13 Feb 2014

MGTOW Boycott Valentine's Day and BS!!! (Benevolent Sexism)

By Marc Rudov explains that men spend twice as much money on women on Valentines Day than women on men, and that men should boycott such a one-sided ritual. Here he debates the case with feminist Tanya Acker who claims that Valentine’s Day is a necessary way for men to demonstrate chivalry toward women.

Misandry: Woody Allen And The Court Of Public Opinion

By Let me say straight up that Woody Allen revolts me. He seems, to me, like a repulsive little toad of a man. Though it’s not his littleness that offends me; it’s the whole snivelling, ingratiating pseudo-intellectual package.
If it came down to me and Woody Allen as the last two people on earth, humanity would be over.
And do you know what all of that is evidence of?
My feelings about Woody Allen and his epic un-fuckability (in my eyes) are not evidence of anything. The most common word to describe the feeling Woody evokes is “creepiness. ” I know that is a word used to shame men who haven’t done anything wrong, but in this case, all it describes are my feelings: he’s a man I find the thought of fucking revolting. Sexual attention from him would disgust me.
I think a lot of women are as viscerally disgusted by Woody Allen as I am, but rather than understand that their feelings are their feelings, feelings that are their problem not Woody Allen’s, they are using those feelings to convict Woody Allen of child molestation in the courts of public opinion.
Nuh-uh. Your feelings haven’t got anything to do with it, cupcake. They’re your problem not anyone else’s.

The Banksters: JP Morgan’s Disturbing Links to the CIA, NYPD and More…

By Michael Krieger: Pam Martens of Wall Street on Parade does some excellent work, in the article today, she dives into a topic frequently discussed on the Wall Street on Parade site. Namely, the incestuous and entirely inappropriate relationship between JP Morgan and law enforcement, including the CIA itself. No wonder no one ever gets in trouble or goes to jail…
Here are some excerpts from her latest:
The nonstop crime news swirling around JPMorgan Chase for a solid 18 months has started to feel a little spooky – they do lots of crime but never any time; and with each closed case, a trail of unanswered questions remains in the public’s mind.
One reason that JPMorgan may have such a spooky feel is that it has aligned itself in no small way with real-life spooks, the CIA kind.


By Paranoid pseudo-skeptic PZ Myers, sycophant to feminist ideologues everywhere, hypothesizes that just because some sites like his own FreeFromThought Blogs, NotVerySkepChick, and others experienced a DDOS attack, it was not random hackers. Nor could it be the case that most high-traffic web sites (including this one) eventually experience some sort of hacker attempt at vandalism. No, it must have been those dastardly Men’s Rights Activists whom he refuses to even engage in intellectually honest dialogue with because we’re pure concentrated evil.
Well as it turns out he’s partially right. The Patriarchy did it. In fact, as leader of The Patriarchy, I did it myself, and say so right here!

Banksters’ Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Max and Simon Rose

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the thousands of think tanks convincing populations to think of the King Joffrey Defense as a legitimate one when an elite murders innocent bystanders or financial markets. They also discuss the housing that is killing productivity in Australia and the UK, but policymakers in both countries are in love with their housing market captors.

Greek Group Vows Attacks On German Firms, Blaming Berlin Bankocracy For Crisis

RT: The Greek police state stepped up security after a leftist extremist group declared war on the German capitalist machine.” (aka bankocracy) The group has claimed responsibility for attacks on a Mercedes-Benz branch and on the German ambassador’s residence in Athens.
An anarchist group calling itself the Popular Fighters has come forward, claiming to be behind a rocket attack on the offices of German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz in the Greek capital.

David Starkey and George Galloway Row Over Rape - Galloway's Mangina Moment

Angelo: David Starkey 1 - George Galloway 0. No means no and that's the MHRM's message to manginas, white knights and feminists. NO more cultural rape of half the population (and their children) with pervasive misandry! 10 out of 10 men face misandry every day and the Stockholm syndrome of the majority of our sex does not nullify that fact. I have long said that the gay community should be on side with the MHRM, well done David.

