6 Mar 2014

Return of Kings: the Alpha Kings and the Queens who love them

By : I occasionally read articles at the web site “Return of Kings” because I find self-appointed alpha males somewhat amusing. Okay, not only amusing. It can be a bit of a turn-on when I’m observing them from behind safety glass. I’m old enough now, however, to see that the gap between fantasy and reality is wide enough to be taken seriously. When I do so, I remember that I’m no fan of hanging out with or having to deal in any other way with “alphas.” Almost to a man or woman, I think of them as jerks. I reserve the right, as I did with jocks and various other categories of “tough” guys, to change my mind if I ever actually meet a nice one. But when a man acts or thinks like a jerk, the face, the hair, the body, and the physical display of anything that might be sexually arousing goes right out of the safety-glassed window. As hokey as it sounds, handsomeness eventually has to come out of a man’s eyes.

Obama And Putin Are Trapped In A Macho Game Of “Chicken” And The Whole World Could Pay The Price

Barack Obama Vladimir PutinBy Michael Snyder: The U.S. government and the Russian government have both been forced into positions where neither one of them can afford to back down.  If Barack Obama backs down, he will be greatly criticized for being "weak" and for having been beaten by Vladimir Putin once again.  If Putin backs down, he will be greatly criticized for being "weak" and for abandoning the Russians that live in Crimea.  In essence, Obama and Putin find themselves trapped in a macho game of "chicken" and critics on both sides stand ready to pounce on the one who backs down.  But this is not just an innocent game of "chicken" from a fifties movie.  This is the real deal, and if nobody backs down the entire world will pay the price.
Leaving aside who is to blame for a moment, it is really frightening to think that we may be approaching the tensest moment in U.S.-Russian relations since the Cuban missile crisis.

The Male Soldier

'Women's Sports On TV' - Mike Buchanan and Shona Malcolm

Mike Buchanan: I much enjoyed this interview. The sections: 
0:00 -- 8:56 Mike Parr interviews Shona Malcolm (head of The Ladies' Golf Union) and myself.

Discredited Misandric Journalist Attacks Bane666au With Insane Stupidity - Thank you Man Boobz

By An increasingly depraved, futile former journalist, in an effort to regain some relevancy, has decided to start attacking YouTube vloggers who speak out about misandry, infantalization of women and historical misinformation.
Using his stock-in-trade methods of quote-mining, disingenuous demands for references proving that the sky is blue, well-poisoning conclusions issued before offering evidence, explaining “what someone means” before actually looking at what they say, and other Michael Savage/Michael Moore style dishonesty, he goes after Bane666au.

The Top 12 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Heading Toward Another Recession

By Michael Snyder: Is the U.S. economy steamrolling toward another recession?  Will 2014 turn out to be a major "turning point" when we look back on it?  Before we get to the evidence, it is important to note that there are many economists that believe that the United States never actually got out of the last recession.  For example, data compiled by John Williams of shadowstats.com show that the U.S. economy has continually been in recession since 2005.  So if anyone out there would like to argue that America is experiencing a recession right now, I certainly would not have a problem with that.  In fact, that would fit with the daily reality of tens of millions of Americans that are deeply suffering in this harsh economic environment.  But no matter whether we are in a "recession" at the moment or not, there are an increasing number of indications that we are rapidly plunging into another major economic slowdown.  The following are the top 12 signs that the U.S. economy is heading toward another recession...
#1 We recently learned that the number of new mortgage applications in the United States had fallen to the lowest level that we have seen in nearly 20 years.
#2 Radio Shack has announced that it is going to close more than 1,000 stores.  This is just another sign that we are in the midst of a "retail apocalypse".
#3 The ISM Services index just fell to its lowest level in 4 years, and ISM Services Employment just experienced its largest decline since the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Corrupt TTIP Trade Deal, Greek Property And Ukraine Mess - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Dmitry Orlov

liarpoliticians: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look into the 100% corrupt TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) trade deal, and the supposed millstone of owning property in Greece. The TTIP deal will give even more power for politicians and mega-corp over countries, while fucking over the 99%, robbing them of rights, fredoms and democracy - changing rule of law for the 1%'s benefit.

Indian National Elections And Decline Of Misandric Congress Party

By : India’s national elections will be held in 9 phases from 7th April till 12th May. Last 10 years or two terms are ruled by a coalition Government led by misandrist Congress party. This situation is expected to change this time.
Misandry in India has a lot of political support in India. The country is often referred to as a socialist republic and all political parties are expected to swear by socialism to participate in the electoral process. In this article, I will give an overview of the dynamics in Indian political system and then I will connect it to misandry and anti-male discrimination.
The decades of India’s freedom struggle against British was fought by the Indian National Congress Party, led by M.K.Gandhi. After independence, this party won the democratically held elections for about 2 decades without much opposition.

Scholars Rap Intimidation Of Apartheid Israel’s Critics

Scholars have launched a campaign to condemn intimidation of Israel’s critics, especially those who support boycotting the apartheid regime.
UK BANNED PRESS TV: On Wednesday, US historian Rashid Khalidi and philosopher Judith Butler published a joint statement, in which they called on educational and cultural institutions to stand up for the principle of freedom of speech.
The renowned scholars also said they would support an international movement to boycott Israel as a tool to change Tel Aviv’s policy against Palestinians.
So far, the campaign has managed to attract 150 signatories, who are prominent academics from around the world.
“It is important to recognize that boycotts are internationally affirmed and constitutionally protected forms of political expression,” the statement read, adding, “Those who support boycotts ought not to become subject to retaliation, surveillance, or censorship when they choose to express their political viewpoint, no matter how offensive that may be to those who disagree.”

Thank You, Men, For… + FemiNazis And Their Effect On Society

By We’ll send a “you’re welcome” to this thoughtful young lady, with a caveat:
…you’re welcome, but we increasingly wonder why any guy would do any of this anymore. A “thank you” may no longer be enough. But, it is a start.