18 Jan 2014

Panic As Fukushima Radiation 'Found' On Californian Beach!

Thunderf00t: It's wall to wall crazies in a panic out there! Original video suggesting that Fukushima is responsible for the high levels of radioactive 'contamination' on the beaches in the Bay Area of California. Personally I don't believe a word of it.


Sandman: Women are getting woman only hours in the university campuses and private Gyms in Canada. Men are forced to pay more money for less service and having their privledges taken away. Private gyms are discriminating against men and giving entitlements to women.

Capitalism 2.0 To Escape 'Robots Mating With Emasculated Men' - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Reggie Middleton

Bitcoin 2.0. The currency application of Bitcoin was version 1.0, now there are dozens of new and innovative ideas riding the blockchain and, in the process, creating Capitalism 2.0.

Porn, The Devil's Glue And Misandry + Whistleblower Exposes Oximoronic CPS + Crotch-Cam Proves That Women Are Pervs Too

johntheother: We all know the internet is for porn. And internet radio is obviously for discussing porn.

Multi Millionaire Beyonce Says Women Earn Less Than Men

6oodfella: Beyonce's at it again. This time she's written an "article" for the Shriver Report about gender equality. Personally, I think she's just pissed off that her daughter got her dad's looks, either that or she's noticed how much Kim's new baby looks like Jay Z.

The Launch Of Anti-Misandric AVFM Sweden - A Voice For Men

AVfM: Huffnágel Pista, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff covering the news for the latest week and then William Andersson will come to the microphone to answer questions about the recently launched AVFM platform in Sweden.

Cool South African Minister Confronts Drug Companies ‘Satanic’ Plot To Commit ‘Genocide’

By End The Lie: The South African health minister accused pharmaceutical companies of a “satanicplan to commit genocide” on Friday over disputes about the country’s plans to overhaul intellectual property laws.
The conflict between drug companies and the South African government stems from a document prepared by Washington-based lobby group Public Affairs Engagement.
The document proposes a campaign to strengthen intellectual property rights in South Africa and delay the formulation of new laws that would favor cheaper generic drugs,” Businessweek reports.
It’s a conspiracy of satanic magnitude,” said Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi. This document can sentence many South Africans to death. This is a plan for genocide.”
I am not using strong words; I am using appropriate words. This is genocide,” he said.

Inclusivity On The John

nonameBy  At A Voice for Men we feature articles written by people of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, species, taste in movies, dietary habits and whatever other categorization may be invented in the future.
We seek to accommodate these categorizations, which will be invented to further divide and alienate everyone from everybody else, into their separate little lonely boxes in the name of this “inclusiveness” that Feminists love so much, because we can never have enough Marxism and segregation.
So it is with joy that I have discovered that my local hospital here in Canada has recently spent some of our health care tax budget to replace all of its unisex bathroom door signs throughout the entire hospital to be inclusive of non-deterministically gendered individuals:
That, or super-heroes in capes … TO DO: buy some Superman stickers
Now, they have to be applauded for their intentions because we all know gender-confused individuals might be unable to work up the courage to enter a bathroom marked as accepting both binary genders; rightfully so as hospital security regularly beat up people entering facilities without having an exact matching gender. Good thing they’re already in a hospital offering public health care to all human identifying individuals.

One For The Boys

one4theboysofficial: "Men don't talk about Cancer. 
It's not the manly thing to do."

Palestinians Hold W. Bank Anti-Apartheid Protest + Zionist Lawmakers Slam 'Israeli Apartheid' Boycott Plan By American Studies Association

UK BANNED Press TV: Hundreds of Palestinians have staged a demonstration against the illegal Israeli occupation of their land in the West Bank.
The protest was held by locals and members of political factions against apartheid Tel Aviv’s expansionist policies in the city of Qalqilya in the north of the West Bank on Friday.

Greece Will Default In May, Be Badly Pear-Shaped by August - OFFICIAL

By John Ward: Several charts obtained from the EU and IMF finally end the debate about Greece’s funding gap this morning: without further loan support, Greece will default in May. And even if this is forthcoming, the country will default without yet more help in August.
Just two days before New year 2014, Antonis Samaras told his People that Greece would leave its bailout programme next year without needing a third aid package. “In 2014 we will make the big step of exiting the loan agreement,” said the Greek PM in a nationally televised address. “In 2014, Greece will venture out to the markets again [and] start becoming a normal country… There will be no need for new loans and new bailout agreements”.
But figures obtained by The Slog show he lied.
Mr Samaras told the Greeks during October that debt relief would come by Christmas. It didn’t. He is now suggesting there is no budget shortfall. There is. He says the much-trumpeted €800m surplus obtained last year will help solve the problem. It won’t.

Men's Human Rights Activists Interview with Journalism Student

karen straughan: Alison Tieman (Typhon Blue), Nick Reading of Men's Rights Edmonton and I were interviewed over skype by a local student.