The MHRM: Chasing Normal

By : Going mainstream or: How I learned to stop saying “fuck” so much and love polite dissent.
The men’s human rights movement (MHRM) is going mainstream. A Voice for Men is also becoming a respected publication, of sorts, but it seems the sort of respect afforded to a bear by wary hikers, not so much the respect a senior credentialed professional enjoys. No matter, it’s a start.
The site founded by Paul Elam as a chainsaw-flavoured men’s rights blog now attracts a growing number of contributors whose established work features prominently in the mainstream. The success of the site, and its continued growth, comes with this mainstreaming effect. For some time, the ideas and opinions published here have been adopted and repeated by writers elsewhere. However, as the site gains traction, and indeed, as we temper the style of our commentary to encourage participation from high profile contributors, those new voices will inevitably bring some of the assumptions of populist public narrative into the landscape of this site.
One such is the phrase “failure to launch”. Popularized by gender ideologues including Kay Hymowitz and Micheal Kimmel, along with conservative traditionalists such as Penny Nance and Bill Bennett. That phrase has been widely adopted since then.
The term refers, of course, to our present mainstream’s characterization of the growing segment of men in the culture who have, whether consciously or not, decided not to mount the traditional treadmill of self sacrifice, career, and marriage.

Zionist Groups Slam Berlin Festival

Pro-Israel lobbies in Germany have reacted angrily to a decision by the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) to honor a director who supports boycotting the Israeli regime.
UK Banned Press TV: The 64th annual film festival is set to grant on Thursday an honorary Golden Bear to Ken Loach, the British film director critical of Tel Aviv’s policies.
In a statement on the festival’s website, Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick said he admires Loach for his “profound interest in people and their individual fates, as well as his critical commitment to society.”
However, German zionazi groups expressed anger at the decision.
Deidre Berger, head of the Berlin office of the American Jewish Committees (AJL), claimed that Loach “uses his prominence to call for a cultural boycott of Israel.”

Laci Green's BS, Improved With Pictures

6oodfella: Laci Green is a young girl who is a self-proclaimed sex expert, she endlessly talks about sex like it's something that she discovered, plasters her face with make-up, has her eyebrows shaped, wears glasses because they're trendy and not a requirement, has her teeth whitened, deliberately places the camera above her to expose her cleavage and make it look better, oh, and did I mention, she talks about sex all the time?

Fuck You, Tammy Bruce - Misandry 2.0

By The old feminism is on the way out, creating a vacuum in women’s politics. Tammy Bruce has apparently decided to take over and fill in the void. Here is her video edict, slickly produced and polished, in which she mightily hails a new breed of feminism, with her at the helm, that is going to replace the corrupt, hateful ideology that current feminism has become. Just watch.
Wow, isn’t that cool? Tammy Bruce has a whole new breed of feminism! She will need a new name for it though; maybe something like feminism-plus or not-the-old-feminism or something else equally catchy and original. Feminism 2.0 is so 2.0.
There are some actual differences between what Bruce is saying and what we have come to know of third wave feminists. First, Tammy does not like sluts and says so with haughty Victorian brio. This is by design. One, she wants to remind women, truly enough, of the power of pussy when they are not slinging it like cheap recreational drugs in a bad neighborhood.

It Doesn’t Take Much For People To Start Behaving Like Crazed Lunatics

By Michael Snyder: If an ice storm can cause this much panic in major US cities, what will a real crisis look like?  The biggest news story in the United States right now is the "historic ice storm" that is hammering the South.  Travel will be a nightmare, schools and businesses will be closed, and hundreds of thousands of people will lose power.  In fact, it is being projected that some people could be without power for up to a week.  But at the end of the day, the truth is that this ice storm is just an inconvenience.  Yes, the lives of millions of Americans will be disrupted for a few days, but soon the ice will melt and life will be back to normal.  Unfortunately, it doesn't take much for people to start behaving like crazed lunatics.  As you will see below, the winter weather is causing average Americans to ransack grocery stores, fight over food items and even pull guns on one another.  If this is how people will behave during a temporary weather emergency, how will they behave when we are facing a real disaster?
This is a perfect example that shows why it is wise to always have emergency food supplies on hand.  According to CNN, all that is left on the shelves of some grocery stores in Atlanta is "corn and asparagus"...
As the skies turned heavy, Atlantans cleaned stores out of loaves of bread, gallons of milk, bundles of firewood and cans of beans and beer. In some stores, all that was left were the apparently less-popular corn and asparagus.