2 Feb 2014

Revelations with Erin Pizzey: Nadine O'Connor & James Williams

Paul Elam: Great free form discussion with Nadine O'Connor and James Williams. Fathers 4 Justice, male suicide, international child abduction, terrible behaviour by the UK's Labour, Liberal Democrat, and Conservative Parties, and more!

Good Christians Help Their Friends Masturbate

Israeli Spy Minister Threatens To Invade Gaza Over Global Apartheid Boycott

Minister of Strategic and Intelligence Affairs for International Relations of Israel Yuval Steinitz (Reuters / Eduardo Munoz)RT: Spy minister Yuval Steinitz has lashed out against John Kerry’s warning of a boycott if Israeli-Palestinian peace talks fail, and said the green shirt death squads will invade Gaza with more white phosphorus if their oppressed victims don't stop shooting home made fireworks at Israel in defiance of their apartheid regime.
In a heated attack on John Kerry’s speech at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Steinitz accused the US Secretary of State of holding a gun to Israel’s head in the peace negotiations even though the Israel regime receives billions in free military hardware every year causing America to go bust. Kerry triggered a wave of jewish criticism in the Israel gulag when he said there is talk of boycotts if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not come to an end.
"The risks are very high for Israel,” Kerry said Saturday. People are talking about boycott. That will intensify in the case of failure. We all have a strong interest in this conflict resolution.”
Steinitz repeated his tired old guff: “Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with a gun to its head when we are discussing the matters which are most critical to our national interests.” He added that Kerry was “messianic” in his mission to find a solution to the conflict.

Furthermore, Steinitz claimed that the US diplomat’s remarks were counterintuitive to the peace effort as they encourage the beleaguered Palestinians to harden their positions in bilateral negotiations.

MGTOW Beyonce Anti-Medley + AVfM X Art v The RadFems

"If you like it then you should have put a cock ring on it."
(If I Were A Boy, Bills Bills Bills, Single Ladies)

The "Impossible" But Inevitable Solution: Decentralization

By Charles Hugh Smith: What lies beyond the current failing, unsustainable versions of Capitalism and Socialism? Decentralization.
Correspondent John D. recently sent in a link to an interview with energy expert and author Jeremy Leggett. The title, "Make no mistake, this is an energy civil war" is a bit sensationalist, but the gist of his point is that centralized control of energy (and the capital that controls the energy and distribution networks) are colliding with new models of decentralized, locally autonomous control and ownership of energy generation and distribution.
Given the immense power of the banking/energy/political Elites that directly benefit from centralization of energy, capital and political power, I term this decentralization solution "impossible." Yet because it is driven by the diminishing returns of the centralized model and the emergence of the Web as an unstoppable force distributing decentralization and new models, the transition from ossified, failing centralized models to adaptive, faster-better-cheaper decentralized models is also inevitable.
This is the context of Leggett's view that there is an 'energy civil war' between the powers defending centralization and those promoting community ownership and control of energy:


TROPFEST: Waving goodbye to your kids is something most parents do without thinking. Follow this single Dad's journey as he documents 8 months of saying goodbye to his two children, by capturing the missing moments between. Honest, heartfelt and true, this short was captured entirely on an iPhone.

A Message To 'Good' Women That 'Get It'

bar bar: Perhaps you don't quite get it just yet...

Official Admits To Apartheid Israel's Inability To Stop International Boycotts

The apartheid Tel Aviv regime cannot stop a growing international anti-Israel boycott campaign over the Israeli settlement activities on the occupied Palestinian territories, an official admits.
UK BANNED Press TV: The Israeli Foreign Ministry official, whose name was not mentioned in the report, acknowledged on Sunday that Europe will continue to ban Israel as long as it presses ahead with its settlement activities on Palestinian land.
“We cannot truly fight against the will to boycott us,” said the official, adding, “There is no way to explain the fundamental issue that troubles even our most prominent companies in the world. It is impossible to face the subject of boycotts while not facing the subject of settlements. That is the truth.”
There is aboycott fashion in Europe against Israel and “as long as Israel continues to build, this phenomenon will persist and it will be difficult to prevent it without handling this political issue,” the Israeli official said.
The comments came after two of Europe’s biggest financial institutions boycotted transactions with Israeli companies involved in settlement construction on occupied Palestinian land.

New Model Of Governance in Bailout Europe: Silence, Lies, and Evasion

By Don Quijones: Recent events in Spain have left me in even more a fog of confusion than usual. Here’s why: a little over a month ago, just before Christmas, it was announced to the loudest possible fanfare that Spain had finally fulfilled all its bailout obligations. 
Its work done, the Troika was withdrawing its troops. After 18 long, arduous months of economic belt-tightening, Spain had finally regained its independence, its government and people liberated from the shackles of neo-colonial economic rule.
Personally speaking, I had my reservations. But even I, a seasoned skeptic, never imagined that the Troika’s shock troops would be back quite so soon. On Thursday morning, while scrolling the home page of El Diario, the following headline caught my eye:
IMF Technocrats Do Not Deign To Explain Their Reforms in Spain
The technocrats in question were two chief economists from the IMF’s European Department, Martin Schindler and Jasmin Rahmen, and two assistants from the same department, Helge Berger and Antonio Spilimbergo.
They were in Madrid for the express purpose of present their latest study, “Employment and Growth: Supporting European Recovery” — a title that proves, if nothing else, that the “Fund of Funds” hasn’t lost its sense of humour.

Auroville In The Process Of Succeeding - And the Ohm Choir - Narad

Morris: Auroville belongs to no one in particular. Auroville has a divine purpose? Auroville a Noah's Ark of the world?

Heart Attack Man Sanctioned - Royal Baby In Mustique - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News


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