22 Feb 2014

“Last Minute Resistance” and Date Rape

By The call of the Banshee is usually not something one wants to follow but can, on occasion, lead to an interesting discovery. Such is the case when Jezebel reported the successful removal of a “guide to date rape” from Amazon. Accidental systematic misandry showed its ugly face in this case when Amazon, while de-listing that particular book, still happily sells titles like Valerie Solanas’ SCUM Manifesto, which promotes the extermination of the male sex. (I really wonder what would happen to a guy who wanted to publish a “satirical” book on the extermination of the female sex.) 
While this article could address censorship, systemic misandry, or Jezebel as a harbinger of social collapse, I’ve chosen instead to discuss erroneous PUA thinking as exemplified by the ebook LMR Exposed by a PUA named Vincent Vinturi who promotes some, shall we say, rather risky techniques. (“LMR” stands for Last Minute Resistance.)
To be perfectly clear, dating is inherently ambiguous. The feminist fantasy of “enthusiastic consent” is bullshit.
What you experience in real life is that interested women will give off “maybe” signals. They may play with their hair and smile from ear to ear while tempting you with seductive glances but, at the end of the date, the burden to approach is typically on you.

Where most PUAs go completely overboard is when they conflate interest that is not well-articulated with clearly articulated disinterest. Just have a look at the opening of the sales letter of LMR Exposed:

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Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the new game called the Hunger Gains. In a financialized zero sum world, Housing Gains plus Hunger Pains equals The Hunger Gains. This game is sponsored by China, however, and if they withdraw their sponsorship by dumping their trillion in US Treasuries, a new game called working may have to happen.

The Loser Girl - MGTOW

Sandman: Today I'm going to talk about a girl that I met this past summer and no these are not actually pictures of her. Anyways the loser girl I want to talk about, lets call her Tina is 30 years old and Portuguese. I met her in the middle of last year at an event she was volunteering at. At that time she was a flight attendant for a major Canadian airline and had spent about a year going through the sporadic training and then was fired only a couple of months after starting the job. She delayed a flight because she was busy crying in the bathroom after one of the other flight attendants called her names.

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corbettreport:  We explore the life and work of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. From his humble origins to his bold proclamation of anarchism to his brief political career, his imprisonment and exile, and his posthumous banishment to the fringes of the canon, we take a look at the thoughts and ideas of the first self-proclaimed anarchist.

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Stefan Molyneux: Stefan speaks with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about the violent protests in Ukraine, evidence that the United States is fueling the conflict with taxpayer dollars and the dangerous game that is being played in the attempt to install military and missile bases on the Russian border.

British MP Says UK Involved In Importing And Exporting Terrorism

A British conservative lawmaker says the country is involved in “importing and exportingterrorism.
UK BANNED Press TV: In a recent interview with The Times of Israel, Robert Halfon said extremists are "indoctrinated in the UK" and then go "to Syria to fight."

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Tyler Durden's picture By now everyone knows that the Chinese credit bubble has hit unprecedented proportions. If they don't, we remind them with the following chart of total bank "assets" (read debt) added since the collapse of Lehman: China literally puts the US to shame, where in addition to everything, the only actual source of incremental credit growth over the same time period has been the Fed as banks have used reserves as margin for risk purchases instead of lending.

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By When this was posted on the Facebook page, someone asked if it was for real. Uh, no, but the fact that she looked at it and even wondered said a lot. PE