12 Feb 2014

One Is Too Many - Hypocrisy Laid Bare

MrShadowfax42: Note for the final clip, the woman had already hit the man in the eye prior to the clip. And yes, the man at 2:12 is blind.

EU Spending Over $400m On Secret Drone Project

RT: The EU is investing hundreds of millions of taxpayer euros in the development of surveillance drones without political oversight, a report claims. The authors of the document warn the EU is secretly encouraging the further militarization of the region.
A report entitled ‘Eurodrones Inc.’ published by rights group Statewatch describes how the EU is channeling taxpayers’ money into surveillance drone projects without their knowledge.

More than 315 million euro ($430 million) has so far been spent in EU research funding on drone technology or drones geared towards a specific purpose such as policing or border control,”
writes the report.

However, the document points out that the research funding is largely invisible to the people and parliaments of Europe and lacks the proper political oversight. According to the report this was achieved by a secret budget line that was included in new EU legislation on air traffic control for this year.

The report describes a 20-year roadmap that aims to introduce surveillance drones into EU airspace and highlights that this plan is being shaped bythinly accountable officials and representatives of large corporations.

Saudi Arabia The Terrorist Middle Man For The CIA

Valentine's Day MGTOW

Vinny Mac: The double standards of Valentine's Day.

**RED ALERT STORM** live report - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

Misandry: Man & Woman Have Drunk Sex, He’s A ‘Rapist’ And She’s A ‘Victim’

James Taranto has written a piece for the Wall Street Journal that is the epitome of common sense. Of course it has been purposefully misconstrued by chattering radical feminists.
By Taranto writes about sex partners who engage in mutually reckless drunken sex; that is, both parties are intoxicated and mutually decide, in their drunken states, to have sex.Taranto says it is unjust to hold only the man responsible when two drunks mutually decide to have sex.
And this is controversial, how?
It’s not. To label one drunk who decides to have sex a “victim” while labeling the other drunk who decides to have sex a rapist – based solely on the genders of the drunks – is something out of “Mad Men.” In Taranto’s scenario, the male is every bit as much a rape “victim” as the female, and the female is every bit as much a “rapist” as the male. Taranto wasn’t talking about a man who decides to rape an incapacitated woman, Taranto was talking about mutually stupid drunken sex. Period.
Taranto’s take is common sense, people. Only someone dishonest, stupid, or insane could disagree.
Cue Tara Culp-Ressler.
“In a Wall Street Journal column published on Monday,” Culp-Ressler writes, “conservative commentator James Taranto argued that a ‘balanced’ approach to the college sexual assault crisis involves placing equal blame on rapists and their victims, if both of them were drinking alcohol.”
What the hell are you talking about, Culp-Ressler?

Slavery 101 - Dating As Taught To Girls

By : Women are groomed to enslave men. This is no secret.
They openly, unabashedly, share their tips on how to capture and keep men as their possessions, and some writers make a good living by sharing their advice on how to be a good slave owner. Women’s magazines are filled with articles telling them how to get and keep a man and women read these articles enthusiastically because they want to learn all the tricks.
Sherry Argov is a New York Times bestselling author. Her books, Why men love bitches and Why men marry bitches use humour but the message is clear. “Men control the world, but women control the men.
Having control in a relationship manifests in many ways but attempts at control are quite simple. Get the man you want, get him to marry you, make sure he doesn’t leave or cheat on you. Those are the basics. What happens in the daily manifestations of that relationship merely depends on how good you are at slave owning.
Books aimed at teaching those three principles are a self-help market unto themselves which generates significant income for the authors. Quite often these enslavement techniques go awry and they result in a different sort of book.

Feminists wish to tell us that men are toxic, abusive, and dangerous to women.

Broken EU To Approve GM Crop, Ignoring Majority Members’ Opposition

RT: The European Commission is set to authorize the growing of genetically modified maize on European soil, despite 19 member states voting against the move, highlighting the “absurd” rules of weighted votes in the EU.
In a debate on Tuesday, 19 EU member states indicated that they would vote against the authorization of genetically modified maize because of health and environmental concerns and opposition in the European Parliament.

But because of the so-called comitology rules of the EU, their votes will be insufficient to overturn the decision of bigger member states that support the introduction of insect resistant Pioneer 1507.

The UK and Spain are both in favor of GM crops, while Germany abstained and France is staunchly against their introduction.

Mangina John J. Nazarian Threatens Lawsuit

By It seems that John J. Femi-Nazarian has taken exception to our reportage and commentary on his efforts to coach women to illegally file falsified police reports in order to have their husbands removed from their home by police, and has retained an attorney to threaten us.
I am in receipt of a letter from Attorney Larry Bakman, Avenue of the Stars address dontcha know, expressing Nazarian’s intentions.
As I often do with the mainstream media and other entities, I have opted to respond to Bakman with a link to this post. Nothing like keeping everything on the public record. I suggest first that you read his letter.

I Approve

Misandry: Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto Under Heavy RadFem Attack For Criticizing Double Standards In Sexual Assault Cases

By Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto is under heavy attack for criticizing the way colleges and universities handle sexual assault cases.  In an article published yesterday titled “Drunkeness and Double Standards” Taranto outlines the increasingly tenuous hold male college students have on their right to due process and the presumption of innocence when accused of sexual misconduct.
His argument focuses on one factor which exclusively make men vulnerable when it comes to accusations of sexual assault: alcohol consumption.
After pointing out that reports usually involve instances in which both parties are drinking to excess, as college students often do, he draws an analogy:
If two drunk drivers are in a collision, one doesn’t determine fault on the basis of demographic details such as each driver’s sex. But when two drunken college students “collide,” the male one is almost always presumed to be at fault. His diminished capacity owing to alcohol is not a mitigating factor, but her diminished capacity is an aggravating factor for him.”
This paragraph was cited in a fusillade of articles appearing in the Huffington Post, Thinking Progress and others today deriding Taranto as a rape apologist and accusing him of colluding with men’s rights activists even though he has never identified as one.

Bundesbank Moves Away From Specific Gold Repatriation Schedule

By Michael Krieger: I am typically hesitant to highlight foreign articles that have been translated by others from languages I can’t comprehend. That said, Koos Jansen of In Gold We Trust, is someone who does great work and so I am running with his latest blog post on German gold repatriation, or a lack thereof.
According to Peter Boehringer, Founder German Precious Metal Society, it appears that the German Bundesbank is backing away from a specific repatriation schedule for the nation’s gold. He sources this claim from a recent article written in the Handelsblatt, titled ”Silence is Golden.” So in other words, the Federal Reserve told them to get lost.
Here are excerpts from Koos’ translation of Peter’s piece:
Due to new developments, the initiators of the Repatriate Our Gold action today publish a small update. The print version of the German Handelsblatt today (02.06.2014) published a substantial three page feature exclusively on the German Gold Reserves, widely known to be stored by the German Bundesbank, the Fed, the Banque de France, and the Bank of England. Under the ambiguous title ”Silence is Golden,” no less than four Handelsblatt editors along with Norbert Häring, a senior and competent voice in matters of Gold vs Money, delivered a piece that is in parts pretty critical against the Bundesbank and addresses questions that are familiar to the readers of this blog.