16 Dec 2014

CIA Torture And UK Complicity, Hutton Inquiry

"The whole Hutton inquiry was diverted onto the BBC and whether or not the BBC had behaved properly. It's an outrage that the whole Hutton inquiry was not about the government and the death of one individual who did his best for this country but about the BBC and the rest of the [lame-stream] media went along with it!" Norman Baker MP.

Molucca Media: If current opinion polls are borne out, the Liberal Democrats won't be left with many MPs after the general election next year. If so, the country should pray that one of them is our guest this week. He’s not only that rare thing in the sea of mediocrity, a man of independent mind; he’s also that rarer thing, a man of courage - former Home Office minister Norman Baker MP.
And just when you thought our economy couldn't get much worse, cash-strapped Britain announced it is to build a new permanent military base in Bahrain. An absolute Royal dictatorship, it’s a country in the grip of a revolution. It murders and tortures democracy campaigners and is occupied by its even more brutal dictatorship of a neighbor, Saudi Arabia.To discuss what all this means is Charles Shoebridge, a former army officer, intelligence man and security expert.

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