7 Mar 2014

Ukraine is the Waterloo Event for the US Dollar! - Jim Willie

The Doc: The desperation of the Anglo-American leadership, guided by the steady corrupt bankster hands, has never been more acutely high, nor obvious in full view. The entire Ukraine situation is a travesty. It includes Langley agents killing police and street demonstrators from rooftops, the confirmation coming from the Estonian Embassy (translation of scripts). It includes thefts of official Ukrainian Govt funds, again sent to the Swiss hill sanctuary. It includes sanctions delivered by a US Paper Tiger, sure to cause horrific backlash. It involves the last gasp attempt to obstruct the Gazprom energy pipelines, which will inevitably corner the European market in monopoly. It involves subterfuge with the NATO card (aka Narcotics And Treachery Outlaws) with missiles placed on the Russian borders. Look for NATO members to find a back door to exit the spurious treaty. 
It involves playing with nitro-glycerine in the Petro-Dollar room. It involves putting tremendous risk for much more clear isolation of the United States. The more the USGovt pushes, the more the US will be isolated. Remember that Nazis steal from their enemy states, de-fraud from their allied states, and force themselves into an isolated state. In Ukraine, the United States has over-played its weak hand. Already, a secret document was leaked in London that the UK Govt would not support the US-led sanctions against Russia.
Ukraine is the Waterloo event for the US Dollar.

Man Up: a poetic response…

By Clint Carpentier: A manly masculine man stands up and give a list of ten poetic responses to the derogatory dehumanizing silencing heartless phrase, “Man Up!”

The Secret Behind 'The Secret'

Stefan Molyneux: Rebounding from Cancer; pretty people as drug dealers; self-help victim paralysation; familial pressures of leaving the Mormon church; deciphering motives of fictional characters; sexual consent in a free society and dealing with parent-toddler challenges.

1:10 - Rebounding from Cancer / The Secret Behind 'The Secret'

Challenging Dickie James, Board Member Of Women’s Aid

By Our thanks to a supporter, Ray Brown, for alerting us to this matter. It relates to a woman, Dickie James, who has the following profile on her Twitter account @DickieCJames:

CEO of @StaffsWomensAid. Board Member of @WomensAid. Tweeting own views. Mother. Feminist animal lover. Writer. Hate injustice. Partial to G&T.
Ms James “favorited” a tweet posted by “Radical Feminist,” whose Twitter account is @RadicalFeminist.  [Note added 21:35 March 2, 2014: a supporter has just informed us that Ms James's "favoriting" of the tweet has been retracted, following the publication of our public challenge. Perhaps a response to our challenge is forthcoming? Don't hold your breath. Our experience tells us these people are utterly shameless.]
“Radical Feminist” tweeted a link to an interesting blog piece (published in June 2013) about fathers and mothers bonding with their babies. The blog piece referred to a study which reported that fathers’ oxytocin levels are raised by playing with their babies. Oxytocin has been describes as the “feel good” hormone. ‘Radical Feminist’ tweeted a link to the blog piece with this line:

Abusing children raises fathers’ oxytocin levels
Playing has been twisted by her man-hating mind into abusing.” Tim Brown emailed us the following:

US CPS Whistle Blower Carlos Morales On Orwellian State Bureaucracy

carlos morales: Carlos Morales exposes more CPS abuse and corruption. Truth over comfort is hosted by Carlos Morales and Taryn Harris. We make the bold statement that as human beings we should be searching for truth over comfort, and that through the consistent approach of reason, logic, and emotional empathy, we will find peace.

Feminist P.D.S.D.: Post Dramatic Stress Disorder

“Don’t Be That Guy” Reaches University Of Ottawa

By : On February 24 2014, Crime Prevention Ottawa, with the complicity of University of Ottawa’s  Community Life Service posted bilingual versions of the infamous Don’t be that Guy posters. I immediately saw the obvious bias in these posters, as there are no other crime prevention campaigns currently visible on campus, and these posters target only males as perpetrators, and only males of one race. But even if it had “diversity” and targeted males with darker skin, it still would be unacceptable and against Ontario’s human’s rights code. Here is the code:
This Law in French
This Law In English
As a person of multiracial background myself, the racist and sexist hypocrisy of these posters is obvious.

15 Reasons NOT To Date A Single Mum.

Josh O'Brien: Article brought to you by the same genius behind "15 reasons to buy a car that's been in a collision"
DISCLAIMER: I do not hate single mothers, I am simply aware that the statistics show that they are less effective as parents, therefore a smaller number of them is more desirable.

MANstream Media: What do you mean "men's" issues?

Paul Elam: It almost seems incredible. With a suicide rate of 4:1 vs women, 93% male workplace mortality, men falling out of education and employment at alarming rates, the corruption and anti-male bias of family courts, predominately male homelessness and a number of other problems we still live in a culture in which most people will scratch their heads and ask, "What do you mean men's issues?"

Feminism 2.0 Recycled Shit + Male Objectification

AlyssMajere: So here are my thoughts on the newest version of the same bullshit. Hope you enjoy.

The Resignation Seen 'Round The World

corbettreport: Some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.