15 Feb 2014

Palestinians and Syrian Army Making Gains - SyrianGirl

Morris: Interview with SyrianGirl

UK Economy Snookered! - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Ronnie O'Sullivan and Nafeez Ahmed

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask how many snooker balls would take for David Cameron to throw into the storms in order to stop the flooding in the UK. To answer the question, Max asks World Snooker Champion, Ronnie O'Sullivan! They also discuss both Cameron's promise for unlimited funds to help the drowning Tory heartland and and how much more income it would require to keep pace with house price inflation in the UK.

Misandry: Being A Man...gina

By The inaugural Being A Man Festival was held in London two weeks ago. It was an event primarily focusing on how men should change so they could better serve women’s wants and needs – ‘redefining masculinity’, that kind of thing. A recurring theme of narratives around ‘redefining masculinity’ is that men must become more like women, in order that women can become more like men. There’s never any recognition in these narratives that the majority of people are gender-typical, for example that many working women would prefer to be at home looking after their children, rather than working to raise the money to pay strangers to look after them. In the UK the tax system militates against women making the choice they’d prefer.
The founder of The White Ribbon Campaign was a keynote speaker at the Festival. The campaign’s strapline is, ‘Men working to end violence against women’. No mention in the Festival programme of men as victims of violence at the hands of women, needless to say.  No mention of the many other problems men and boys face today, and what might be done about them.

Apartheid Israel Uses PA Talks As Cover For Expansionism

The Israeli regime uses the US-brokered negotiations with the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a cover to buy time for its expansionist policies, a political analyst tells Press TV.
UK BANNED Press TV: “…The aims of these discussions and these negotiations…is to bog everything down in order to buy time…,” Mark Glenn with Crescent and the Cross Solidarity Movement said in an interview on Saturday.
The US-based journalist further criticized the Israeli-Palestinian talks and stressed that the talks will be pointless as the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that “there can be no peace with the Palestinians, that this is Jewish-earned land and he intends to use all of the power within his office in order to push the Palestinians out to the furthest regions of the Middle East so that he can realize this dream of greater Israel.”

The Psychology Of Walter White

Rant: Feminism, Academic Dishonesty And Science

HOC Mentions Male Victims Of Rape

COCK Is Coming For Elizabeth Sheehy

Feminism LOL: Elizabeth Sheehy is the author of a book explaining why it's a good idea for women to murder men. Sheehy currently holds many degrees in law and teaches at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

120-Plus Irish Academics In Anti-Israel Boycott

More than 120 Irish academics have boycotted Israeli academic, research and the regime’s institutions in response to Tel Aviv’s contravention of the international law.
UK BANNED Press TV: The academics took the measure in response to the “call from Palestinian civil society for an academic boycott of Israel,” pledging “not to engage in any professional association” with the institutions and those representing them, Palestine News Network reported on Friday, citing the text of the boycott pledge.
They said they would observe the boycott “until such time as Israel complies with international law and universal principles of human rights.”
“The conflict in Palestine has now reached its ‘South African moment’ – the point at which Israeli apartheid has been recognized as such by the international community,” said Professor Haim Bresheeth, a noted London-based film-maker and academic from Israel.
The US, EU and other states have protected Israel and financed its occupation ever since 1967, making it impossible to resolve the conflict through the UN or international diplomatic channels,” Bresheeth said.

Woman Are Inferior: Huffpo

johntheother: The "progressives" who populate Salon, the Huffinton Post, and elsewhere all claim, indirectly, that women are inferior, lesser, non-adults, by comparison to men. Also, James Taranto - who believes women are capable adults is a very very bad man.

And, for my own part, if you use the phrase Rape Apologist in an application other than criticism of the term, you are a dirtbag.

First Pakistani To Sue CIA Over Drones Freed After Kidnapping, Torture

RT: A Pakistani man known for his vocal opposition to the US drone program whose kidnapping outraged activists throughout the world last week has been returned home after being tortured and interrogated, his lawyer announced Friday.
Kareem Khan was last seen in the early morning hours of February 5th outside his home approximately nine miles from Islamabad. He is said to have been abducted by 15 – 20 men, some of whom were wearing police uniforms, and taken away.
The kidnapping, which happened as his wife and children were also at home, came just days before Khan was scheduled to testify to lawmakers in Europe about a drone strike that killed his father, brother, and a Taliban leader Khan is suspected of sheltering.

Money Is No Object + JJ Bola - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver