8 Mar 2014


How To Become A Constitutional Expert On Money

So you think you are sexually harassed…

By : Well, that may be true, but is it systemically aimed at all women? And is it truly to put you in your place? And is it really misogyny? At what point does a high levity work environment become directed sexual harassment? And should one’s delicate feelings dictate the level of tomfoolery in a workplace that is already naturally serious?
Boys and men have “blow-off” levels, and when it’s kept bottled up, bad things tend to happen. These things aren’t always abusive or violent, or even so much as critical, but can easily escalate preposterously.
I don’t know, personally, how women operate together within a group, because I usually avoid gaggles of women and girls. Having been the victim of gaggles in high school, I have every reason to avoid them now. Being the only male – or one of a few – makes one a target, having no recourse but to put up with the objectification, or shaming, or jokes, or what-have-you, lest you’re accused of sexual harassment for your unsolicited wit; or worse, a significant other confronts you later for “hitting on” his girl/woman/wife, and having to either knuckle up or try to explain that you have no interest in her without making it sound like she’s not interesting (and I’ve encountered bastards who just want the excuse to knuckle you down, so talk is pointless). Sexual harassment works both ways ladies; moving on.

CUPID drone to ‘shock the world’ with 80,000 volt stun gun

RT: A Texas film has revealed an app controlled attack drone that can zap people with an 80,000 volt taser dart. But Human operators still have to sanction any attack – for now.
Web firm, Chaotic Moon studios, has created a drone that uses a taser instead of missiles, in what could be a policeman’s new best friend in the battle against crime.
It’s called CUPID, but unlike its name, it could turn out as quite a deadly piece of kit. The name stands for Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone and can fire a dart packed with 80,000 volts at any unwanted intruder or criminal on the run.
In a video released on Saturday, CUPID fires the dart at an intern who is brought instantly to the ground. Medical staff then rushes to assistance before the video cuts out. 

Feminism in a Nutshell v2.0

Trigger warning, Trigger warning, Trigger warning. He’s back...
Greetings class. It is my great pleasure today to re-introduce to you a prominent member in our cause to educate students about the fight against misogyny.
As always, we urge you to please brace yourselves with whatever self-esteem sustaining rituals you use to keep the truth at bay and the ideology of feminism safe and sound behind your barriers of denial.
And now, our Speaker.

Some Reasons Why I Fight + What is Equality Today?

AlyssMajere: So here is some background into my life that helps partly explain why I fight against the feminist movement, enjoy.

The Global Awakening with Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux

"They inhabit the state which is an institution that is so ancient it's ridiculous, it's just an outgrowth of warlords and witch doctors from the stone age, they inhabit the state that is retro and they have had so much monopoly control over the media that I think that they still don't quite grasp just how porous information has become now. ...there's no rock big enough to dam the flow of information." Stefan Molyneux

Response To Twaddle: No Man Can Deny You Stuff + "Don't Hit A Girl" Rule Is Repealed

"Have you ever heard of 
manginas or white knights?"


A man’s gotta do what a woman tells him to do 
The squeaky wheel gets sold to EDF        Bob Diamonds are forever

The grass is always greener when the Chancellor presents his Budget

When the going gets tough, the tough get richer    A fiend in greed is a fiend indeed

When in England, don’t do as the English do. Do something.

Two wrongs make a Coalition                 A little knowledge is a politician thing

The pen is mightier than the sword, but not the GCHQ/ISP axis

People in glass houses should learn the difference between shit & putty

Birds of a feather flog the citizen’s wealth to the highest bidder

NSA Pressured EU Into Creating ‘European Bazaar’ Of Spy Networks

RT: National Security Agency leaker hero Edward Snowden answered questions before the European Parliament on Friday, saying that the United States spy agency pressures its allies to take steps towards further enabling widespread and indiscriminate surveillance.
One of the foremost activities of the NSA's FAD, or Foreign Affairs Division, is to pressure or incentivize EU member states to change their laws to enable mass surveillance,” Snowden said in a testimony delivered remotely from Russia. Lawyers from the NSA, as well as the UK's GCHQ, work very hard to search for loopholes in laws and constitutional protections that they can use to justify indiscriminate, dragnet surveillance operations that were at best unwittingly authorized by lawmakers.”
These efforts to interpret new powers out of vague laws is an intentional strategy to avoid public opposition and lawmakers’ insistence that legal limits be respected,” Snowden added.

International Women’s Day: Promoting Gender War

By : International Men’s and Women’s days involve numerous objectives, with both days highlighting issues considered unique to men or women. The following highlights two central currents of IWD and IMD respectively; women’s supposed fight against oppression, and men’s attempts to promote positive recognition of men and boys in a misandric society.
Several popular myths concerning the origins of International Women’s Day exist, and after a survey of the current literature it seems the variety of accounts have created confusion for commentators. For example, a widely bruited falsehood about IWD which surfaced in French Communist circles claimed women from clothing and textile factories had staged a protest on 8 March 1857 in New York City. This story alleged that garment workers protested against very poor working conditions and low wages and were attacked and dispersed by police. It was claimed that this event led to a rally in commemoration of its fiftieth anniversary (in 1907), with this commemorative gathering constituting the very first IWD. In response to these legendary claims Temma Kaplan explains that Neither event seems to have taken place, but many Europeans think March 8, 1907 inaugurated International Women’s Day.”1

Greatest Threat The World Has Ever Known

Now, there’s been no Russian invasion.  That’s a lie coming directly out of Victoria Nuland’s State Department and it has spread all over the world....
“According to the Russian/Ukrainian Agreement, Russia is permitted 25,000 troops in Crimea.  So the notion that 16,000 Russians, who have been there since the 1990s, recently invaded is a lie.  It’s just another one of Washington’s lies like Saddam Hussein’s ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ or Iranian nukes