28 Feb 2014

The Inhuman Israelis Have Bombarded The People Of Gaza Again

The apartheid Israeli regime has launched another airstrike against the people of the Gaza Strip in the north of the besieged enclave.
UK BANNED Press TV: On Friday, an Israeli drone fired a rocket on a farmland near the city of Beit Hanoun with no immediate reports of injuries or material damage.
The attack took place right after a Palestinian was shot and injured by Israeli troops in the east of the town of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza.
On Monday, an Israeli airstrike hit a base belonging the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah on the Lebanon-Syria border near the village of Janta.
The resistance movement said on Wednesday that it would “choose the appropriate time and place as well as appropriate means to respond.”
The Israeli regime launched a war of aggression on the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah in 2006. The conflict killed about 1,200 Lebanese people and 160 Israelis.
Gaza has been blockaded since June 2007, a situation that has caused a decline in the standards of living, unprecedented levels of unemployment, and unrelenting poverty.

Hungary Kicked The IMF Out And Supports Russia On Ukraine + Ukraine Set to Ignite in Civil War

Morris: Russia is building a multi billion $ nuclear plant in Hungary. Joaquin Flores

Whispers of Dissent Within the Feminist Echo Chamber + Lies, Damned Lies, and Charles Clymer

By Well, the article at The New Republic is up, and it’s a mixed bag. Which generally means mostly awful (and offal, heh), but with a few pleasant surprises.
For my part, my over 42-and-change minute interview on a number of different topics was condensed into a single quoted sentence fragment, and a two sentence soundbite about false accusations.
If anyone is interested in hearing what Ms. Matchar and I actually talked about for over 40 minutes, feel free to click here.
Issues we discussed:
Why I got involved in the Men’s Rights Movement. Whether culturally propagated rape myths (such as the myth that ordinary, otherwise decent guys will commit rape if they have the chance, an unwillingness to accept the empirical evidence that 90% of rapes of women are committed by a small percentage of men who are recidivists, and frequent comparisons between the attrition rate for rape with the conviction rate for other crimes) coupled with a near-constant public emphasis on the “re-victimizing” of women by the system and how difficult reporting is, discourages women from reporting.
Whether men should be considered rape victims when women have sex with them against their will, through use of threats, force, or drug/alcohol incapacitation. Currently, in statistical data such as that gathered by the CDC, for whom feminist Mary Koss acts as a consultant, such men are not considered rape victims, even if they have been forced into sex.

Super MHRA Karen Straughan and Feminism Apologist Naomi Wolf - Do We Need Feminism?

FreeStateProjectNH: Gender discrimination has been a fixture in our history from suffrage through to equal pay and other rights under the law. Historically equality movements like feminism have had a hugely important role in achieving equality but many people believe modern third wave feminism focuses on gender exceptionalism rather than egalitarianism. Additionally policies typically suggested by modern feminism aim to use government force to correct the remaining problems they perceive within society. This panel examines the role feminism currently has in society and asks if it is necessary to support egalitarian objectives or if it has just become another adjunct for statists to advance their goals.

Apartheid: Do We Want A Jewish State?

Mens Rights Activists vs Crazy Feminists

felix femhater: Joe Rogan and Stefan Molyneux start with the incident in Canada about Warren Ferrell that was disrupted by feminists. They soon coming to the conclusion, that feminists are not really for equality and human rights as they claim to be.

EU’s Misandric Zero Tolerance Policy And The Swedish State - The Coming Censorship

By : The European Parliament has accustomed us to anti-free speech legislation and with regulations that defy even the most basic notions of common sense in many areas. But what happens when the EU’s zealotry meets the Swedish State’s distaste for individual freedom? Well, it’s now happening and feminist lies are at the point of contact.
Background information and timeline:
In order to understand the issue we need to understand how deep the rabbit hole goes as it pertains to the EU. The beginning of the current problem goes back 17 years, to 1997, when Sweden was still a new member in the EU.
In 1997, the European Parliament passed a resolution on the need to establish a EU-wide campaign for zero tolerance of violence against women[1]. That document was the beginning of the implementation of the insane laws morphing the EU into the huge feminist State that it is now, all under the guidance of the UN – especially CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women) which has gained clout over gender issues in the UN. That was the first time Europe had seen transnational pieces of legislation of this nature[2]:
Urges Member States which have not already done so to make violence against women on the basis of the CEDAW definition a criminal act and to carry out a policy in line with all the obligations laid down in the Convention;

MGTOW 101: Female Quotas + Arguments

GCHQ And NSA Intercepted Yahoo Users' Private Photographs

RT: British and American surveillance agencies teamed up to develop a system that collected millions of images from the webcams of unsuspecting and innocent internet users, new leaked documents reveal.

The Relentless, Systematic Tear-Down Of The Dollar Hegemony

By Wolf Richter: China’s rapidly aging 1.3 billion folks are all trying to make it in the modern world, and they’ll see to it that their country will have major economic and political heft in the future. So in practically no time, China has become the second largest economy in the world. OK, its credit bubble of strenuously obfuscated magnitude will require a miracle, or else the noise of hot air hissing out of it will be deafening.
One of the long-term goals of consecutive Chinese governments has been to make China number one in just about everything. Including its currency. Displacing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency would be nice, and that’s certainly on the list, but first the yuan must become the most used payment currency. How long would that take, barring the accidental annihilation of the dollar as the Fed yanks on yet another experimental lever with unknown consequences?
Not that other currencies haven’t already tried to trounce the dollar, most notably – don't laugh – the euro. At the time of its invention, the thinking went that it would be the common currency of the entire European Union, a concept anchored in the treaties that each member state signed. There are 28 of them, now that Croatia has joined the ever expanding group. The next candidates have been cooling their heels for years, namely Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey. OK, Turkey, whose membership has been hung up in discord since 2004, has hit some big speed bumps recently. But hey. A slick regime change, and off we go.

12 Signs That Russia Is Ready To Fight A War Over Crimea

By Michael Snyder: Russia will never, ever give up Crimea without a fight.  Anyone that thinks otherwise is just being delusional.  The Russian Black Sea fleet's main base at Sevastopol is far too strategically important.  In addition, ethnic Russians make up approximately 60 percent of the population of Crimea, and most of the population is rabidly pro-Russian.  In fact, many prominent Crimean politicians are already calling for reunification with Russia.  So if you have been thinking that Russia is just going to fold up shop and go home now that pro-European protesters have violently seized power in Kiev, you can quit holding your breath.  The truth is that Russia is more than willing to fight a war over Crimea.  And considering the fact that vitally important pipelines that pump natural gas from Russia to the rest of Europe go right through Ukraine, it is not likely that Russia will just willingly hand the rest of Ukraine over to the U.S. and the EU either.  If the U.S. and the EU push too hard in Ukraine, a major regional war may erupt which could ultimately lead to something much larger.

Russia and Ukraine have very deep historical ties.  Most Americans may not think that Ukraine is very important, but the Russians consider Ukraine to be of the utmost strategic importance.
As an American, how would you feel if another nation funded and organized the violent overthrow of the democratically-elected Canadian government and replaced it with a government that was virulently anti-American?

Copernicus On The Energy Crisis - RAP NEWS

thejuicemedia: Like many others who preceded us, our "civilisation" faces an Energy Crisis of megawattic proportions, which threatens to bring an end to our brief joyride. But our dirty little secret is seldom mentioned in the news, let alone connected to economic instability or to environmental effects on our planet.