year can be to the alienated. Terrence Popp

The Propaganda Of Toxic Feminism Part 14

America Meets Ghost Of Christmas Future?

60 Prominent Germans Appeal Against Another War In Europe: "It Is Not About Putin. What Is At Stake Is Europe"

Tyler Durden's picture: Two weeks ago, as the S&P was preparing to surge on the latest round of all time high market-goosing algo trickery by the FOMC, 60 prominent German personalities from the realms of politics, economics, culture and the media were less concerned with blinking red and green stock quotes and were focused on something far more serious to the future of the world: the threat of war with Russia.
In a letter published by Germany's Die Zeit, numerous famous and respected Germans including a former president and former prime minister write "Wieder Krieg in Europa? Nicht in unserem Namen!", or, roughly translated, "War in Europe Again? Not in Our Names!"
The open letter to the German government, parliament, and media, excerpted here, was signed by more than 60 prominent German personalities and published in the weekly Die Zeit on Dec. 5. The initiators were Horst Teltschik (CDU), advisor to then-Chancellor Helmut Kohl at the time German of reunification; Walther Stützle (SPD), former Secretary of State for the Ministry of Defense; and Antje Vollmer (Greens), former Bundestag Vice President. Teltschik said, in motivating the appeal, “We are giving a political signal that the justified criticism of Russia’s Ukraine policy should not wipe out all the progress that we have made in the past 25 years in relations with Russia.”
Below is an excerpted translation (source) of the original letter found here.
Nobody wants war. But North America, the European Union, and Russia are inevitably driving towards war if they do not finally halt the disastrous spiral of threats and counter-threats. All Europeans, including Russia, are jointly responsible for peace and security. Only those who do not lose sight of this goal can avoid fatal actions.
The Ukraine conflict shows that the quest for power and domination has not been overcome.

Honey Badger Radio: Silent Lines Christmas 2014

"Invisible Feminist Concrete!"
HoneyBadgerRadio: Christmas day 2014 and New Years Day 2015 on Honey Badger Radio we’re opening the lines to you, our listeners, to call in.

If you’re feeling lonely or have something interesting to talk about, Karen, Rachel and Alison, will be available to take your call.

You can either call and talk on air or talk privately with us.

26 Dec 2014

Police, Racism, Affirmative Action Etc

Ry Dawson: Police are corrupt. Race based favoritism in the law is also corrupt. Changing James Bond pissed off the British so I'm cool with it.

Our Solar Calender Divorces Us From The Moon

Ancient matriarchy, hired killers, 
US terror, Israeli orders and fabricated news.

Most Hateful Feminist Quotes Of 2014

By : This year has witnessed a plethora of disturbing comments by influential mainstream writers, feminists, progressives, and others manifesting hostility to due process and college men accused of sexual assault. Which do you think is the most egregious?
1. Amanda Childress, sexual assault awareness program coordinator at Dartmouth College, declared that campus policies aren’t going far enough to protect students. She asked, Why could we not expel a student based on an allegation?” Dartmouth defended Childress’s comment, noting that she “was asking a question—a provocative one—meant to generate dialogue around complex issues….”

2. Ms. Magazine quoted Caroline Heldman, a professor at Occidental College, on suits filed by men for alleged violations of their due process rights in connection with sexual assault claims: These lawsuits are an incredible display of entitlement, the same entitlement that drove them to rape.”
3. California’s new “affirmative consent” law requires “affirmative” consent at each step of a sexual encounter on its college campuses. The co-author of the bill in the state assembly, Bonnie Lowenthal (D-Long Beach), was asked how an innocent person is supposed to prove consent. She said, “Your guess is as good as mine.”

China Can Target US With Sea-Based Nuclear Weapons

China can target the United States regime with sea-based nuclear weapons as it is reinforcing its submarines with long-range nuclear ballistic missiles in the face of US warmongering, a US congressional report has found.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: China’s military is set to acquire a reliable, hard-to-destroy sea-based nuclear deterrent, with a dozen JL-2 missiles that are being mounted on its JIN class submarines, according to a report submitted to Congress by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.
The missiles have a strike range of around 7,350 km, meaning they can reach all 50 US states if they are launched from waters west or east of Hawaii.
Currently, the Chinese can target the US only with land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles. However, land-based weapons had become vulnerable to a US first strike due to advancements in surveillance that could track their location and movements.
The integration of the new missiles into China’s three JIN-class nuclear-powered submarines has boosted their lethality, giving the country a credible second-strike capability and increasing Beijing’s nuclear deterrence.