16 Feb 2014

Alert: At Least 20 Banksters Now Dead!

The Doc: The sudden rash of banksters expiring in mysterious ways has been well documented Jim Willie revealed that we are seeing bankers removed who are on the verge of revealing big data details on FOREX bank fraud. News of the latest JPM banker to be found dead (Ryan Crane, the Executive Director of JPM’s Global Equities Group) went viral after European banking source V claimed that Crane & the JPM London banker who fell from the top of JPM’s London HQ last weekknew each other & had uncovered something“. If the bombshell news the investigative journalists at Infowars have just released is accurate, it appears that the number of bankers found dead in the past several weeks has now swelled to over 20, and includes a slew of mid-level bankers as well as the top level execs. Gerald Celente & Alex Jones discuss the news that the number of dead bankers has now reached 20 below:

Marx Was Right: Five Ways Karl Marx Predicted 2014 - Rebutted!

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan responds to the recent article "Marx Was Right: Five Surprising Ways Karl Marx Predicted 2014" by Sean Mcelwee from Rolling Stone.

John Nazarian Speaks

Suzy McCarley: He keeps telling us to shut the hell up about this. Ain't gonna happen any time soon.

The Fate Of A Good Bankster In Spain’s Financial Bloodbath

By Don Quijones: Given the sheer scale of their recent betrayal, it is tempting to tar all banksters with the same brush. Indeed, in today’s vernacular the words good and banker seem like impossible bedfellows.
But as hard as it may seem, there are still a few good apples out there (though their numbers are falling precipitously). They include people who actually honour their fiduciary responsibilities and care about providing their customers with a good service. One of them is a middle-aged Spanish man called Antonio Gómez Ortega.
Until not too long ago Gómez Ortega was the manager of a branch of Caja Madrid in Linares, a small city nestled in the upper reaches of Spain’s Southern province of Andalusia. In many respects he was a branch manager of the vieja escuela (old school) — dedicated, hard-working, and well regarded both by head office in Madrid and many of his local customers.
However, in the latter of years of Spain’s construction bubble his relations with head office and his customers began to sour. The reason was a financial product called preferentes (preferred bonds) which Caja Madrid’s head office was pressuring all its local branches to aggressively sell to their customers.

Lectured by a Mumbai Feminist

By : It was through the mail that I received notification about a prestigious event, the 21st Smt. Bansari Sheth endowment lecture to be delivered by the famous feminist, Flavia Agnes from Mumbai.
This was the invite:
The Asiatic Society of Mumbai
takes pleasure in inviting you and your friends to
the 21st Smt. Bansari Sheth Endowment Lecture
Flavia Agnes
Legal scholar and Director, Legal Centre of Majlis
‘The making of a modern nation through the Hindu code bill:
The Nehruvian agenda’
Wednesday, 12th February, 2014, at 6.00 p.m.
in the Durbar Hall of the Society.
Dr. Kamala Ganesh
Former Professor of Sociology, University of Mumbai, 
will preside.
 Needless to say, I was keen for the chance  to interact with a feminist of her stature. I enquired with the Asiatic Society about the event, whether it was open to the general public as well as whether or not  there would be a Q&A session – although I almost smiled at my naiveté in expecting feminists to debate their beliefs or even being allowed to question them.

ZoNation: Observing Black History Month

PJ Media: Zo takes a look at what Carter G.Woodson was celebrating, when he pioneered 'Negro History Week.' Has more of the black community become what Carter envisioned as a cause for celebration? Hear More in this ZoNation.


MrShadowfax42: Please support J4MB and consider making further complaints to the BBC.

How The German Legal System Failed Horst Arnold

By : Imagine you are accused of a terrible crime against a woman you didn’t commit. One of your co-workers claims you raped her. And not just any rape, but a brutal anal rape that left her bleeding from her rectum. You are arrested by the police and questioned. You are put on trial where your accuser produces not a single shred of evidence. Rape kit? DNA evidence? Examination of physical injuries? No, none of that. Not even any bloodstains on the supposed victim’s clothing. She claims she burned her bloody underwear because she was so ashamed of what had happened. The trial doesn’t last long. It’s your word against hers. She’s seems like a charming woman who could never make up a horrible story like that. The judge believes her.
You are sentenced to five years in prison. Most people don’t have to serve their entire sentence. They are released earlier for good behaviour. But a requirement for that is to show remorse for what you did. You don’t feel remorse. You aren’t guilty and you cannot regret what you didn’t do. You could fake a confession to get out earlier, but you know you are not a rapist. You insist on your innocence. After the full five years, you are finally released. But much more than just five years of your life have been stolen from you. You’ve lost your partner, your friends, your job. Only your family still believes in you. You send out hundreds of applications for new jobs, but no one is willing to hire a convicted rapist. You’re in your late forties and you have two children of your own, but you have to move back in with your parents. The world has betrayed you and you become depressed.

Dean Esmay Interview with The New Republic