13 Jan 2014

What Part of Feminazi Do You Not Understand?

Paul Elam: Love Rush ditto head Limbaugh or hate him, when he coined the term "Feminazi," he hit the center of the bull's eye.
And Feminazi now clearly describes the public voice and actions of mainstream gender feminists. College professors now advocate the legalized murder of men. The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations has levied a prohibition against men's organizations that are not under feminist control. Feminists sought and now have the power of bald censorship of dissent on social media platforms like FaceBook. More recently the feminist assault has launched within the WordPress community, where as we speak "Community Standards" are being drafted that will ultimately tether WordPress sites to a feminist yoke.

Why Is Goldman Sachs Warning That The Stock Market Could Decline By 10 Percent Or More?

By Michael Snyder: Why has Goldman Sachs chosen this moment to publicly declare that stocks are overpriced?  Why has Goldman Sachs suddenly decided to warn all of us that the stock market could decline by 10 percent or more in the coming months?  Goldman Sachs has to know that when they release a report like this that it will move the market.  And that is precisely what happened on Monday.  U.S. stocks dropped precipitously.  So is Goldman Sachs just honestly trying to warn their clients that stocks may have become overvalued at this point, or is another agenda at work here?  To be fair, the truth is that all of the big banks should be warning their clients about the stock market bubble.  Personally, I have stated that the stock market has officially entered "crazytown territory".  So it would be hard to blame Goldman Sachs for trying to tell the truth.  But Goldman Sachs also had to know that a warning that the stock market could potentially fall by more than 10 percent would rattle nerves on Wall Street.
This report that has just been released by Goldman Sachs has gotten a lot of attention.  In fact, an article about this report was featured at the top of the CNBC website for quite a while on Monday.  Needless to say, news of this report spread on Wall Street like wildfire.

Rationally Irrational Feminists

By : Rational irrationality sounds like an oxymoron, but is actually a perfectly sensible concept. Roughly speaking, to be rationally irrational is to rationally choose to have certain irrational beliefs. People have preferences about which beliefs to hold—some beliefs are more comforting than others—so people may in some instances be happier holding irrational beliefs. Some false beliefs are very costly to hold—such as believing that cyanide is nutritious and water poisonous—but many generally are not, such as believing that Christopher Columbus discovered that the Earth was round.
The concept of rational irrationality was popularized by American economist Bryan Caplan in his book The Myth of the Rational Voter[1] to explain why people are much more irrational in their capacity as voters than they are in their capacity as consumers. Having correct beliefs about which products one likes is instrumental in choosing how to spend one’s money. The consumer directly decides which products he wants to buy and is immediately rewarded or punished through being satisfied or dissatisfied with the purchased item. However being wrong about politics, on the other hand, is largely costless, since a single vote is exceedingly unlikely to sway the result of an election. Hence, a voter can indulge in irrationality and vote for the party or candidate with the strongest emotional appeal.
Thus, Caplan casts irrationality is something people consume. Like with any economic good, the amount consumed depends on price and expected benefit. If an error is cheap, people will consume more irrationality.


econcartCROPThe distance from now to the inevitable is, by definition, finite
By John Ward: Tell me, have you ever read 2000-2013 The Corporate Issuance Global Frenzy: what role for US Quantitative Easing? by Marco LoDuca of the European Central Bank et al?
G’wan…bet you haven’t. I have, and now my brain hurts. Simplistic is bad, but simple is good. Impenetrable is worthy, but clarity and vision are worth more.
Four years ago, I asked two questions about the arrival of QE and Zirp into our linguistic lexicon. One, what will you do if QE doesn’t work? And two, why will Zirp help recovery, when the biggest single demographic group with the lowest overheads needs Zirp + 4% to keep spending?
They were both naive questions – I know that now. When the first two bouts of QE didn’t work, I took out Bear Notes, on the wild and crazy assumption that Ben and Merv must change tack. They didn’t, and I saw a third of my investment capital  wiped out. And of course, without Zirp most of Wall Street would’ve gone bankrupt, followed in fairly short order by the US Government and the United Kingdom. I did a quick sum and worked out that if rates were at 4% for 3 years, for example, by 2015 $2.30 in every $5 would be going on just managing US Sovereign interest.

