22 Dec 2014

MGTOW, For Fomen

A brief explanation of MGTOW, for the women who seem to simply not get it. Recorded and uploaded for you, because I care. Really. JTO

Also, I don't understand at all how RBK finds any entertainment at all in that damned game

Full text below: A guide to MGTOW, for women.

One of the recurring themes on MGTOW channels I've noticed is women, both from inside and outside the big tent of the feminist enterprise, and the even bigger, but less obvious tent of gynocentrism – showing up with their “speaking as a woman” card, to criticize and question the legitimacy of MGTOW.

This MGTOW criticism from “speaking as a woman” has become so common, that it's almost it's own genre.

And it's clear that these critics “speaking as a woman” whether in support, or in opposition to the phenomenon of Men Going Their Own Way lack some basic understanding of the MGTOW phenomenon. And it is that misunderstanding which this short guide is aimed at correcting.

Men Going Their Own Way is a world wide phenomenon comprised of men who recognize that women possess power of control over social narrative, and also have no compunction about using this power to casually use or destroy men based on nothing but personal whim. MGTOW practitioners also recognize that women engaged in violent, psychopathic or even murderous behavior typically face little to no substantial consequence. Indeed, MGTOW practitioners are further aware that even pointing out these facts will earn men just protecting themselves a torrent of accusation including but not limited to them being creeps, violent, woman hating misogynists, rape apologists and more.

And, informed by this awareness, MGTOW in it's modern form is men all over the world opting out of gynocentric conventions like marriage and dating, and avoiding many forms of what would be considered normal or conventional association with women. Women are increasingly being recognized as toxic, and being consequently avoided by men. And many, if not most of such Men Going Their Own Way have little or no awareness that they are part of a growing social phenomenon, nor any awareness of the label we are using here, abbreviated MGTOW.

But we come now to a couple of the misconceptions surrounding MGTOW. Those practicing their own paths of MGTOW do not need or want women's approval, their understanding, or their support. Conversely, practitioners of MGTOW also don't care, at all, about women's disapproval or condemnation. One of the features of MGTOW practice is a disconnection from our society's “normal” convention in which men's identities, whether positive or negative, are dependant on feminine consensus.

MGTOW men define their own identities and sense of value, and female approval or disapproval is of no consequence or interest. In fact, feminine approval and support of MGTOW is explicitly not welcome, as it leads back into the old socially conventional mode of supplied male identity through feminine approval.

That some few women approve of and support MGTOW is a fact, and the men self identifying as such are not seeking to silence such approval, but neither are they interested in that offered support.

A second visible misconception is that MGTOW men are invested in persuasion of wider society to a MGTOW philosophy. MGTOW practicing men are not going to save society from dissolution, or economic collapse, or a fall into chaos. MGTOW is a fundamentally individualistic phenomenon. Men practicing it are doing so out of recognition of hazard and self determination. MGTOW men are indeed beasts of the jungle and know better than to disregard the nature of other animals, or their society.

Thirdly, while MGTOW is not a movement, it is a social phenomenon. And while only a tiny fraction of men practicing the path of Going His Own Way have awareness of the label or the wider social phenomenon, those few whose practice includes public discussion of MGTOW are aware of ongoing efforts by feminists, traditionalists, and even some so called men's rights advocates to co-opt and subvert MGTOW identity for their own agendas, and public MGTOW commentators regard such would be co-opters as exploitive, amoral filth to be disrupted at every opportunity.

Finally, while this final point has already been addressed, it bears repeating due to the persistent climate of either real or wilful ignorance. Men practicing MGTOW owe women no explanation, no service, no protection, no payment, no provision, no deference and no sacrifice. Women are not special. They are, like all other animals, simply faeces producing slabs of animate meat.

Thank you all for your very kind attention

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