7 Jan 2014

UK Election 2015: Justice for Men and Boys (and The Women Who Love Them) A Call to Arms

By Mike Buchanan: British men and boys have been increasingly insulted and demonised over the past 50 years by angry vociferous women driven by misandry (hatred of men). Men’s and boys’ interests have been ever more assaulted by the actions and inactions of politicians seeking to placate those women, particularly over the past 30 years, with no democratic mandate to do so. Conservative and Labour governments have been equally bad in this respect, and the current Conservative-led coalition is the worst of them all, with David Cameron slavishly following policy directions set by Harriet Harman and other gender feminist politicians over the past 30 years.
Men collectively pay 72% of the state’s income tax revenues, while women collectively pay only 28% and receive disproportionately far more from the state in return. Men pay a total of £64 billion more income tax annually than women, yet they’re increasingly ignored and disadvantaged by the state they largely finance.
We’re receiving support (and donations) not only from men, but also from women, who believe (as we do) in equality of opportunities for men and women rather than equality of outcomes, which require anti-meritocratic social engineering initiatives to deliver, cause considerable damage to the fabric of a civilised society, and result in justifiable resentment among men who are unfairly disadvantaged.

Misandrist Hanna Rosin Says We Are Witnessing The End Of Men! Oh Yeah? How About We Look At The Facts?

By : Let’s get Hanna’s motivations clear right from the get-go, shall we?  Hanna Rosin is not interested in equality.  She is interested in dominance.  Female dominance. Nothing more, and nothing less.  From the author’s own website:

I come from a long line of matriarchs, women who either ruled over their husbands, or ran away from them. My mother is an intimidating figure. She has always served as the neighborhood watchdog, taking on bullies and running the co-op board with an iron fist. If you met her, it would be obvious why I was open to possibility of female dominance, because she embodied it long before it became the defining trend of our era.
Hanna acknowledges that female dominance is a central part of her understanding of how the world works, and that female dominance has become the defining trend of our era. Well, kudos to Hanna for at least being honest.

More Israel Regime Disclosures In Snowden’s Trove Of 'Significant Stories'

RT: Glenn Greenwald, the investigative journalist who first published Edward Snowden leaks, said that the NSA whistleblower still has "a huge number of very significant stories to reveal," including those relating to Israel.
"There definitely are stories left that involve the Middle East, that involve Israel. The reporting is going to continue at roughly the same pace that has been happening," the former Guardian journalist said in an interview with Channel 10 television station that aired Monday night.
"I don’t want to preview any stories that aren’t yet published, but it’s definitely the case that there are a huge number of very significant stories that are left to report," the Brazil-based Greenwald said, adding that the journalists will continue releasing stories "at roughly the same pace that has been happening."
"We have only had these documents for seven months, which, given their volume and complexity, is not a very long time," he noted.

Become ignorant, unskilled, and poor: this is your task if neoliberalism is to survive.

We’ve had don’t vote. Now I suggest don’t throw away, and don’t buy: just fix
By John Ward: The last two days have been mild and sunny here, and what this tends to do is make normal human beings want to get out among all things natural. Doing so in turn increases one’s self-esteem, and enables us to tackle tricky jobs we’ve been putting off, whether indoors or out.
One of these – small but tedious – involved a wire-based switch on a lamp of which I’m very fond. The lamp has a nice mock-Aztec beaten metal base, and so of course I wasn’t about the throw it out on the basis of a switch that has ceased to switch. It is, always in my experience, simply a contact-plate that his gone out of line.
Now in case you hadn’t noticed, these days all such switches are sealed. They used to have simple screw-holes in them allowing one to fix anything quickly. But that was before the era of Neoliberal Output Targets (NOT). These insist that Thou shalt NOT repair something, for this represents a crime against the shareholder dividend in that no further units are sold. So the screws have disappeared, to be replaced by an incabloc seal.
The excuse is safety, and an excuse it all it is….because even the most dumbed-down of today’s consumers  know how to fix such a thing without electrocuting themselves. But the idea itself is insane: because a tiny metal strip costing 0.001 Yuan has moved a bit, one must throw away a €60 lamp. Imagine driving into a car service bay because the horn wasn’t working, only to be told, “Sorry squire…you need a new car”.

Feminism Liberates the Dark Feminine

fidelbogen: "When all else fails, blame the patriarchy."
By Youtube icon Fidelbogen takes the radical notion that all human beings have a dark side, and that feminism liberates the dark side of half the human race, leaving almost no accountability for it at all.

Women Complaining About Lack Of Available Slavemasters

By One of the favourite myths of feminism is that ALL women were oppressed everywhere by ALL men – and that the mechanism by which men oppressed women was marriage.
Ah yes, in secret patriarchy meetings all over the known world, scheming men got together to lay their nefarious plans to trap and enslave these innocent and delicate flowers of womanhood into the bonds, the cruel and tortuous chains of matrimony.
But, of course a few brave souls resisted, they struggled against this demonic plot to entrap and enslave them, then of course they wrote books about their “struggle.”
According to received “wisdom,” and in the context of anything that emanates from the mouths or pens of feminists one does use the word “wisdom” with a large dose of irony, this nefarious plot has been going on for centuries, nay millennia.
For the purposes of this essay we shall confine ourselves to a quick but focused examination of some specific periods. Because after all, if feminists are correct, then like blindly putting a pin in a map with your eyes closed, wherever we landed in the timeline of human history we would reveal examples of this ongoing and nefarious patriarchal plot to enslave poor helpless damsels in the chains of matrimony. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

UK’s Economics of Extinction - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Liam Halligan

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Ka-Boom! and Ka-bust! the economics of extinction in the UK property market as Thatcher's slow-motion housing timebomb ticks away under the British economy where demand continues to outstrip supply by a factor of two and where one woman being forced out of social housing complains, "I'm sure if they had their way they would kill us. I really believe that."

No Water = No NSA Data Center. #NullifyNSA campaign

Tenth Amendment Center: In Utah, the Bluffdale Data Center will require 1.7 million gallons of water every single day to operate - keep computers cool. That water is being provided by the State of Utah.

They can TURN IT OFF!

MGTOW 2014: Lost In A Sea Of Misandry + My Father The Disposable Male

BurntheEnder: If it can happen to Brazilian people, it can happen to anyone.

Life Is A Bitch, Screw Plan B - Joe Rogan Experience

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux returns to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Why Zionism Needs Africans In Israel - Morris - They Get Trained On How To Loot Their Homelands

North Korea And The Oldest Communist Party In Africa - George and Gayatri Galloway

Molucca Media: Explores North Korean events with China and Korea expert Keith Bennett. In part 2 George and Gayatri speak with academic and researcher Ahmed Kaballo, son of one of the historic leaders of the oldest communist party in Africa.