16 Jan 2014

The NSA hate this song :) | Dan Bull

Dan Bull: Hello. My name is Dan Bull. I make geeky rap songs about the internet, games, civil rights, and myself.

ICC to Prosecute UK Officials for Iraq War Crimes?

corbettreport: Some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

Shill Gates Pimping USA - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Arjen Kamphuis

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the pimps from the Pacific Northwest of America who claim to have no idea just how dangerous their products are to innocent bystanders - like the backdoors in Skype which are dangerous weapons against Constitutional rights or the holes in the internet which leave it vulnerable to malware that turns users into bitcoin slaves.

Why China’s Attack On Bitcoin Is A Sign Of Weakness

By Michael Krieger: For myself and many others back in the 2008/09 period, it seemed obvious what China should do from an entirely nationalistic perspective on the grand geopolitical chessboard. With the reputation of the U.S. laying in tatters following a gigantic financial collapse and an utterly embarrassing, unlimited taxpayer bailout of the criminals that caused the crisis, the entire world (including Americans) was looking for something else. Something new, something more lawful. Something more just and more stable. The U.S. dollar and the Federal Reserve System had been exposed and entirely discredited in many people’s minds. One of history’s most bold and monumental geopolitical moves was ripe for the taking. China could attempt to back its currency with gold, something I discussed with Max Keiser in a May 2010 interview. Immediately, capital flows would flood into the country, Chinese consumer purchasing power would explode and a rebalancing of their economy would experience a traumatic, but monumental and necessary shift. They could have announced such a plan and then implemented it slowly and with safety nets for manufacturers. It wouldn’t have been easy, but the window of opportunity was open. Instead, they did nothing, and now I think it’s too late.

MGTOW: Women Only Parking + MTV Is Lowering Teen Pregnancy Rate

Sandman: In Germany, Austria and Malaysia the female only parking spot has been created and implemented. Men are forced to park further away and in smaller spots. Men invented the automobile and pull up the oil used to fuel car culture. Yet men are marginalized when it comes to parking.

Dramatic Reading by Miss Lonelyhearts: "PIV Is Always Rape, OK?" (Witchwind)

Benefits Cuts Should Start With The Royal Family - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver: "Benefits cuts should start with Royal Family they have too much and you are paying for the queen's knickers!"

Masculinity Is More Than a Mask

Editorial note: A recent popular documentary has been getting a lot of press lately. Just seeing the trailer for this film, we suspect most AVfM readers will spot things they agree with in this trailer but will probably also see huge problems with what look like major issues with the filmmaker’s premises. Here is the trailer for that movie:
Dr. Hoff Sommers had some things to say about it which confirm we’re not alone in our suspicions. –DE
By Are school shooters and mass murderers born out of an aggressive emphasis on masculinity in our society? The trailer for filmmaker and feminist activist Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s new documentary, The Mask You Live In, would have us think so.

Are Women Obsolete? They Are According To Statist Feminists.

johntheother: According to feminism, women are inferior.

Misandry: The True Meaning Of Oppression

What the guy in the purple suit said…By : I’d like to share two hypothetical scenarios with you today.
The first involves a young child living with her parents. She has access to clean, running water and a hot shower. She has a fridge, stocked with all the food she could want. She sleeps in a warm bed and has parents who love her. She has a driver’s license. She access to free health care. She’s literate and educated. She votes in annual general elections, and works full-time.
The second scenario involves a young child also living with her parents. She does not have access to clean, running water as she has to get it from a local well in her village. There is no clean shower at home and has to clean herself in a small stream, just a ways from her home. She shares a broken bed with her sibling. Her father was executed by local religious fanatics and her mother was savagely assaulted and nearly left for dead. She is not allowed to pursue an education and most certainly does not have the right to vote because the ruling government has deemed such rights to be heretical. Does she work? What do you think?
Now here comes the fun part. Tell me which person is suffering from oppression. The first scenario is a day in the life of a Western girl, living in Canada, the U.S., or the U.K. The second scenario is a day in the life of an Afghani girl, living under former Taliban rule. You would think the easy answer would be scenario number two when asked to identify the oppressed one. It’s not that it’s difficult. It’s just inconvenient.

Michael Flood is a cheap lying whore. So’s Tory Shepherd

By In what amounts to a heartening trend in the land Down Under, The University of South Australia will be offering a “world first” course in “male studies,” if all goes as planned.
Australian feminist writer Tory Shepherd is already doing her best to derail the course by using logical, reasoned argument and irrefutable facts outright lies, obfuscation and omission to demonstrate the course is unnecessary and even dangerous.
Let’s take a look at Tory’s argument:

LECTURERS in a “world-first” male studies course at the University of South Australia have been linked to extreme views on men’s rights and websites that rail against feminism.
This is probably a good time for some definitions.  “Male Studies” is indeed a world first, and there is an important distinction to be made between Male Studies and Men’s Studies.
Male Studies is “a new academic discipline [that] explores the male as male, masculinity, and the lives of boys and men.”
Men’s Studies, on the other hand, “came out of feminist analysis of gender, which includes biological differences.”
Here we go with obfuscation number one:  the fact that an academic discipline is not embracing feminism as a theoretical paradigm is not the same thing as “railing against feminism.”

Will A New US Napoleon Arise?

Brother Nathanael
"Sales of Hitler's Mein Kampf are soaring!"