14 Jan 2014

Kim Dotcom Unveils The Internet Party

Kim Dotcom made the announcement on Twitter this morningDan Satherley 3 News Online ReporterBy : Kim Dotcom made the announcement on Twitter this morning.
Kim Dotcom has revealed the name of his planned new political vehicle: the Internet Party.
The entrepreneur and alleged copyright pirate made the announcement on his Twitter account this morning, at the same time revealing the party's simple purple and white logo.

"My new political party won't be named Mega Party," he wrote, referring to his cloud storage service Mega.

"We are the Internet Party. Here's our logo for the first time."

Dotcom is not a New Zealand citizen, so will not be able to stand for election. It's believed he will instead take the role of leader or president.

The Internet Party will be officially launched on January 20, the second anniversary of the raid on his rented Coatesville mansion.

The launch will be followed by a free party at Vector Arena, which will also celebrate his 40th birthday and the launch of his album Good Times.
"Get ready for low blows and smear against me and my political party," Dotcom wrote on Twitter over the weekend. "My attackers are worried. They should be. We will get more than 5 percent. My political party will activate non-voters, the youth, the Internet electorate."

Dyslexics Of The World - Untie! + Are All Soldiers War Criminals?

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux speaks with Jeffrey Tucker and Alexander McCobin about the road forward in the midst of a failing state and the rise of libertarianism.

Institutionalized Swiss Misandry - Documentary with English Subs + White Knight Judge Of Indian Supreme Court Hoisted With His Own Petard

Dean Esmay: An interesting documentary on misandry and feminist governance in Switzerland – with English subtitles provided by Lucian Valsan.

Feminism, War, and Mass Psychological Manipulation

PsychologicalCynic: How did it come to this? Hatred, stigma, cynicism, mistrust, anger, hostility, and worst of all; blindness. Blindness in terms of critical thinking.

Shrinkflation - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Pippa Malmgren

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the moral sink estate that is the City of London where dealers sell debt crack on street corners and many old ladies have their pensions stolen. They also discuss the corruption of the leveraged buyout whereby now whole nations are stolen using the nation's own assets and resources as collateral and now, with the TPP deal, the globe is about to be taken for cheap.

Who’s Really The Troll Here?

By : IT WOULD  be funny if it wasn’t true. It would be funny if so much wasn’t at stake. It would be funny if the Canadian justice system wasn’t mollycoddling and indulging the childish, whiny, bullying behaviour of feminists. However, unfortunately, it is true – the trial of Toronto artist and father-of-four Gregory Alan Elliott really is happening.
And it is a disgrace.
If you’re a Torontonian, it’s likely you’ve come across Gregory Alan Elliott’s work at some point. Elliot’s art is featured all over the city – from Kensington market to Bloor and Landsdowne. It’s also just as likely that you don’t know who the guy is – but he’s a prolific and talented street artist with a clear artistic philosophy of self-individuation, truth, and love. But what really sets Elliott apart is that unlike other graffiti artists, he actually signs his work – with his real name. ‘I wanted to challenge graffiti artists around the world; the concept was to tell them and challenge them by signing my full legal name all in caps. If you sign it you take responsibility for it.’
Taking responsibility is a concept that means a lot to the father-of-four.
Elliott is facing charges of criminal harassment for the supposed “crime” of sending some tweets to Toronto feminists Stephanie Guthrie, Paisley Rae, and Heather Reilly. If found guilty, Elliott faces up to six months in prison – with the verdict having far-reaching implications for freedom of speech in Canada.


The Burning Platform: Mike Shedlock provides the facts that prove we are trapped in our web of debt, with no escape possible. Bernanke and the Keynesian political hacks in Washington DC have created a scenario with no possible good endings. Bernanke has been lying for the last four years about how the Federal Reserve could unwind their balance sheet and raise interest rates back to a non-emergency level. They can’t unwind their balance sheet and they can never raise interest rates. The stimulus happy idiots in Congress and the two clueless dupes inhabiting the White House have added $11 trillion of debt in the last 12 years. We are on automatic pilot to add at least another $4 trillion over the next five years. The only thing keeping this mountain of debt from creating an avalanche that destroys everything in its path is the 2.4% interest rate being paid to the foolish investors in U.S. debt. There is no way to reverse the debt accumulation. It’s been done. Bennie and Janet have been able to temporarily keep interest rates low for the time being. They can’t do it forever. When the avalanche starts no one will be able to stop it. There will be no escape from Jekyll Island.

We Will Be Told Hyperinflation is Necessary, Proper, Patriotic, and Ethical - Ludwig von Mises Institute

By : Hyperinflation leads to the complete breakdown in the demand for a currency, which means simply that no one wishes to hold it. Everyone wants to get rid of that kind of money as fast as possible. Prices, denominated in the hyper-inflated currency, suddenly and dramatically go through the roof. The most famous examples, although there are many others, are Germany in the early 1920s and Zimbabwe just a few years ago. German Reichsmarks and Zim dollars were printed in million and even trillion unit denominations.
We may scoff at such insanity and assume that America could never suffer from such an event. We are modern. We know too much. Our monetary leaders are wise and have unprecedented power to prevent such an awful outcome.
Think again.
Our monetary leaders do not understand the true nature of money and banking; thus, they advocate monetary expansion as the cure for every economic ill. The multiple quantitative easing programs perfectly illustrate this mindset.

Deconstructing Game, and PUA Frauds

barb rossa: PUA's correctly asses female nature (for the most part) and then lead men right back onto the plantation anyway...

Radical Feminism Is Not The Fringe - It Is The Rotten Core! + GLFT 3

Bitcoin Myths Exposed! - A Conversation with Erik Voorhees

Stefan Molyneux: Bitcoin has several persistent myths about it that just refuse to die. Stefan Molyneux and Erik Voorhees dispel the myths and talk about the reality of the predominant cryptocurrency.

Men's Rights Versus Feminism Explained Using Magnets

By Alison Tieman: Men's Rights activists seek to bring awareness to how men are acted upon by society, acted upon by other men and acted upon by women.

They are opposed by feminists who think that bringing attention to how men are acted upon will take something away from women.

Every era has had its mythology of women's weakness and men's strength. Ours is no different and it's not progressive.

How easy is it for you to see Jill as a victim? How hard is it for you to see Jack as vulnerable?

Zionazi War Criminal Ariel Sharon is Dead

Vinczer Files For A Smackdown Of Institutionalized Canadian Misandry!

By AVfM Canadian Activism director Attila Vinczer is going on all-out offensive against local police and school authorities in defense of his son. His video and notes on same are below, expect a fuller article on the matter within the next couple of weeks:

How Religion Can Make You Happy To Kill!

Thunderf00t: When you can call blugeoning a man to death for picking up sticks on the wrong day of the week good, is there anything left to call evil?
When you can call the slaughter of children good, and admit that you would have been just as happy to slaughter them, is there anything left to call evil?