6 Jan 2014

U.S. P.I.G.: Retired US Air Force Colonel With Three Graduate Degrees Is Homeless And Sleeps In A Van

Blue Van - Photo by SuperTank17By Michael Snyder: What advice would you give to a retired Air Force Colonel that has three graduate degrees and that cannot even find work as a janitor?  59-year-old Robert Freniere once served as a special assistant to General Stanley McChrystal, and he has spent extensive time in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  But now this man who once had an office in the heart of the Pentagon cannot find anyone who will hire him.  In addition to his story, in this article you will also hear about several other middle-aged professionals that cannot find work in this economy either.  Despite what the Obama administration and the mainstream media are telling you, the truth is that there has been no employment recovery in this country.  What you are about to read is absolutely heartbreaking, but it represents the reality of what is really going on out there in the streets of America today.
A lot of unemployed Americans believe that they cannot find work because they don't have enough "education" or enough "experience".  Well, the truth is that there are a whole lot of people out there like Freniere that have lots of both and still can't even get hired as a janitor...

Male Sexual Abuse

Civil Unrest Rising in Europe + Euro Jobless Scourge Seen Defying Leaders’ Growth Pledge

Ukraine-Protest 2013By Martin Armstrong: Official and security departments throughout Europe are now worried about a rising tide in Europe of Civil Unrest. In Spain, anyone who demonstrates spontaneously in the Spanish Parliament, have to pay a fine of €600,000 euros and thus no free speech. The Spanish are increasing penalties for protesting and threatening anyone who dares to film police officers responding to protesters – meaning journalists, will not be tolerated. This also applies to people who burn photos of the king in public. These laws are also being applied including bankers who are to be immune from any intimidation.
In Italy, the Pitchfork Protesters (Forconi) are gaining in number. In January massive strikes are now planned again in throughout Italy. Even the Telecom employees and the lawyers of the country go on strike.
In Portugal, the protests have turned to throwing garbage in front of the banks. Even Goldman Sachs now questions about the survival of the euro-zone. 
We should expect the civil unrest to rise and turn more violent in 2014. Don’t worry. The trend will begin to appear in the USA starting as early as 2016.

MHRM Ch-Ch-Changes - Typhon Blue

Alison Tieman: You may have noticed that I haven’t been updating as frequently as I was. In part this is because I’ve taken on another big project: Honey Badger Radio.
Honey Badger Radio is a group of women who don’t blame men talking about men’s rights, feminism, geek culture and men’s issues.
I know that women have a unique invulnerability to criticism when it comes to men’s rights; and this effect is exponentially greater with a group of women.
I see Honey Badger Radio as a vanguard, breaking the ice around men’s rights discussion, and framing it as not just socially acceptable but socially responsible.

Corporate Occupation of America

AJ: Alex breaks down latest on the Corporate plan to control America and Her Citizens and the Governments collusion to help.

How Shall I Kill Him? Let Me Count The Ways

avfm-chivalry-nov19-1911-top-imageBy There was a time in the early twentieth century that equity feminists fought for true equality: the right of a woman to be executed; the right of men to alimony (when justified), the end of predatory alimony (for young, childless women looking for a free ride) and an end to the excessive lenience towards woman as exhibited by male juries in homicide trials, among other items on the equity wish-list. In the United States Judge Rhea M. Whitehead (Seattle, 1921), Judge Florence Allen  (Cleveland, 1921), and Chicago lawyer Gladys McHugh (Chicago, 1917), had strong words of condemnation for the gullible male jury members and the teary-eyed murderesses they routinely set free.
Today, we are faced with a proposal, from Canadian law professor Elizabeth Sheehy — a feminist of a much different kind, a dogmatic gender ideologue — to turn the clock backwards and openly return to the ethos of rampant privilege, of old-fashioned chivalry.

Ponzi Banksters: Investors Literally "Worried Sick" About Stock Losses

Tyler Durden's pictureIt's a very straightforward result," UCSD professors Joseph Engleberg calmly states, hospitalizations rise on days when shares fall, and "people are hospitalized disproportionately for mental conditions." Equity-market losses appeared to induce 3,700 market-related hospitalizations a year in California, which implies visits add roughly $650 million a year to U.S. health-care costs when data from the most-populous state are extrapolated nationally - another additional cost of QE? The findings, Bloomberg reports, show a one-day drop in equities of around 1.5% is followed by about a 0.26% increase in hospital admissions on average over the next two days.
Via Bloomberg,

Declining stocks worry people sick, if hospital records are any guide.

Licensed To KILL: Utterly Biased New Misandric Domestic Violence Laws Proposed For Britain

By Our thanks to Greg for pointing us to this piece in the Guardian:
We could find only the following gender-specific statements in the fairly lengthy piece (726 words). Feminist fingerprints are all over both the article and the proposed new bill:

Supporters of the new bill say it would encourage more women to report a crime which is often neglected by the criminal justice system…
Supporters say this would encourage more women to report a crime…
Now the proposed law would provide a legal framework that would make domestic abuse a specific offence and would allow for the examination of an offender’s course of conduct over a period of time. Supporters say this would encourage more women to report a crime that is often neglected by the criminal justice system, sometimes with tragic consequences…
According to the Home Office, some 1.2 million women in the UK said they had experienced domestic abuse last year. Two out of three incidents involved repeat victims. Two women are killed by a partner, ex-partner or lover each week. Last year 400,000 women were sexually assaulted, of whom 70,000 were victims of rape or attempted rape.
Home Office statistics cover both female and male victims of domestic abuse, of course, so why is there only female victim data in this article? Because feminists. Because Guardian pro-feminist anti-male bias.

US GLFT - Gynocentric Liberal Fuck Turd + Why I Need Feminism... MANSPLAINED 9

SparkyFister: I try to get though as much of this idiot's shit as I can. I don't last that long, understandably.

Male Rights Student Activist/Undercover Interview + Are Feminists Like Totally Crazy?

Misandrist Society: "I say cut off their dicks" + Only Men Rape - Female Statutory Rapists

2014 A Year Of Hard Truths For Banksters This Govt and The NHS - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

A Guide to Controlling Your Identity

By : Your reputation is what other people say about you.
While you, as a mature adult, don’t care what strangers think, we do live in an existential nightmare where potential employers and vigilantes can and will look you up and get their first impression of you from other people. For that reason, your identity must be protected in our interconnected world.
Of course this makes participating in politics awkward, because adopting a political label means associating with controversies around that label. For this reason, identifying with a label is a serious decision with real consequences. People will write demonstrably false lies about you, and there is no lie about your character so laughably ridiculous that your political opponents won’t spread it.
AVFM’s primary audience is young men aged 18–24, but I conjecture that they seem to be the least active demographic if we consider activism away from the computer. Note that I said “conjecture,” since I cannot find any data to prove this directly. I can only point to data showing that whippersnappers tend to limit their political activism to actions performed on the Internet using social media (which comes with the obvious benefit of a pseudonym).
As the youngest man on staff at AVFM, I have not been around long enough to establish the social and financial support that will keep my career and my future secure. I infer that the risks involved with my circumstances are probably what keep other young men like me behind their aliases.

God Among MGTOW - Arthur Schopenhauer + Nikola Tesla + Isaac Newton

Sandman: Arthur Schopenhauer lived out his life without the company of a woman or wife. But they still fascinated him as a philosopher. So he wrote "On or Of Women." This is a review of his work from a mgtow perspective.