30 Jan 2014

When Is Sexism Actually Sexism? + Women The New Leisure Class, Thanks To Desperate Men

BY Baldwin Bravo: THERE is an old saying, ‘ask a stupid question, unleash a wave of outrage on a global scale.’ Or, at least, I think it goes something like that.
By Earlier this week, a reporter in Australia asked an extremely stupid question of 19-year-old Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard.  Bouchard had just made Canadian tennis history (yes, such a thing actually exists) by becoming the first Canadian woman to reach a semi-final in a Grand Slam. It was the latest milestone in Bouchard’s amazing journey in becoming a serious force in world tennis. A smiling Bouchard, breathless but clearly thrilled with her win, was asked – ‘if you could date anyone in the world of sport, of movies, who would you date?’
Social media reacted instantly with severe criticism of the reporter, an accomplished athlete in her own right, as well as the network that prompted her to ask such a question.

Poor Kids Lunches Seized and Tossed in Trash at US Elementary School + 11-Year-Old BANNED From Selling Cupcakes By Loony Bureaucrats

By Michael Krieger: While I understand the need for parents to pay for their children’s lunches, what do you think the appropriate response should be by adults running an elementary school upon realizing that some young children with unpaid balances had already been served a full hot meal?
Personally, I would assume that any reasonable human being would allow the children to eat the lunches while at the same time calling up their parents to sort out the problem. However, that’s not the action deemed appropriate by the child-nutrition manager that visited Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City this past Tuesday. Nope, this person decided that the best course of action was to seize already served lunches and throw them in the trash in front of the victim’s classmates.

Banksters Print or Taper? - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with John Mauldin

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the print, taper, print, taper talk that has led to the economic and financial chaos that finds the Financial Times opining that one should do like the Bundesbank did and demand physical delivery of your gold before your wealth becomes pixellated.

A White Knight (JP), Everyday Sexism's Laura Bates and Dame Ann Leslie on Sexual Harassment + The Oppressor's Return

WD: A rigged poll carried out for Newsnight shows more than a quarter of women claim to have been sexually harassed, at work, on the street or in a social situation. The dead give away is that men's experiences are ignored completely.

Misandry: The Everyday Solipsism Project

By When Laura Bates started the Everyday Sexism Project, the story goes that she did it provide women with an outlet to talk about whatever they wanted. The project itself specifically only asks them to relay stories about sexism. Unsurprisingly this resulted in a website full of nothing but sexual assault accounts, making it appear that sexism is rampant in society. Now, having carefully manufactured her facts, Laura is insisting we have to listen.
Laura most certainly should be allowed to holler, shout, blubber, whine, stomp her feet and carry on like a shrill harpy with a hashtag. But we don’t have to listen. There is an important difference between those two attitudes: One is right and one is stupid.
While freedom of speech offers people the important ability to speak their minds and convey their ideas it does not mean that anyone need be forced to listen. Having the right to an opinion does not make your opinion right.
Laura, and her ilk, believe that filling a website with unverified descriptions of events which may or may not have happened, perpetrated by unknown assailants, and relayed to us by anonymous internet users, equates to legitimate social research. It’s not her fault though. Feminist so-called scholars have long been allowed to corrode academia to the point where statistics can be created through citation alone, and subjective anecdotes are renamed “lived experience” then treated like scientific data.

In a Typhoon, Even Pigs Can Fly (for a while)

Here's the global financial crisis in a nutshell: access to easy credit can solve a temporary liquidity problem, but it can't increase the value of collateral or generate income.

By Charles Hugh Smith: The Chinese culture has a wonderful vocabulary of colorful analogies and metaphors, and today's title refers to the typhoon of liquidity (freely available credit) that has flooded the global economy for the past five years.
The source of the phrase is Liu Chuanzhi, the Chairman of Lenovo and the iconic figure of Chinese manufacturing. When asked a few years ago why 60% of Lenovo Group’s profit came from asset investment and only 40% came from manufacturing. He said “when the typhoons come, even a pig can fly in the sky. Everybody is profiteering from this. Why can’t we?”
The typhoon in this case is China's credit/liquidity-driven real estate speculative frenzy, in which the only losers are those who don't borrow to the hilt in the shadow banking system and buy, buy, buy empty flats in vacant buildings.
The critical distinction to make about typhoons of credit-driven speculation (in China, Japan, the U.S., Europe, etc.) is between liquidity and valuation.


Joint Bank of England/Canada paper outlines plans to abolish default and bailin the customer
Inside the mind of the Central Bankster, there lurks an obscenely inverted demon
By John Ward: I am indebted to a source for alerting me to the content of the Bank of England Financial Stability Paper No 27. This little read won’t be found anywhere on the bestsellers’ lists, but it isn’t in any way a secret. What it demonstrates in tone and conclusions, however, should be appreciated by everyone who thinks this interregnum is just another blip, and we are turning corners once more on our way to the sunny uplands of growth.
The paper offers a particular view about how to ‘reduce the cost’ of Sovereign and banking defaults. In it there are three starting assumptions:
1. It isn’t if but when
2. When the next event occurs, bailins will be used
3. Debtors should be allowed to move their defaults back…that is, move the goalposts, kick cans down the road etc etc.

Iran Barred From Geneva 2 Talks and Edward Snowden's Bid For Ancient Post Rector Of Glasgow University

Molucca Media: Respected Iraqi political exile, Dr Sami Ramadani, discusses the recent Geneva 2 Talks - how Iran have been barred from attending those talks and more. Tory MP Mark Pritchard, an intelligence and security expert, failed to show. On discussion was Edward Snowden's bid to run for the ancient post of rector of Glasgow University, one of the oldest and best in the world.


Transparency is as transparency does
By John Ward: There are myriad ways to judge what the real nature of the Transparency of Lobbying (2014) Bill might be. As of this morning by the way (subject only to the formality of Royal Assent) it has passed into law.
I say there are ways one can judge, because merely looking at the bare content (which I’ve now done at length) isn’t going to get you far in terms of interpreting what it might be used for, and what motives might lie behind it. Hence the observations and suggestions outlined below.
1. I am always wary of legislation (or indeed any political pronouncement) that contains the word ‘transparency’. Such abstract nouns are intrinsically Orwellian, in that more often than not, the real meaning is antithetical to the nomenclature. It smacks of protesting too much.

Sexual Objectification, Ass-essed + Feminism and Objectification

johntheother: It is one of the goals of feminism to force men to stop taking an aesthetic interest in women. In feminist language, this is called sexual objectification. And if they succeed, it will be a lever of control of men, lost to women. And let's be honest here -- we're talking about feminists. So what would they have left. They'd have to do the the one thing feminists are terrified to do. They'd have to deal with men as equals.

Sexual Pleasure, Punishment and Self-Protection

Stefan Molyneux: Getting power through emotional unavailability, the damning of sexuality, pleasure and punishment, addicted to physical possessions, the morality of a non-aggressive military job, a dream analysis based on self-censorship, investing in human capital, escaping isolation and the journey towards happiness.

Comparing The World's PIG's (Prisoner Industrial Gulags) + InfoGraphic

WD: Residents incarcerated per 100,000 - USA 716, UK 132, Libya 82, Sweden 67. Lets see how long it takes the UK to catch up with Top Gun USA after privatization of the prisons. 

By Criminal Justice Degree Hub: At least 11 million people are sitting in prisons and detention centers around the world. And with the global population continuing to rise, prison population numbers are only going to swell in the coming decades. Let’s explore how justice is meted out around the world.