4 Jan 2014

The Two-Brained Binary Bitch Army

Victor Zen: This video (very) briefly covers some criticisms of feminist standpoint theory. A full criticism (which is in the works) would take much longer.

People No Longer Believe Their Governments, This Is How It Begins

X22Report: Portugal is going after the people's money any way they can, tax on pension or increase pension contribution. People in Spain, France, Italy, US and more do not believe their Governments that the economy is getting better.

New York - the City of WIMPS...

Drinking with Bob: 6 inches of snow and moderately cold temperatures throw NYC "leaders" into a tizzy...

Dissecting Feminist Arguments: "But women have it worse"

Libertarianism: Julie Borowski Answers Questions

By Julie Borowski: I answer a handful of questions that people have asked me on my Facebook page. Some serious. Some weird. What do I think about bitcoin? How did I become a libertarian? What is the libertarian solution to pollution? What do I think of Ayn Rand? Etc. etc.

Feminists Finally Declare that ALL Vaginal Sex is RAPE

Petrodollar Scam Breaking Down + NSA Suicide Rate

Bankster Pickpockets and Peak Women Beggers Rule UK - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with James Turk

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the beggar economy in which the biggest pickpockets rule. They look at the London Gold Fix, in particular, where every day for the past more than twenty years, pockets were picked every single day, according to the data.

In the second half, Max interviews precious metals expert, James Turk, about his new book, "The Money Bubble," and about the dollar, gold and Bitcoin.

Men’s Issues & Music - Kool Moe Dee +

By As I related to Dean Esmay in a phone conversation, I had been planning a series like this for a while, inspired by Robert St. Estephe’s brief historical misandry dispatches. The recent Nick Ahlverdian piece on Beyonce, specifically his comment in the thread that music is feminist and misandrist, prompted me to stop procrastinating.
While there is no doubt of the feminist infection of movies and TV, music has been one area where broad perspectives have been not just allowed, but actively promoted, even where highly charged or controversial.


GMO-Free Cheerios After Consumer, Activist Outcry

By End the Lie: After significant outcry from consumers and activist groups, General Mills has announced that they are now going to produce their famous Cheerios cereal free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 
While the company says they never used genetically modified oats, they are now sourcing non-GMO pure cane sugar instead of beet sugar, according to spokesman Mike Siemienas, quoted by USA Today.
The company still maintains, however, that it has nothing to do with pressure from consumers or advocacy groups and nothing to do with safety.
Interestingly, the company said they have no plans to remove GMOs from their other cereals sold in the U.S., though most varieties of Cheerios sold in Europe are GMO-free.
For our other (non-organic) cereals, the widespread use of GM seed in crops such as corn, soy, or beet sugar would make reliably moving to non-GM ingredients difficult, if not impossible,” the company said in a statement.

I Need Angry Women Who Hate Men Because.....

6oodfella: This is a rant about those feminist memes that are doing the rounds. Most of these are so idiotic, I probably included a mock one without realising it, as it's very difficult to tell the difference between a genuine one and a mock one, that is how ridiculous feminism is. Enjoy.

Independent: ‘More than half of women are discriminated against at work’

By : Our thanks to Greg for pointing us to this gem in the Independent
Greg asks:
What are they whining about? I thought that last year 98.7% of women were discriminated against in the workplace, and 45.2% of them experienced sexual harassment twice daily, after they’d made tea for their male colleagues? Things are clearly picking up for women in the workplace… it’s almost as if they LIKE whining!
The article, by Emily Dugan, might just get our vote for the most stupid newspaper article published this year relating to women in the workplace (and there’s lots of competition). Female journalists have a near-monopoly on reporting on this topic, and most of their articles are so absurd and divorced from reality they’re almost beyond parody. Almost. Let’s analyse the whole piece, which starts:

Father Exposes His Baby Mama Denying Him His Right To See His Son

By The stereotype of the “deadbeat dad” needs to be challenged wherever it’s found, and nowhere is this stereotype more prevalent in America than with black men–who do not deserve it any more than any man does.
The only thing we’d probably argue (mildly) with here is the “lawyer” up advice. There are a lot of garbage lawyers out there who don’t give a damn about you, just your money. The real smart thing is what this father did: be recording.

Always Be Recording.