5 Mar 2014

Do You Own Any FTSE350 Shares? If So, Sell Them - NOW!

By : Do you own shares in any FTSE350 companies? If so, we recommend you sell them as soon as possible, and the objective of this piece is to explain why. The key reason is that the government is intent on bullying FTSE350 companies into having gender parity on their boards, regardless of the overwhelming evidence provided to the government on numerous occasions (including in the course of House of Commons and House of Lords inquiries) by Campaign for Merit in Business (“C4MB”) which shows conclusively that increasing the proportion of women on corporate boards leads to financial decline. It’s more an inexperience effect than a gender effect. The short C4MB briefing paper on the matter can be read here.
Shortly after David Cameron became Prime Minister in May 2010, leading a Conservative Party-led coalition, he appointed a Labour Party peer, Lord Davies of Abersoch, to report on how (not whether) to increase the proportion of women on major corporate boards. There was a great deal of talk at that time of the notion that companies could improve their financial performance by appointing more women onto their boards – the much-vaunted “business case” for doing so. The notion was, of course, always a fantasy. To sustain the fantasy, correlations (between female representation on boards, and enhanced financial performance) were misrepresented as causation, something which continues to this day.

How UK GCHQ Destroy Your Reputation

The Young Turks: *The National Security Agency (NSA) and its British counterpart (GCHQ) are "attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction," reveals the latest report by Glenn Greenwald.

Police Video Interview Of A Woman, False Allegations Or Not?

By Sault Saint Marie – Ontario
Have a look at this video and tell us if you think this woman is telling the truth or telling a lie to the police:
She alleges her boyfriend ripped her clothes off, choked her, caused her to fall down the stairs, called someone to dispose of her body and attempted to ram a Dr. Sholl’s foot powder bottle up her rectum and/or vagina. Her story falls apart several times. She seems to be creating the story right at the police station.

iPoo: Apple Directors Overrule And Reject Shareholder Proposal To Protect User Privacy

By Michael Krieger: Things at Apple seem to be going from bad to worse. From the company’s recent War on Bitcoin,” to the major security flaw impacting virtually all its hardware from iPhones to Macs, Apple hasn’t done a single decent thing since Steve Jobs died.
Worst of all seems to be the company’s cozy relationship with the NSA and a complete disregard for user privacy and security. In order to push back against such behavior, a group of Apple shareholders, led by Restore the Fourth SF national liaison David Levitt, put forth a SpyLockout resolution. Key to this resolution is the following commitment:
The Spy Lockout plan is simple common sense for any company truly committed to data security.  Adopt best practices for security and encryption, as recommended by experts like the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Keep third party equipment off our networks.  Investigate and stop invasions of user privacy.  And when cooperating with police, require a warrant of limited duration, for a specific person or thing, instead of bulk collection.
So what could be wrong with that? Well, apparently Apple directors found it so unacceptable that they decided to use their power to overrule the resolution.

Mexican Protest Website Shut Down by GoDaddy - with the US Embassy's Help!

By Danny O'Brien, Electronic Frontier Foundation: The Mexican website 1dmx.org (mirror here), was set up in the wake of a set of controversial December 1st 2012 protests against the inauguration of the new President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. For a year, the site served as a source of information, news, discussion and commentary from the point of view of the protestors. As the anniversary of the protests approached, the site grew to include organized campaign against proposed laws to criminalize protest in the country, as well as preparations to document the results of a memorial protest, planned for December 1, 2013.
On December 2nd, 2013, the site disappeared offline. The United States host, GoDaddy, suspended the domain with no prior notice. GoDaddy told its owners that the site was taken down "as part of an ongoing law enforcement investigation." The office in charge of this investigation was listed as "Special Agent Homeland Security Investigations, U.S. Embassy, Mexico City." (The contact email pointed to "ice.dhs.gov," implying that this agent was working as part of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement wing, who have been involved in curious domain name takedowns in the past.)