The UK's Candy Floss Credit and Sugar Rush Growth + An Outlook For 2014 - From An Austrian Economist's Perspective

"Candy Floss Credit and Sugar Rush Growth." 
liarpoliticians: Conservative MP Douglas Carswell lets rip into George Osborne's Ponzi economic arson economics "Osbrown ecnoomics"... which is similar to Labour's Gordon Brown economic arson. Cheap credit, low interest rates, low saving, inflating housing market, are all killing the UK's REAL economy.

MGTOW: Mothers Are Untouchable

TheOakshard: Mothers can and often do, great harm to their children.

Equality: A Step Down for Women

By : I was talking with Paul Elam after his interview with Elizabeth Vargas on 20/20. Paul mentioned that one of the things he had told Vargas was that equality would be a step down for women. He said it stopped her in her tracks. She was speechless as he explained his reasons. This video is a youtubue version of that conversation. Many thanks to Paul for his help in writing the script.
I remember as a boy that I really wanted to be a pro baseball player like Harmon Killebrew. I dreamed and wanted the accolades, the fans, the home runs and all the good stuff but was not the least bit interested nor even aware of the workouts, the grueling practices or any of the lifestyle that would be necessary even if I had the necessary talent.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Banks: Deutsche Bank’s Whitewash Of “Senior Management”

By Wolf Richter: Germany has its own JP Morgan, the bank that could do no wrong and got bailed out by the Fed and the taxpayer while CEO Jamie Dimon walked on water with a nimbus floating above his head, at least in the eyes of regulators and the government. Until someone had the gumption to peel away layers of obfuscation. What emanated was the acrid stench of internal putrefaction from the top down. After a series of legal battles, fines and settlements are piling up in the magnitude of tens of billions of dollars.
The same acrid stench of internal putrefaction has been emanating from Deutsche Bank, arguably the most powerful institution in Germany, and one of the most precarious, long coddled by the government and once unassailable by politicians. It too has been mired in a swamp of scandals, investigations, lawsuits, fines, and settlements.
Just last Wednesday, the European Commission fined the largest banks involved in the Libor rate rigging scandal $1.7 billion, of which Deutsche Bank got hit with the lion’s share of €725 million ($1 billion). Then there was the carbon-trading tax-fraud scandal that broke with a televised raid by 500 police officers on its headquarters. And it had known for years about the impact of commodities speculation on food prices, and the havoc it wreaked on people in poor countries, but it had lied to the German Parliament about it [Lies, Damned Lies, And Banks: Deutsche Bank Caught Again].

Paul Elam vs Michael Flood on Male Studies

Paul Elam: Michael Flood makes a cute little case for himself on why no one but feminist ideologues should be allowed to study men and masculinity. PE

Jim Willie - This Year - Currency Explosion

Greg Hunter: Dr. Jim Willie predicts, "This is the year we have the currency explosion." Don't think Obama Care is going to make things easier. Dr. Willie thinks, "It will be 100 times the nightmare than you think it might be. . . . Obama Care is a big plan to track people, both their money and their bodies, like a bunch of herded animals. This is going to manage death of the individual and manage death of the economy."

MHRM: This Is A Day To Remember + Omar Mouallem's Manginosity

By : Tory Shepherd, an Australian “journalist,” with a long time reputation for libel and publishing falsehoods, has just spearheaded the expected ideological attack on the Male Studies initiative that was to launch at the University of South Australia in the near future.
Sources close to the story report that this is likely a terminal setback for the new initiative which would have helped academicians better investigate and understand problems like male suicide, depression and educational failure.
The article by Shepherd is saturated with the typical lies, e.g.: that the SPLC named AVFM as a hate group, which they did not, and that this website regularly calls women “bitches and whores,” which it does not. She also implied a connection between AVFM and those championing the initiative which does not exist.
In writing this article Shepherd actually served as a mouthpiece for academic feminists invested in blocking the attempt to study human males in a non-ideological, scholarly fashion. Most of you will not be surprised to see Michael Flood’s name among the critics.
It is yet another example of the fascism that now typifies the feminist establishment, and as such of course it will result in more who are overtly hostile to that fascism, which is now all but synonymous with their cause. That will happen even as they repress moderate, academically oriented individuals simply concerned about the issues facing men and boys.