15 Jan 2014

The Male Homeless

"Most families are destroyed from the inside, because they allow themselves to be conquered by others from the outside."

Feminism Wants Power and Control

Douchebaginaredshirtism + Bite-Sized White Sprinters And Female CEOs

John Femi-Nazarian Strikes Again

By : As many who follow this website know, John Nazarian is a California private investigator who has been tied to the Pauley Perrette restraining order scam that has been covered by several of our writers and investigators. Interestingly enough he can also be found in the new documentary on the corrupt family law system, Divorce Corp, essentially telling people that the system is so corrupt that bottom feeders like him can make a good living at gathering, and apparently creating, dirt on behalf of their clients.
Nazarian, whose facial hair appears designed to mimic the top of Mr. T’s head, came up on our radar again when we discovered one of his YouTube videos in which he advises women on how to manufacture false domestic violence charges in order to get their husbands ejected from the home and tossed into jail so the woman can then more easily use the court to steal his property, income and sever him from his children. Pity the fool who don’t listen. 

Feminist Tory Shepherd Supports Mass Murder And Terrorism, But Opposes Programs On Male Health!

Tory Shepherd, a writer for the publication Adelaide Now who has recently written a hit piece on the emerging Male Studies program at UniSA, is a supporter of mass murder and terrorism. How do I know this? Because she has been “linked to it.” Don’t worry; as you’ll see in this article, it all makes sense.
As this site reported earlier, The University of South Australia will be offering courses in male studies in 2014. Contrary to the fraudulent assertions of various Feminists and their friends, the only courses available currently are for a certificate in male health.
There have been so many lies publicly circulated by Feminism & Co. about the nature of the course that the university had to make a public statement saying:

The certificate has been developed by the University and consists of two short courses – one covering male health in perspective, another dealing with health promotion programs that target males. No other courses have been approved and any proposed courses will be evaluated through normal university processes.
Contrary to its description in some media reports, the certificate is framed for people already working in health and allied health industries, and has been developed by and will be taught by University of South Australia staff only.
There is incredible need to study male health issues. Men die five years earlier than women and more often from nearly every major disease. They are also 80% of suicides and 93% of workforce deaths,

"We Are Now Run By Big Business, Big Banks and Big Bureaucrats" - Farage

Well I have to congratulate you, Mr Samaras, for getting the Greek presidency off to such a cracking start. Your overnight successful negotiation in the trilogue on MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments), I'm sure we'll have them dancing in the streets in Athens, no matter that your country, very poorly advised by Goldman Sachs, joined a currency that it was never suited to, no matter that 30% are unemployed, that 60% of youth are unemployed, that a neo-nazi party is on the march, that there was a terrorist attack on the German embassy.

The Nature Of Terrorism And The Saudi/Israeli/US Role

Ry Dawson: James Corbett and Ryan Dawson interview each other in a conversation about the Bombings in Russia, the true nature of terrorism, and also their 2 cents on Glen Greenwald's maple syrup like releases of the Snowden documents.

UK Home Office Send Back Asylum Seeker, Officials 'Win Shopping Vouchers' - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

Marijuana "Legalize Choice" + Stop Feeding The Trolls

Ry Dawson: I'm being pragmatic. I would of course prefer not only to not have taxes but to not have a government at all. The state which is in charge like it or not has no incentive to legalize the green other than taxing it. Letting something be legal is not an endorsement of it. Cigarettes are legal and should be. You can't just legalize what you would personally choose for yourself. You should legalize choice itself. Let people decided what they want or don't want in their body.


Capital/Liquidity ratios of 3% emerge triumphant
draghirajoytitleBy John Ward: Further to this morning’s post (below - things do seem to be speeding up at last) you may recall I mentioned how the ECB thought that ‘a strict definition of bad debt could threaten banks in countries hit hardest by Europe’s debt crisis’. Just to enlarge on this a little, bad debt of the kind we’re talking about is rancid bordering on toxic: it ain’t never going to get paid back, and everyone knows this to be the case. What we’re witnessing here is Mario Draghi doing his Orwellian Ministry of Truth shtick, whereby something with blue paint on it marked Unfit for Human Consumption will be regraded as Quite Possibly Alright.
I now bring you news that this is to be extended to include Transatlantic banks as well. The US Federal Reserve, BoE, ECB and others agreed last weekend that the biggest trans-Atlantic banks’ capital ratios should stay at 3% (or about 35:1) indefinitely. This ratio is woefully insufficient, well below the 12% suggested two years ago, and miles below my own belief that it should be 16% at least until all the worms have crawled out of the cans being kicked down the road.
The 3% ‘rule’ (it’s really the world’s shortest suicide note) destroyed Lehman and Bear Stearns, and would have collapsed all the others without TARP, FDIC, and Fed bailouts. So why was it left untouched?

US Squashes Middle Class Into Poverty

UK BANNED Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of US treasury, Florida about the status of the US economy with almost 50 million Americans on food stamps.
The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.
Press TV: What do you think about what our other guest Mr. Stewart Stogel said about the closeness, if I understood him correctly, between the legislators and the corruptions or the lawmakers and the corporations. Is that playing a factor into this?
Roberts: The main cause I believe is the offshoring of the middle class jobs that’s been going on for about 15 years. It began in earnest with the collapse of the Soviet Union when China and India rethought their economic approach and opened their markets to foreign capital.
So we had first the move offshore of the well paid manufacturing jobs and then with the rise of high speed internet this was followed by the off shore movement of professional service jobs such as information technology, software engineer and so this sort of obliterated the ladders of upward mobility in American society that had kept a somewhat more equal income distribution.
And the other main contributor was the deregulation of the financial system. When that was de-regulated the banks were simply able to highly leverage equity with massive debt to drain more and more of income, fees and interest payments.
So, the income distribution has been severely hurt.

Nullify US NSA Spying Gaining Ground (Racism! Slavery!)

corbettreport: Do you know of the new danger stalking the land? Don't be fooled by those who tell you it's about stopping federal government overreach or putting an end to NSA spying! Just trust Rachel Maddow when she tells you it's all about slavery and racism. If you try to stop government tyranny, plantations will crop up again in the south overnight, just you watch!