27 Feb 2014

Yes The Government Is Spying On You Through Your Webcam – Another “Conspiracy Theory” Proven True

By Michael Krieger: I still remember many years ago in response to becoming aware of the possibility that my computer webcam could be accessed remotely I decided to put a piece of duct tape over the camera. I also remember the look on some of my friends’ faces upon seeing this. They thought I was nuts. It wasn’t even a conversation I was comfortable having since the idea that the government or NSA could or would peep on innocent Americans through their webcams was beyond preposterous for the vast majority of people
This topic is not exactly new, and I addressed it last April in my piece: A Look into the Malware the FBI Uses to Spy Through Webcams.
Now, thanks to Edward Snowden, we know more. Much, much more.
From the Guardian:
Britain’s surveillance agency GCHQ, with aid from the US National Security Agency, intercepted and stored the webcam images of millions of internet users not suspected of wrongdoing, secret documents reveal.

MGTOW 101: The Patriarchy + Be Loud + The Man Cave + The Matriarchy

"...on the second Tuesday of every month all the men get together in secret man caves to figure out ways to put themselves above women..."

‘Good Father’ - Prentice Powell

The Arsenio Hall Show: Prentice Powell makes his third appearance on Arsenio's show with an extremely powerful and emotional performance of "Good Father." Powell didn't leave a dry eye in the place.

Man - The Walking Wallet

By : Usually I don’t have to put up with stupid shit. As most of you now know, I’m very introverted, so my encounters with “the real world” are few; but the last few of weeks have blown my mind, and I’m not even living in a major city center, I live in a “hick” city. This is spurred on by a video (below) the Youtuber Sandman posted, it had a single line in it which was just too much for me to ignore, and I spent the afternoon at work obsessing over the last few weeks. This is  the resulting rant.
I turned up at the flooring shop a couple weeks ago to grab some supplies, banter with the staff, and make off like a bandit (it was payday). There was this guy at the counter, well kept younger guy. From what I gathered, he owns a jewelry store, is about to get married, and is about to sign off on flooring bill.
The saleslady dealing with him obligatorily asks, “And you’re sure this is the one you want?”
He responds rather off-handedly, “It’s the one she picked. Whatever makes her happy, right?”
And the saleslady says something like, “It’s usually for the best.”
The female manager couldn’t resist adding her two cents in, “What do they say? Happy wife, happy life.” And he grins ecstatically.
I cannot express enough, the sheer stupidity of this encounter. I was mentally screaming at him, but I could not say a thing, because  my job relies on men like him. Single men and single women, do NOT buy flooring. Married women buy flooring, with the money of these walking wallets. Being a jeweller, he should have seen the irony of his situation; men have no use for jewellery, and single women won’t spend their own money on expensive  jewellery. Jewellers and flooring guys like us would starve if women never got married to blue-pill morons.

Triangle Of Fraud - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Andrew Spooner

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the 'cling-ons' unable to afford to live in London, while in Texas, Rex Tillerson of Exxon, the man most responsible for pushing fracking across the nation, refuses to have it happen in his backyard.

Political Correctness - Does it work or is it a waste of time? Truth Revolt

Talking Gaza and Education - Wide Awake Radio

Ry Dawson: Ukraine - This is the epicenter of the latest cold war eruption. A gang of thugs backed by Russia is contending with another gang of thugs backed by the US and the EU for control of this bankrupt, historically problematic former Soviet republic. As the gateway to the oil rich steppes of Central Asia, Ukraine is a big prize in the battle for control of energy production and distribution and neither side shows any sign of backing down.

House of Cards: What They Aren't Telling You!

Stefan Molyneux: The hidden meanings and unspoken history behind the Netflix series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey.

The role of volcanoes in Greek economic recovery and of cheap shares in delayed global warming syndrome

The Earth is still doomed, but Greece is just fine. Allegedly.

By John Ward: Hang on to your hats…here comes the latest climate warming ‘new factor’ – volcanoes. The LA Times has this to say:
‘Adding the volcanic activity into calculations effectively reduced the discrepancy between observed temperature trends and the models that underpin the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s reports on climate change attributable to human activity. Those models assumed that the additional aerosols pumped into the atmosphere by such events at the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines would eventually subside to zero.“That’s not what happened in the real world,” said said Benjamin D. Santer, a climate scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who was lead author of the new study. “Effectively, the real world has experienced a partial cooling effect associated with this uptick in volcanic activity.”
But it won’t last, we’re told. Oooooh no, it won’t because you see, we’re doomed.

Monsanto's 'Men Killer' Roundup Linked To Fatal Kidney Disease

RT: A heretofore inexplicable fatal, chronic kidney disease that has affected poor farming regions around the globe may be linked to the use of biochemical giant Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide in areas with hard water, a new study has found.
The new study was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.
Researchers suggest that Roundup, or glyphosate, becomes highly toxic to the kidney once mixed with “hard” water or metals like arsenic and cadmium that often exist naturally in the soil or are added via fertilizer. Hard water contains metals like calcium, magnesium, strontium, and iron, among others. On its own, glyphosate is toxic, but not detrimental enough to eradicate kidney tissue.
The glyphosate molecule was patented as a herbicide by Monsanto in the early 1970s. The company soon brought glyphosate to market under the name “Roundup,” which is now the most commonly used herbicide in the world.
The hypothesis helps explain a global rash of the mysterious, fatal Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown etiology (CKDu) that has been found in rice paddy regions of northern Sri Lanka, for example, or in El Salvador, where CKDu is the second leading cause of death among men.

Apartheid Israel's WB Butchery Amounts To War Crimes: Amnesty

Amnesty International says unlawful killing and injuring of Palestinian civilians by Israeli green shirts in the occupied West Bank amounts to war crimes.
UK BANNED Press TV: "The report presents a body of evidence that shows a harrowing pattern of unlawful killings and unwarranted injuries of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces in the West Bank," Philip Luther, director of the Middle East and North Africa program at Amnesty International, said in a report on Thursday.

U.S. Senator Wants to Ban Bitcoin – To be Followed by Book Burning and Witch Hunts

By Michael Krieger: Before the U.S. gets too far behind the curve on this important topic, I urge the regulators to work together, act quickly, and prohibit this dangerous currency from harming hard-working Americans.
- Senator Joe Manchin, in his letter calling for a ban on Bitcoin
Whenever you hear a politician say he or she wants to do something to “protect hard-working Americans,” you know this person is so full of shit that whatever proposal being peddled should be treated with extreme skepticism. It’s incredible to me that this sort of infantile and transparently superficial language actually still works on people, but apparently it does.