21 Feb 2014

Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam

CollegeHumor: ...but you'll still end up buying one.

An Introduction To Evil

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan explains the basics of evil.

The EU’s Energy And Green Boss Is An Ignoramus On CO2

Direction of CO2 information in context of econut brain (Reconstruction)
Something rotten in Denmark as CO2 fanatic Thomsen emits new CO2 bollocks
By John Ward: If you can’t deal with the financial, or the social, or the foreign policy, or the currency, well then: why not turn to the world of fantasy? Quite so: we’ve had three years of Wily Eurocoyote now, but steaming along in the background has been the good ship SS Eureconut. Having steamed up the Severn in order to flood southern England, the SS Eureconut is now moored securely off Looneyland, that last place on the planet that continues to ignore the overwhelming destruction of the case against CO2 greenhouse gas syndrome.
Britta Thomsen has all the credentials necessary for a fighter on the side of bollocks against unsettled science: she is a full member of the EU Committee on Energy, and is the Dean of the Gender Equality Committee. On being re-elected this year, Mzzz Thomsen told us all “The EU’s importance for Denmark is growing every year, and it is important that we Social Democrats engage in cross-border struggling to influence the EU in the right direction”.
Oh dear. Yesterday she steered her “ambitious and binding targets” through the European parliament, which voted in favour of the 2030 framework for climate and energy policy on greenhouse gas reductions. I bet the Ed Miller Band is creaming its jeans.

The Dating Racket And Its “Heartless Robbers”

By : Diana Davison’s recent article on A Voice for Men, “Slavery 101, dating as taught to girls” puts the spotlight on the message of a major, and lucrative,  ”relationship” literature industry, focusing on the overt message of woman as slave owner / man as slave.
Dorothy Dix, the world’s most successful female columnist of the first half of the 20th century, whose columns were syndicated internationally, had more than a few words to say about the matter of female predatoriness and the gullibility of their chivalrous targets. In fact, Dix’s writings throughout the fifty years or so tenure as the most prominent female voice  in popular media, are a goldmine of insight into the real public discussion of the relations between the sexes in the pre-1960s era (a time period which has been mangled and censored mercilessly by the hoaxers of the official narrative “herstory,” which is presented today as fact rather than what it is: ideologically distorted mythology).
The following 1938 discussion of the dating game as deployed by what we might call “militarized” girls of the dating scene of the day describes a state of affairs which had been already for decades a long-standing matter of public concern, namely young men’s aversion to matrimony in light of their awareness of the laws which set them up for alimony — or, less frequently, for “breach of promise” lawsuit scams.

Tia Callin Out Feminists On Their Shit

Tia Foster: Tia talks trash about feminists

What is Misandry?

definition of feminismBy Anti-Misandry:
What is 'misandry' and what is 'anti-misandry'?
Misandry is the hatred of males as a sex, as opposed to misogyny, the hatred of women; or misanthropy, hatred of the human species. Misandry comes from misos (Greek μῖσος, "hatred" + andr-ia (Greek anér-andros, "man&quot. Those holding misandric beliefs can be of either sex. Thus it holds to common sense that Anti Misandry is to work toward removing misandry from our culture.

Can you give me some demonstrations of misandry?
Sure. Have a look at the second-wave feminist view of men for an example. Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist who shot Andy Warhol in 1968, provides a famous example of misandry in her self-published SCUM Manifesto. In case you're wondering, SCUM is an acronym for 'Society for Cutting Up Men', practically a call for gendercide, the culling of men. Quite literally, Solanas expressed her desire to "institute complete automation and destroy the male sex."a

Wow, this is pretty bad stuff - what can I do about misandry?

China Starts To Make A Power Move Against The U.S. Dollar

US Dollars - Photo by selbstfotografiertBy Michael Snyder: In order for our current level of debt-fueled prosperity to continue, the rest of the world must continue to use our dollars to trade with one another and must continue to buy our debt at ridiculously low interest rates. Of course the number one foreign nation that we depend on to participate in our system is China.  China accounts for more global trade than anyone else on the planet (including the United States), and most of that trade is conducted in U.S. dollars.  This keeps demand for our dollars very high, and it ensures that we can import massive quantities of goods from overseas at very low cost.  As a major exporting nation, China ends up with gigantic piles of our dollars.  They lend many of those dollars back to us at ridiculously low interest rates.  At this point, China owns more of our national debt than any other country does.  But if China was to decide to quit playing our game and started moving away from U.S. dollars and U.S. debt, our economic prosperity could disappear very rapidly.  Demand for the U.S. dollar would fall and prices would go up.  And interest rates on our debt and everything else in our financial system would go up to crippling levels.  So it is absolutely critical to our financial future that China continues to play our game.
Unfortunately, there are signs that China has now decided to start looking for a smooth exit from the game.

Anita And The Holy Misandry Will Save Us From Our Sins - Honey Badger Radio

AVoiceforMen: Anita Sarkeesian will receive the Game Developers Choice Awards Ambassador Award, a prize honoring individuals who help the video games industry "advance to a better place" through advocacy.
We here at Honey Badger Radio don’t think the GDCA has gone far enough.  Anita’s work opposing damseling by damseling is worth far more than just an award. She’s a candidate for sainthood. Saint Sarkesiaan will cleanse all gamers of misogyny! Hall a lu yah

Obama's Next Assassination Target