14 Mar 2014

A Woe To Feminism - Poem

AlyssMajere: Here's a poem. Hope you enjoy.

Britain’s Land Girls Refuse To Dance To The BBC’s Gender Equality Tune

For even this much loved ‘hardy perennial’ had fallen victim to the BBC’s gender equality imperative to show respect for, yes you have guessed it, International Woman’s Day.  I could not have been given a better sign of how much our new website was needed.
Saturday’s programme, it turned out, was the culmination of a week-long campaign by the Beeb’s gender warriors to track down the oppressed of the farming industry.  No, they were not seeking out migrant labourers at the mercy of gangmasters or poor peasants drowning on the Somerset levels, but women farmers.  A barrage of emails during the week complaining that the BBC was making a fuss about nothing had not stopped them.
Britain’s women farmers, Farming Today was confident, would be found to be still in the grip of patriarchal oppression and prejudice.  All it needed was to track them down. The only trouble was, having been lined up for interview, that Britain’s female farmers, from the Welsh uplands to the Scottish Highlands, refused to play ball.  They were either bemused or having none of it.
Their resolute common sense was as heartwarming as it was reassuring that common sense still prevails – even if only at the extremities of our still United Kingdom.

The Crisis is Not Over! A Conversation with Jim Rogers

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux speaks with legendary investor Jim Rogers about the future of the world economy, the coming economic shift and how to prepare for the future.


osbornekidsptnetToday’s ONS figures complete an unmitigated rout of the UK recovery myth
By John Ward: The first piece of bad news is that overall export volumes are down. Trust me Mr Osborne, you can’t have a nascent recovery and falling export volumes.
The second bad news is that, going forward, exports of goods are going backwards, as it were.
Exports of UK goods decreased by 4.0% between December 2013 and January 2014 to £24.2 billion. This gave a Britain an overall trade deficit in goods and services of £2.6 billion in January, compared with a deficit of £0.7 billion in the previous month.
This strongly suggests that, far from rebalancing, the UK economy is becoming even more biased toward services – especially financial services. And that is nailed by the appalling goods deficit:The deficit on trade in goods was £9.8 billion in January 2014.
The deficit on our goods export volumes is now a staggering 38% of the total. We are making fewer goods and importing more of them – the total imported in January was £34bn.
Now for the third piece of broader, longer-term bad news:

Ghostbusters of Financial Fraud - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Kyle Torpey

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss bashing the markets with metal pipes in order to save the markets. As a result - Libor fraud, gold fix fraud, ISDA fix fraud and now forex market fraud - each fraud is a whack, bam, bash to the market; trying to defraud the market to save the market.

Misandric Ads

MAYOR of MGTOWN: An intelligent 13 year old orange haired boy makes a great video on misandry! Nod to Final Justice Movement.

A Brief History of Money

International Honey Badger Hangout: News, Poetry, Misandry

Topics: Hashtag Ban Bossy, Anita's Art Theft, Calling Boys Rapists is Feminist, and New Jersey's new Chain Gang

Ukraine Part Of A Longstanding War On Russia + Gene Sharp A Chief Tactician Of The US Post-Cold War Period - Joaquin Flores

Morris: Russia is about more than resources and Ukraine is creating a non-publicised rift between Europe and the US.

Orwellian Anti-Protest Law Passes in Australia

By Michael Krieger: The Australian state of Victoria has just passed an extremely anti-democractic law criminalizing protest (recall Japan and Spain moved to do the same late last year). For those of you unfamiliar with Australian geography, Victoria is one of Australia’s five states. It is the second most populous and includes the city of Melbourne (a city of four million), so this isn’t some parched piece of land near Ayers rock with more kangaroos than people.
It is very disturbing that this is happening in 2014 in a Western “democracy.” It demonstrates two interrelated social trends. That the “people” are waking up to elite corruption, and the power structure is terrified that their bullshit propaganda is no longer effective. The friendly mask of government is coming off
From PBS:
The Victoria state government in Australia passed a law Tuesday that will give unprecedented amounts of power to police to suppress protests. The Summary Offences and Sentencing Amendment Bill passed through the Victorian parliament despite heavy opposition within the general population. During the legislative proceedings alone, police arrested four protesters in the legislative chamber’s public viewing chamber for causing disturbances.
Despite heavy opposition within the general population.” Silly serfs, you think what you want matters?