23 Jan 2014

Banksters: 100 Years Of The Federal Reserve

Ben Swann: 100 years ago, this December, the United States Congress created a central bank. Today, we know it as the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. What most people don't know is that the bank isn't a federal entity and candidly, it really has nothing in reserves. Is the Federal Reserve good for the United States? Is it even possible to get rid of it? The first step toward truth is to be informed.

Moms Who Kidnap Kids: The back story

By : Parental kidnapping, also known as parental child abduction, has a long history. And it is a subject that has never been documented historically. In the United States the phenomenon was by the 1850s so widespread that in a news report on one such case, involving the abduction of the children of a Mr. Ananias Thompson by his wife which took place in northern California, the reporter noted his reporting on one case has all too many parallels in California.” The most readily-available historical study that makes some effort to offer the history of this phenomenon, Kidnapped: Child Abduction in America (Paula S. Fass, Oxford University Press, 1997), is a poorly researched, politically tendentious and unreliable source. One can quickly see how its “social constructionist” attempt at offering an account of parental kidnapping in the early 20th century is just by reading the first article ever written, appearing in 1907,  on the topic treating it as a recognized social problem, titled “Love Proves Superior to Law’s Decrees.” The article was syndicated and appeared in numerous newspapers across the nation.
The quantity of material on parental kidnapping cases residing in old newspapers and that has gone untapped by scholars is of a scale that is truly monumental.

Autism And The US Vaccine Court Scam

Ben Swann: Vaccine Court was established by Congress in 1985. What has that court meant for families of vaccine injured children? HHS secretly awarded families of autistic children damages while publicly stating there is no connection between autism and vaccines.

Love From Occupied Palestine - A Dignified Call + Long Live Palestine

Molucca Media: "Long live Palestine, free, Arab, dignified." George Galloway receives a call from Marwan in occupied Palestine.

Five Rights Feminism Delivered For Women, But Doesn’t Want To Share With Men + Honey Badger Radio Alert: Erotica for me, Shame on thee

By Modern feminism, with its incessant whining and complaining and victim proclamations has quite rightly come under increasing fire not only from sites like AVfM, but in the lame-stream media, too.  The recent brouhaha surrounding Jezebel placing a $10,000 bounty on Lena Dunham’s head, demanding to see the unretouched photos from her recent Vogue shoot, serves as an illustration of just how far feminism has strayed from its original roots.  In a fit of mean-girl spite to make Regina George herself blush, Jezebel was absolutely positive that Vogue had grossly retouched Dunham, because there is no way she is actually that pretty.

Two Powder Kegs Ready to Blow: China & India

China and India are both powder kegs awaiting a spark for the same reason: systemic corruption.
By Charles Hugh Smith: The conventional view of China and India sports not one but two pair of rose-colored glasses: Chindia (even the portmanteau word is chirpy) is the world's engine of growth, and this rapid economic growth is chipping away at structural political and social problems.
Nice, especially from a distance. But on the ground, China and India (not Chindia--there is no such entity) are both powder kegs awaiting a spark for the same reason: systemic corruption in every nook and cranny of both nations. The conventional rose-colored view is that corruption will inevitably decline with modernization and economic growth.
This is simply wrong on multiple levels: as the opportunities for crony/neofeudal skimming increase, so does corruption. As the scale of the economy increases, so does the scale of corruption.
China's "princelings" (offspring and family of the inner political circle and top apparatchiks of the Communist Party) are billionaires, not mere millionaires. A recent expose of offshore accounts held by various Chinese billionaires estimated the wealth skimmed and transferred our of China at between $1 trillion and $4 trillion:


ExclusiveVideosNOW: A 16-year-old Philadelphia charter school student is recovering from serious genital injuries caused by a female police officer who squeezed his testicles so hard one ruptured. "...that's when I heard something pop, I felt it pop." Darrin Manning suffered serious injuries to his genitals during the stop-and-frisk, which led to the teen being sent to the hospital.

HSBC Black Holes And Gov/Bank Fiddles - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Payu Harris

liarpoliticians: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look into a forensic audit report (as far as they can), that HSBC has a £70bn black hole over 10 years, which may need bailouts from sucker taxpayers.

The Ukrainian Government is Now Mass Texting Protestors with Warning Messages

By Michael Krieger: Earlier today, I highlighted the ingenious use of mirrors by Ukrainian protestors to utilize non-violent, creative tactics to make powerful political statements. With violence escalating in the past 24 hours, it appears the Ukrainian government is now breaking out technological Big Brother by sending mass text messages to protestors warning them that they are being watched.
Remember: Your Government Loves You.
From CNET:
Your government wants to protect you. Because your government cares. Because your government works for you.
Except, that is, when you don’t like your government. That’s when your government works against you.
Take the Ukraine, which several people are trying to do just at the moment.
It’s decided to show what open government is really about. So it’s openly texting its citizens to tell them when they’ve been spotted protesting against the government.

Man Who Donated Sperm To Lesbian Couple Forced To Pay Child Support

By Shawnee County District Court Judge Mary Mattivi has ruled that a Topeka, Kansas man, William Marotta, who donated sperm to a lesbian couple after responding to their online ad is the father of a child born to the women and must pay child support.
Mattivi wrote that Marotta is more than a sperm donor and is financially responsible for the child because a licensed physician was not involved in the artificial insemination process. Marotta argued that he didn’t intend or desire to be a father. He signed a contract with the lesbian couple waiving all parental rights with the expectation that it exempted him from parental obligations.
The Kansas Department for Children and Families filed the case in October 2012 seeking to have the Topeka man declared the father of a girl born to Jennifer Schreiner in 2009. Their action was taken to recover $6,000.00 in public assistance and for future support of the child.

Femopolis "Work A Day In His Boots" + Possibly the stupidest argument in the history of humankind

bane666au: One thing that really annoys me about many feminists is that they will make so much noise about trivial female issues like "society forces me to wear makeup and shave my armpits", while ignoring, denying or attempting to silence debate/discussion about serious men's issues like, the very high number of males who die at work due to men doing more physically demanding, or dangerous work.
Instead of having a "walk a mile in her shoes" campaign, maybe we need a "work a day in his boots" campaign.

Mexican Citizens Topple Cartels And Are Rewarded With Government Retaliation

By Brandon Smith: There is one rule to citizen defiance that, in my opinion, surpasses all others in strategic importance; and it is a rule that I have tried to drive home for many years. I would call it the “non-participation principle” and would summarize it as follows:
When facing a corrupt system, provide for yourself and your community those necessities that the system cannot or will not. Become independent from establishment-controlled paradigms. If you and your community do this, the system will have one of two choices:
1)  Admit that you do not need them anymore and fade into the fog of history, OR...
2)  Reveal its tyrannical nature in full and attempt to force you back into dependence.