Reality is Overrated if You Love Your Body

Victor Zen: Kennesaw State University is getting dumber. I received this email blast on Monday afternoon:

Mirrorless Monday

Gender Feminist EU Study Reports One Third Of Women Suffered Abuse - Fortunately Adrien Martinon Knows Better

Angelo: Bearing in mind this particular European 'study' is named 'The Violence Against Women report' whilst our reality is that over 90% of work fatalities are men and the sentencing disparity shows men receive sentences that are virtually 100% longer for a similar crime than women in the UK and the prisoner figures reflect this, dispite the fact that there is clearly far more violence in western societies against men exemplified by the recent US statistics showing more men than women are being raped per year. 

If the title actually spoke to real equality I would expect it to find, as other non-gender-feminist studies have, that transgressions between men and women are approximately equal if not that women were more often the aggressors, that there is less violence between gay men and the most between lesbian couples. Welcome to your/our NWO (New World Order) divide and rule tax farm.  Check the excellent video below by 17 year old Adrien Martinon who (along with growing ranks of MHRAs) gets it and has the data to prove otherwise. Shame the adults among us setting the standard are misandric rad-fem technocrats.
UK Banned Press TV: Yet another new tax payer funded gender feminist study reports that one in every three women in the European Union (EU) countries has experienced at least one physical or sexual assault since the age of fifteen.

18 Reasons To Not Give Your Girl A Dime

By Oh, the sacrifices I make for our readers. This very evening I read an article from COSMO titled. “18 Reasons Not to Give Him a Blowjob.” It was a devastatingly stupid piece, even for COSMO, offering such sage advice (to women who apparently need it) about why it is a bad idea, among other things, to have someone else’s venereal warts in your mouth.
What the piece did not deliver on substance, it did at least provide an opportunity for some levity. Here is essentially the same piece, with sexes and circumstances switched around just enough to make it pretty serious.
It’s light reading, but I promise you it is better than what you would have read in COSMO – which I grit my teeth and suggest you read first.§
So, why should you not give your girl a single dime?

Because you are not obligated to.

1. Because she is being an insufferable bitch. If you insist on paying her for behavior, pay her to act like she is a normal human being.
2. Because you don’t feel like it. You earned it. Spend it on you.
3. She won’t return the favor. Well, unless you count a shitty tie from Target on your birthday, or occasionally picking up the tab at Starbucks.

The Real Value of Gold

Peter Schiff: GATA's Bill Murphy discusses the real value of gold with Peter Schiff

A Warning For Americans - Is Money The Root Of All Evil? + Mike Maloney CRIES while reading Ayn Rand!

By Dan Rubock: In answer to the question posed above, I had originally intended to set a world record for the ‘World’s Shortest Article’ and simply write ‘NO!’, then add the video, and post it to the interweb. But that would be far too lazy, and this is far too important. Plus there’s a great story behind this weeks post, so allow me to set the scene: Let's start by imagining you are in our main office…

The FUBAR World Economy - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Tuur Demeester

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the $400 million papaya milkshake at MtGox and the $400 million transaction malleability issue at Citigroup's subsidiary in Mexico.

Palestinians Won’t Recognize Apartheid Israel: Fatah leader

A top Palestinian official has denounced the Israeli premier’s demand that Palestinians recognize apartheid Israel as a Jewish state.
UK Banned Press TV: Nabil Shaath, a leader of the Palestinian Fatah movement, said on Tuesday that Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand for such recognition, and his insistence on maintaining Israeli troops along the Jordan Valley in a future Palestinian state, were “totally rejected.”
Speaking to AFP, he said Netanyahu's speech was tantamount to “an official announcement of a unilateral end to negotiations.”
Earlier in the day, Netanyahu told the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that Tel Aviv wants an accord to resolve the conflict with Palestinians, but they must first recognize Israel as a Jewish state -- a demand which Palestinians reject.
On Sunday, Shaath had called on Israel to halt settlement activities and release Palestinian prisoners, if it wants to extend the talks, which are set to end in April.