12 Mar 2014

Ukraine Crisis - What You're Not Being Told

The European and American public are being systematically lied to about the Ukraine crisis.
StormCloudsGathering: In this video we're going to provide you with compelling evidence that the crimes against humanity committed in Kiev earlier this year were in fact committed by the new coalition government and that officials in the E.U. and the United States knew full well who committed these crimes and that they are protecting and financially supporting the real criminals.

Bank Of England's Carney A Recovery-Denier, With Good Reason

The recovery is bollocks, and that’s official”.
By John Ward: I understand from Whitehall sources that Bank of England Governor Mark Carney does not believe the UK recovery is real. It’s amazing how sometimes, when you blog about something to do with the hard data, a sympathetic voice emerges briefly from behind the skirting board to tell you, you’re on the right track… and even wish you luck.
Last Monday, when the tip plopped into my inbox, I pondered the source and asked two other people for views. But then yesterday, this very odd piece from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard arrived on the financial page of the Telegraph: "The Bank of England will never unwind QE, nor should it."
Ignore the bizarre use of the word “never” (it’s just part of an odd phase AEP is going through about QE) and focus instead on what the ageing scribe has to say about how things are going in the Septic Isle:

The World’s Fastest Patriarchy Disproof

By : Feminists often chatter about Patriarchy as if it is an indisputable fact of life. Rarely do they acknowledge anything to the contrary. It can be time consuming and difficult to put together a factual, adequately sourced, eloquent argument, especially since it’s so blatantly obvious to anyone with common sense, and your arguments will likely be cherry picked, ignored, or blocked. So this article is essentially a handy guide to disproving patriarchy, very quickly.
Patriarchy is defined as a system in which all of the societal power is held by men as a class, and is used to oppress women as a class.
This is an interesting theory, but does not hold up to any real scrutiny or critical thinking.
For the purposes of quick dismantling, I will split societal power into four areas, or spheres.
The spheres are social, political, economic, and educational. The group which controls the majority of these spheres is the group with the power. Feminists claim that the group with control is men. Let’s see how that holds up to some critical thinking. Hint: Not well.
First, Educational. In the educational sphere it is clear that women have the power. They are more likely to be in education, less likely to drop out of education, more likely to get degrees and finish their education, more likely to teach, and more likely to be on decision making boards concerning education.
Verdict: Females have the power.
Second, Political. In the political sphere, women still have more power.

Gitmo Gulag Hunger Striker v Barack Obama 'The Baby Bomber': US Court To Hear Historic Torture Case

RT: A Yemeni inmate at Guantanamo Bay gulag has introduced a landmark lawsuit challenging the practice of force-feeding at the US torture gulag. The case represents the first time a US court will hear allegations of detainee abuse at Gitmo.
The plaintiff, Emad Abdullah Hassan, says he has been force-fed more than 5,000 times since 2007 as part of the military's efforts to break his hunger strike, the UK-based human rights organization Reprieve said Tuesday, citing court documents. The 34-year old has been held at Guantánamo Bay since 2002 without charge and is said to be gravely ill.
“All I want is what President Obama promised – my liberty, and fair treatment for others. I have been cleared for five years, and I have been force-fed for seven years. This is not a life worth living, it is a life of constant pain and suffering. While I do not want to die, it is surely my right to protest peacefully without being degraded and abused every day.”

Misandry and Emptiness: Masculine Identity in a Toxic Cultural Environment

By : Masculine identity has become increasingly problematic due to technological and cultural changes over the past ten thousand years, beginning with the horticultural and agricultural revolutions but gaining momentum with the industrial, military and reproductive revolutions. Egalitarian feminists have unwittingly exacerbated the problem by equating sexual equality with sexual sameness, leaving men unable to make even one contribution to society, as men, which is distinctive, necessary and can therefore be publicly valued—that is, unable to establish a healthy collective identity specifically as men. The result of this emptiness is a growing tendency to give up either by dropping out of school and or by committing suicide. Ideological feminists have thrown down the gauntlet, on the other hand, by ascribing to men a highly negative collective identity. The result of this misandry is an increasing number of men who believe that even a negative collective identity is better than no collective identity at all. No solution will be possible without challenging pervasive assumptions about both boys and men.

The Libertarian/Right Dilemma: Women's Suffrage/Freedom + International AVfM Conference in Detroit, USA, June 27, 28

ThinkingApe-TV: The vast majority of women vote left, tend towards collectivism and favour big government. Unless people advocating for small government acknowledge this and offer a solution they are talking out of their own asses since women will always vote to increase government size.

