25 Jan 2014

Endless Fiat Money Supply - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Dr. Clive Peedell

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss populations trading economic sovereignty for an endless supply of fiat lottery tickets which somehow always come up losers and the water cannon of financial fraud making its way to the UK in preparation for austerity protests.

Becoming The New Barbarians

HSBC RESTRICT + 25 Million Views - WilliamBanzai7

The Only Consistent Thing About Feminism, Is Its Inconsistency

6oodfella: This is a video about why I don't like feminism, and why I cannot take the movement, or the individuals that take part, seriously.

The FT Goes There: "Demand Physical Gold" As One Day Paper Price Manipulation Will End "Catastrophically"

Tyler Durden's picturehat have we done: after a series of reports in late 2012 in which we showed, with no ambiguity, that not only might the Bundesbank's offshore held gold be severely "diluted" (follow our 2012 exposes on German gold here, here, here, and here), but that on at least one occasion, the Fed and the Bank of England conspired against the Buba in returning subpar quality gold, the Bundesbank shocked everyone in early January 2013 when it announced it would repatriate 300 tons of gold helt in New York and all of its 374 tons of gold held in Paris. But convincing the Bundebsbank to demand delivery was peanuts compared to changing the tune of the Financial Times - that bastion of fiat "money", and where the word gold is mocked and ridiculed, and those who see the daily improprieties in the gold market as nothing but "conspiracy theorists" - to say the magic words: "Learn from Buba and demand delivery for true price of gold", adding that "one day the ties that bind this pixelated gold may break, with potentially catastrophic results."
In other words, precisely what we have been saying since the beginning.
Welcome to the 'conspiracy theorist' club, boys.
From the FT's Neil Collins: "Learn from Buba and demand delivery for true price of gold: One day the ties that bind the actual and the traded commodity will snap:
A year ago the Bundesbank announced that it intended to repatriate 700 tons of Germany’s gold from Paris and New York. Although a couple of jumbo jets could have managed the transatlantic removal, it made security sense to ship the load in smaller consignments. Just how small, and over how long, has only just become apparent.

J4MB Presents A Toady Award To NOMAS (National Organisation for Men Against Sexism)

By : There’s a group of people who live even deeper in the gender feminism sewer than female feminists – male feminists. The Denver-based National Organisation for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) is awash with these men, and claims roots going back to the mid-1970s. The organisation’s strapline:

Pro-feminist, gay-affirmative, anti-racist, enhancing men’s lives.
A pro-feminist organisation “enhancing men’s lives.” You couldn’t make it up, could you?
It would be inadvisable to look through their website http://nomas.org soon after eating a meal, but the thread that runs through it is that men have to change in order that women may become yet more advantaged than they are already – although of course that’s not the spin the website puts on it. The Reading List contains 21 books and papers by Michael Kimmel alone – an internationally infamous feminist poodle. Here’s a taster of what these geniuses believe (from ‘Tenets’):

Whatever psychological burden men have to overcome, women are still the most universal and direct victims of our patriarchy. Our organization must take a highly visible and energetic position in support of women’s struggle for equality. Our movement was born directly out of and continually nourished by feminism. Even if we could not see any pragmatic ways in which we as men could benefit from an end to traditional patriarchy (and we can see many), most of us would strongly support women’s struggle, simply because it is so unquestionably just and right. Our support for women’s rights and specific women’s issues must be vigorous and unmistakable.
Needless to say there aren’t just vile men in NOMAS, there are vile women too, presumably there to stamp hard on any early signs of independent thought amongst the men.

Syria and Ukraine objectives: disperse the genes - and my stray dog

Who Really Runs The New World Order And Owns the United States of America?

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux answers listener questions about property rights, homesteading and who owns the United States of America.

Do MGTOW Hate Women's Equality?

PsychologicalCynic: Well, it depends on the woman's definition of equality. If equal outcome, than I personally have no interest nor liking for it. If it's equal opportunity, than by all means, have at it.

Inteligence Is Sexy and Religion Is Bonkers - Richard Dawkins & Steven Pinker

secularcoalition: Professors Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins brief U.S. House staff and the public in a science-theme Congressional Hill briefing

It All Begins With YOU + Feminist Equality; As Explained In Nerd Terms

ABC News Retracts Lies Against A Voice for Men "We don’t intend to take this crap anymore"

By This is something I would normally post to bulletins, but the gravity of the matter is significant enough that I want it to run for the weekend front and center.
Following the lead of Mike Buchanan, a Men’s Human Rights Activist from the UK, who regularly comments here and periodically contributes articles, we have decided to engage the legal departments of and possibly litigate against elements in the mainstream media that have intentionally misrepresented the views on this website, and the nature of the Men’s Human Rights Movement.
Naturally, one of the first entities that came to mind with this approach was ABC News 20/20, who published an online article by Alyssa Pry and Alexa Valiente that egregiously and I think maliciously misrepresented the content of this site as well as the intent of our mission here.
To wit, they took an article I penned three years ago condemning the advocacy of violence and asserting that commenters violating our antiviolence position would be banned after their comments were stricken.
I wrote the legal department of ABC News and informed them of my concerns about this kind of journalism and of our intent to have the matter corrected.
To the credit of the ABC News Legal Department, sufficient action has been taken to address the open act of libel on the part of Pry and Valiente. The following statement by the editor has been added as an addendum to the article itself.