28 Jan 2014

Why Are Bankster Executives In London Killing Themselves?

By Michael Snyder: Banksters committing suicide by jumping from the rooftops of their own banks is something that we think of when we think of the Great Depression.  Well, it just happened in London, England.  A vice president at JPMorgan's European headquarters in London plunged to his death after jumping from the top of the 33rd floor.  He fell more than 500 feet, and it is being reported by an eyewitness that "there was quite a lot of blood".  This comes on the heels of news that a former Deutsche Bank executive was found hanged in his home in London on Sunday.  So why is this happening?  Yes, the markets have gone down a little bit recently but they certainly have not crashed yet.  Could there be more to these deaths than meets the eye?  You never know.  And as I will discuss below, there have been a lot of other really strange things happening around the world lately as well.
But before we get to any of that, let's take a closer look at some of these banker deaths.  The JPMorgan executive that jumped to his death on Tuesday was named Gabriel Magee.  He was 39 years old, and his suicide has the city of London in shock...
A bank executive who died after jumping 500ft from the top of JP Morgan's European headquarters in London this morning has been named as Gabriel Magee.

The End of Men? Or the End of Women? + The Stupidity of Political Hope + Mind Control in Politics

By From the Men are Good Video Channel, which if you have not subscribed to, you are, we must declare, suspect.
This is the first youtube to use a more talking approach. The others are highly labor intensive and take weeks and sometimes months to produce. This kind of video can be done much quicker. I hope you find it of interest. TG

MaxCoin and Banksters Pillaging UK - Bristol Fights Back! - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Jordan Fish and Luke Mitchell

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the role the Davos discount and well executed transactions play in our declining economic fortunes.

The Woman Who Took On Kate Winslet: F4J's Nadine O’Connor

The infamous ad calling out Kate Winslet as a sorry excuse for a mother.
By Meet the woman who took on Kate Winslet: Fathers4Justice manager Nadine O’Connor explains why she humiliated the Hollywood icon and mother in THAT controversial ad.
When Kate Winslet became the subject of a Fathers4Justice campaign last month, the world watched as a glamorous Hollywood icon became embroiled in the gritty debate on fathers’ rights.
No place for an Oscar-winning screen star, the 38-year-old was unimpressed when the equal parenting group used her home life as the launch of their Crummy Mummy ad campaign.
The initiative, which attempts to stop women denying fathers access to their families, coincided with the birth of Winslet’s latest child – Bear – and followed comments she’d made to fashion bible Vogue, which said: “None of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads – my children live with me; that is it.”
The advert, which ran in the Daily Express, criticised the Titanic star for her comments on shared parenting and re-ignited the debate on our country’s creaking custody courts.
Unsurprisingly, Kate – who also has a 13-year-old daughter, Mia, from her first marriage to director Jim Threapleton and a nine-year-old son, Joe, from her second marriage to Sam Mendes – objected to becoming a poster girl for sexist mothers, launching a legal threat against F4J along the way with high-power law firm Schillings.
But, rather than finding angry men in Batman costumes at the helm, the kingpin was – perhaps surprisingly – a woman.

Male Dehumanisation

Misandrist: That Answer Is Shit, Ma'am

"Just saying something is fallacious, doesn't make it so."

I'd Dump The Israelis Tomorrow - Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress

ttj1776: I'd Dump the Israelis Tomorrow - Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress. House Homeland Security Committee on October 9, 2013.

Misandry or True Gender Equality

TEDxYouthAt ISP: Adrien Martinon is a 17 year old High School student in his last year at the International School of Panama. He comes from a Panamanian mother and a French father, and grew up speaking Spanish and French simultaneously. He went to the French school Paul Gauguin in Panama, only really coming into contact with English until 6th grade, when he entered the International School of Panama.

As Close As We Get To A Debate With A Feminist + Tom Martin and the Streisand Effect

By : OK, so a stray comment came in to this piece. It was an invitation to debate, of sorts. Or rather it was the closest thing we get around here from a feminist. This one calls themselves notsince67. Notsince wanted to make some points, and wanted some answers from me. Rather than put an hour into a two year old comment section, I though some readers here might find some of this interesting.
First, notsince’s comment:
Would like your thought’s Mr. Elam. So here goes.
Your most heavily cited paragraph, in attempt to qualify the legitimate status of this site, not as misogynistic, but as a bearer of the human rights torch, to me, carries many red herrings. I’ll elaborate.
First, I believe your statement of men “committing” (it is hard to commit what is no longer a crime, as you as a “mental health” professional should understand.) suicide more often than women is in fact a red herring and simply a misrepresentation of the issue of suicide. Women are far more likely to attempt suicide, whereas men are far more successful in COMPLETING suicide. Reasons for this have been attributed to the difference in lethality of suicide methods when split along gender lines. Your statement is made to present that men are under more mental duress than women, but the numbers tend to suggest the opposite is true.
Secondly: “America’s exploding prison population, which overwhelmingly includes and victimizes the working class and new poor, contains more than 2 million people, but under 100,000 women.

US Resumes Military Funding Of Foreign Death Squads In Syria

As negotiations between Syrian officials and the foreign-backed militants hit a deadlock over the issue of transfer of power, the United States has resumed deliveries of aid to the foreign death squads.
UK BANNED Press TV: The “non-lethal” sniper rounds and mortar bombs come more than a month after al-Qaeda-linked squads seized warehouses and prompted a sudden cutoff of Western supplies to other death squads which are publicly backed by Western countries.
US officials said Monday that “the communications equipment and other items are being funneled for now only to non-armed opposition groups,” according to The Associated Press.
Experts say the stuff could be seen as a US reward to the assassins for their participation in ongoing peace talks with President Bashar Assad’s government in Geneva, Switzerland.
The foreign-backed killers in Syria, now split into al-Qaeda linked groups and other groups, have been killing the Syrian people for nearly three years.
The US officials, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter and demanded anonymity, told the AP that the aid was being sent through Turkey into Syria, with the coordination of the so called Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council that directs the assassins sent in via Western-backed Gen. Salim Idris.

Jim Willie Reveals The SMOKING GUN On US Gold Rehypothecation!

By The Doc: Willie discusses the German efforts to repatriate their gold reserves (along with the implications of only receiving 5 tons from the NY Fed in year 1), as well as Bafin’s investigation into precious metals manipulation and why unlike the CFTC’s, it is likely to result in criminal charges. Finally, courtesy information provided by a high level executive at one of the world’s leading private refineries, Willie reveals the ‘smoking gun‘ evidence that proves US gold was rehypothecated over a decade ago!

Misandry: If And When A Woman Has To Change Her Behaviour + WOMEN ONLY Taxis - MGTOW