Europeans Enter Final Stage On How To Pay For The Failed European Bankster System

By : There are talks going on in Europe on how to deal with the massive banking failure in Europe. Of course, nobody want to admit that the cause of this failure was not risky banking – but BRAIN-DEAD political design of the Euro. Because there was no consolidation of the national debts, there was no single bond issue and the euro could NEVER get off the ground as a reserve currency.
By retaining individual national debts, the European design on that score was like the USA with each state issuing its own bonds. However, state bonds are not reserve quality in the USA as they are in Europe and that was the systemic risk. Europe lacked a federal bond issue and as a result, to be politically correct, the bankers had to keep their reserves spread among all the member states bond issues. This presented huge problems for once Greece was in trouble, capital turned and looked at Portugal, Spain, Italy, and it now smells blood in France.

We Need To Do More Than Ban Bossy + Mayor Interviews Blue Pill Man + Doggy Style

6oodfella: Banning the word "Bossy" is simply not good enough. If we really want to get more female CEO's and more females in positions of power, in order to satisfy some people's obsession about numbers and sex, then we have to do more, a lot more, but the thing is, do you really want to adapt to the changes that are needed, Ladies? Enjoy.

The BBC - A Job Creation Racket Run By Women, For Women

"The most important jobs are being done by women, while the technical jobs are being done by men."
 By : A disproportionate amount of the BBC’s output is designed to appeal to women, particularly its TV output, and the situation is getting worse with each passing year. Even when men are presenting programmes, or are the key characters in documentaries etc., it’s almost as if all the viewers are assumed to be women. I’m a fan of the TV chefs “The Hairy Bikers,” but it has to be said that ever more of the content of their shows is information light and entertainment rich. They’re often put in situations designed to make them look silly, e.g. dressing up as sumo wrestlers.
A number of people have alerted me to the domination of women in the television sector, and it’s not unique to the BBC. But because it’s not a commercial organisation, women have managed to manipulate their way to the top.

Zionist Lobby Seeks To Derail Nuclear Talks: Rafsanjani

Chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has warned of efforts by the Zionist lobby to derail nuclear talks between Tehran and the P5+1.
UK BANNED Press TV: The West should not allow the opponents of nuclear talks with Iran to cast cynicism on the negotiations, Rafsanjani said in a meeting with French Ambassador to Tehran Bruno Foucher on Tuesday.
The Zionist lobby is doing its utmost to dissuade the European countries and the US from the path of dialogue,” Rafsanjani said, underlining the need for diplomatic efforts to prevent the loss of confidence in the course of negotiations. 
The senior Iranian official stressed that sincerity is the key to achieving positive results in nuclear talks and added that Iran is fully ready to help settle the dispute should the opposite side be sincere and willing to resolve the issue through diplomatic means.
He said that Iran is against the building of nuclear weapons, adding that a fatwa by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has banned the development of such arms.

Misandric Schools That Punish Boys For Doing The Right Thing

By : What does the concept of discipline mean to you? Better yet, what does it mean to be a disciplined person? I’ll offer a rough description.
A self-disciplined person is often one who self-regulates their behavior in the pursuit of a balanced and civilized life for themselves and others. When someone in authority disciplines someone, the theory is that the punishment will teach them to self-regulate their behavior and set up a pattern of “doing the right thing” of their own accord.
I’ll go out on a limb and say that this is common-sense. Apparently some people have forgotten this concept, however. Even worse, they are in charge of our children.
There appears to be a perverse and disturbing trend among some schools to punish students – mostly boys, apparently – for doing what most of us would consider the right course of action. Sometimes the punishments are quite severe. While teachers and administrators do this in the name of “discipline,” what they are really doing is teaching students to distrust and fear those in authority, which actually works against the goals of discipline.
I have two stories for readers today. The first concerns an 11 year-old boy in Chicago. From an article at Opposing Views (my comments are interspersed):
An 11-year-old boy, Caden Cook, was suspended from school for voluntarily turning in a non-firing plastic toy gun to school personnel.


Political Movement Form Our World:  

Everyone today is talking about democracy . Requirement of the times is more democracy , both nationally and globally.But over democracy affects wealth . Those who control the world economy , and want to have more influence and democracy and so gradually try with all their might and weapons to turn the virtual democracy of today in a real, brutal , fascist dictatorship and absolute tomorrow which will govern themselves ( the international bankers and the mob ) .

Firms with higher profitability are: banking, manufacturing and trade in arms, and the invention and the drug trade , the illegal production and trafficking narkotikon export and marketing of oil and other energy sources , Multinational enterprises and food technology. These companies try to influence democracy and ultimately rule the world! Open direct democracy in our time does not exist, at least in the ancient sense. In ancient Athens gathered all the temple and expressing their opinions . Then vote for all Athenian citizens on these issues.